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Friday, 14 September 2012

Romans Chapter 9 DOES NOT Disprove Freewill but Actually Reinforces It. Looking At The Context Of The WHOLE Book of Romans

This article is part 2 or a continuation of my last article entitled "God HAS Given Us Freewill. It IS Revealed In The Bible"
Please click here to read that first article.

On that last article I chose to not discuss Romans Chapter 9 (which contains verses which the Calvinists use as their strongest arguments AGAINST the belief of freewill) because that chapter contains such a lot of material and raises too many objections/questions to cover within the general topic of the last article. Quite honestly it needs a separate article all of its own. Therefore, this article serves that purpose.
Romans 9-11 go together
I will now try to show how Romans chapter 9 DOES NOT deny freewill but actually reinforces it when you consider everything in its rightful context.  What I have written today on this article (14 Sept. 2012) is the results of my initial investigations and study. I may add other material to this article as/when I find more.

Anyway, long introduction, but here now is the article.

Anyone with an honest heart will have to admit that if Romans chapter 9 is saying that no-one has freewill, then that chapter sits isolated from the vast majority of the Bible which teaches otherwise.  I follow the golden rule that if some isolated verses (or even a chapter) seems to say something contradictory to the rest of the Bible then it must be US who are interpreting that particular passage incorrectly. We should NEVER make a doctrine out of isolated passages – very dangerous.

Let us look at the context of Romans 9. First, who was Paul writing to? Was it Jews or Gentiles? It appears primarily Jews but also to Gentiles. Why did Paul apparently swap his line of thought in Romans 8 and insert chapters 9-11 before continuing on again in ch 12?

Some say it was a digression. Actually, if you were to read all the chapters 1 to 16, you will actually see that chapters 1 to 8 were a build up or foundation to the main thrust of his message, i.e. chapters 9-11 are the KEY to

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Rising Of The New Inquisition. Joels (Locust) Army

Joels Locust Army

This blog has shown how the Evangelical Protestant church, which had always been centred on Biblical Christianity, has now been hijacked during the late 20th century by the Vatican through Catholic and Jesuit infiltration.

The links to those articles which discuss these things, can be found at the bottom of this article.

This blog has shown how the increase in momentum  of this infiltration seemed to coincide completely with the emergence of Israel as a Nation again. Very interesting is how replacement theology took centre stage from 1948 onwards - same year that Israel became a Nation again after almost 2000 years. I do not believe that that was a coincidence but as a response in opposition to the new nation. Possibly because the Vatican felt threatened in some way.  Israel being a Nation again especially flies in opposition to the Catholic Church's dominionistic agenda.

Anyway, so infiltration began via Latter Rain, Word of Faith and now through emerging church and New Calvinism. They are all reading from the same handbook which leads to the belief of a super church emerging through the belief that this super race can all become Jesus on Earth by becoming little gods. We are witnessing a joining together of all these groups into a united mission to take conquest for Christ globally.

My blog has shown how these groups have arisen and how the Vatican is behind it all in its Vatican II ecumenical mandate to bring all groups under submission to the Pope. 

Added section on 11 Dec 2014 (in blue)
To showcase this, here is another article written in Nov 2014: 

Rick Warren and Word of Faith's Full Apostasy Is Complete. Mystery Babylon Is Taking Even Greater Shape Before Our Eyes

This article will now show how a new Vatican Inquisition is starting to take shape through the Latter Rain's (aka New Apostolic Reformation) Manifest Sons of God, now known as JOELS ARMY and their NEW BREED. Effectively, this Joel's Army has all the same hallmarks that we saw with the Spanish Inquisition. Just as Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes "there is nothing new under the sun". The same tactics are used over and again at opportune moments in history.

I can do no better than show the following video which tells you everything you need to know about this very dangerous development within evangelical Christianity. Please do not be put off by the length of the video (2 hours) it is very watchable. I couldn't stop watching - it really got my attention. We ALL need to be aware of this very dangerous movement and  contend earnestly against it.

Here it is:

This video shows that the Latter Rain and its Joels Army focusses on the Bible's Book of Joel Chapter 1 and 2 which talks about the locusts. Anyone who reads those chapters honestly will see that it CANNOT be talking about the Christian church.  The book of Joel discusses the locusts as an ENEMY to the people of God. How on Earth do Latter Rain twist those chapters so violently and read things into the text that definitely are NOT there? Do they liken themselves as the enemies of God's kingdom? No they don't BUT the passages say that the locusts are exactly that. wooooow, I have never seen just decimation of scripture verses before.

As promised here are links to other articles in relation to this article. See below. 

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Evidence That the Last Days (as Reported In The Bible) Are Here NOW

Please read this in conjunction with a more up to date article posted on 13th Nov 2014, which re-emphasises the extreme closeness of the rapture:

Here is an excellent report by "Light For The Last Days".

Here is a clip as an introduction:

2012 Where is the World heading?

"You don‘t need to be a prophet to know that world events are taking a turn for the worse.  Switch on a world news programme or open a newspaper and you are likely to find news of some event which endangers the world.  On the other hand, you do need to understand what the prophets of the Bible say about the last days of this age to know what the outcome of all this will be.  In this article we look at some of the events taking place at the present time and conclude with some pointers to the conclusion which the Bible says will come upon the world."

Please click on the following link to read the rest of the report.

Some Evidence That the Last Days Reported In The Bible Are Here NOW to read the evidence.

On the next page there is a youtube video from Tony Pearce introducing his recently revamped website "Light For the Last Days" describing its contents. For those trying to understand "what on earth is happening to the world today" the website is a must read. To watch the introduction please click on

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Word Of Faith Deception. Everything You Need To Know On Video

A Call For Discernment

Justin Peters has a specialised ministry on revealing the history, doctrines and the leaders of  the WORD of FAITH movement.

He has produced 3 very watchable videos. very skillfully presented. You cannot fail to realise the error of this movement after seeing these videos. If you are convinced (after watching) please spread the word to your contacts too.

You can view the entire Justin Peters Seminar here.    Each episode is over an hour long, so you may want to bookmark them for future viewing.  Enjoy!

Part One  Dangerous Doctrine (includes some history)

Part Two   Mangled Manifestations

Part Three  The Hurt Of Healing

I have written a number of other articles relating to Word Faith.  You can find them all speedily by clicking on the label "word faith" below (in red). To find the "labels"  just simply look at the 2nd line after the line which says "posted by John Chingford" which is immediately below this article.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Prophetic Ministry In These Last Days. How to Recognise True And False Prophecies

Originally Posted September 2010, Now Showing as 14 Oct 2010 But Revised and Updated 29 Oct 2010
Please checkout a newer article dated 15 Oct 2010 which is like a supplement to this article. Please click on this shortcut link to read it   Qualities Of True Biblical Leadership Compared To the False Teachers 

We are living in days where Prophecies of all sorts abound!  Many of these prophesies are weird or fanciful (wishful thinking) which are leaving people confused about prophecy - especially as most prophecies contain predictions which do not happen. They are asking WHAT IS GOING ON? It is because of the confusion and because of my many recent email correspondents that I feel it right to write an article on this.

Before I say anything please listen to this audio from Chuck Smith (Calvary Chapel), first. It is an excellent exegesis (exposition) of what prophecy is: 

I will now highlight some areas which were not covered within this audio and will also reveal the hallmarks of false prophets, false leaders and false teachers.

There is one aspect of prophecy revealed in the Scriptures (which Chuck only partially mentioned) which I feel I should elaborate on. It reveals another side of God's purpose for prophecy.

Chuck reminds us that Agabus (a NT prophet) is mentioned twice in Acts. These are the only examples recorded in the book of  Acts of predictive prophecy being given and were both distinctively directed towards the church (believers) and NOT to the outside world.

The purpose of the first prophecy was so that the Antioch church would send relief to the church in Judea. It was not used for any other reason.  So I do believe (as does Chuck Smith) that predictive prophecy IS still applicable and is for the purpose of building up and protecting the church, BUT it is very rare and usually comes in extreme or dire situations to protect believers. The second predictive prophecy was also from Agabus and was directed personally to Paul.

We say that the OT teaches (and it DOES) that if a prediction does not come true then that prophet is a false prophet. Actually there are at least two examples in the OT which show that this is not always true.

Let us consider Jonah (re Ninevah) in book of Jonah and Isaiah (re Hezekiah) in 2 Kings 20:1-6. Their prophecies were not fulfilled but   

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Present Day Israel Is A Nation Of Miracles, Created By God. The Overwhelming Facts!

Originally Posted 13 Sep 2010 but Updated 25 Sep 2010 and 10 Sep 2012.

Edited Section 10 Sep 2012 (in bold)

Please read the following newer link in conjunction with this article as it reinforces that God IS blessing Israel. Click here for:  "Has God Finished With The Jews And The Nation Of Israel?"

Present Day Israel Is A Nation Of Miracles, Created By God. The Overwhelming Facts!

I was given this free booklet for distribution purposes and would like to share it with you. It is truly an amazing book which gives overwhelming facts proving how God's hand is upon the Land Of Israel and the amazing miracles that have happened. The link to this booklet is: 
However, it may be difficult for you to download as it may require registration. So I copy/paste the whole contents here as follows: 

At the bottom of this booklet I have included some videos which also show the miracle of the Land. Here is the amazing recent history of Israel (which includes many fulfilled Bible prophecies concerning the Land) as follows:

What True Biblical Fellowship is and Why It is Vital We Live It, In These Last Days

Originally Posted 5 March 2010
Updated 12 Nov 2010 and 24 Aug 2011 (see bottom of this article)
We are living in days of mass heresy and apostasy. This apostasy with much false teaching, seems to be everywhere with many Christians and church goers caught up in it. They are even ditching the Bible as the  guide and absolute authority in their lives and churches.  Therefore, they are unable to recognise or confront error, when it appears.

These things have even sprung up within (previously considered) sound churches or denominations. Therefore,  it is becoming increasingly difficult to find churches who are still firmly committed in preaching the undiluted Word Of God and living the scriptures. Because these things are so, true biblical fellowship with others (who share the same passion) is extremely difficult to find.

These churches seem far and few between.  However, for the sake of this article let us assume that the church you attend is sound in scriptural teaching and is practicing what scriptures teach. This article is for such a church.

The Body Of Christ And It’s Priorities
“That there should be no schism in the body, but that the members should have the same care for one another. And if one member suffers, all the members suffer with it; or if one member is honoured , all the members rejoice with it. Now you are the body of Christ and members individually”  1 Cor 12:  25-27.

I have to say that of my 30 years as a Christian I have NEVER discovered a church so interwoven or intertwined with each other, that they are capable of practicing such things.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Is God Demonstrating His Love For Israel By Judging Nations Who Oppose Them? See this Video

Originally Posted 2nd Aug 2010 but updated 20 Sep 2010

Bob Mitchell of Shofar Ministries has put an excellent and  fascinating video together. This video seems to ask the question "is God judging those who oppose Israel?". He has compiled together 10 events which do seem conclusive that God is showing the Nations that they mess with the apple of His eye (Israel) at their cost. This is the link which takes you direct to that video

I would also add comments to Bob's video that God is loving, patient,forgiving and merciful and does not want any to perish, but that He is also a HOLY, just and righteous God who MUST act when His people are being threatened.

Note, it is Islamic Nations who oppose the Jews and specifically seek the demise of Israel, the most vehemently. It is these Nations who have been at the brunt of the most terrible natural disasters,  for a number of years, now. For example,

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Revised: Conclusive Video Proof? (from Obama's own lips) That Obama is a Muslim and His Islamic Agenda For USA

This is a video of  Barack Obama speaking on many occasions. Every single clip has him either confirming that he is a muslim or stating his Islamic hopes for USA.

Okay I know the video clips have been heavily edited, but how can you make a person say he is a muslim by simply editing, unless you put a number of clips together within the same clip, but this would cause the pictures to be inconsistent and the words spoken to be stop-start affect. In the video clips in some places there may indeed be some stop-starters, but there are also clips which have a consistent flow. I find it hard to believe that the whole thing was made up. There are too many parts that do not suggest that. Certainly I feel the evidence is overwhelming.

Maybe someone could explain to me if it is possible to have clean cuts within the film to make it look consistent with a clear flow. Even with todays technology I can still tell where there are cuts in cinematic films, but I could not spot these in every case on the video.

So if the videos can be trusted it exposes Obama's hidden (but real) agenda for USA to become an Islamic state. Watchman sites have been stating their concerns about Obama for a long time - even well before he became president, but it seems few people believed us and most evangelicals were blinded by Obama into thinking he was a born-again Christian.

We Watchman all recommend that (if it is true) Americans expose him and  vote him out of office as soon as possible before USA and (probably therefore) the World becomes  controlled by Islam and Sharia Law. 

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Mike Hoggard Latest News Update

Edited 23 July 2012 

I should have done this some time ago but had forgotten I had written this article. Please exercise caution when listening to Mike Hoggard because he has some very questionable ideas bordering on cultish ideas eg that only the KJV is inspirational and contains bible codes. I could say much about that, but just suffice to say that finding hidden meaning via codes etc is surely bordering on the occult? However, Mike is very informative on a number of issues that we all need to be aware on. However, you do not need to watch HIM for that information because the same information can be found elsewhere on more sound sites. However, if you insist in listening/watching him PLEASE be wary and as always weigh it up with reliable versions of the scriptures by comparing them with each other (NIV, KJV, NKJV, NASB).

I can no longer endorse his site though. This is why I did not advise (any more) of all his updates. Please see my further notes within the final Article I wrote regarding Mike Hoggard' site Mike Hoggard's Latest Video Now Removed

Especially start reading from this link  Comments re Mike Hoggard

Friday, 26 February 2010

Astronomical Evidence For Creation and a Young Universe

More evidence against the atheistic evolutionists who are trying to put a blindfold on the world by distorting and hiding the actual truth or denying the facts. They make massive assumptions about evolution but ignore the evidence which suggests the evolutionary process could have been far different to how they present it.  It is all a hoax led by satan to prevent people trusting in Jesus for the salvation of their souls. Please watch - very interesting!!!!

There is a series of videos. Please watch the first one and then follow instructions for watching the other 8, ie 9 videos. All very very good!

Note from John Chingford:
The purpose of this article is to show that you cannot trust the lies/exaggerations of evolutionists who never tell us that their estimations are theory. They always tell us these things (including timescales) as if they were facts - i.e. deliberately concealing/withholding truth is lying!

With every new discovery if declared honestly, reveal that the Bible is true and far more reliable in its details than mere men who try to figure things out with imperfect and finite minds. When the Bible is shown to be true, it then SHOULD impact us to trust in the God who effectively dictated to men what to write in the Bible and therefore realise that God knows about His Universe infinitely more than what we think.

Please read this article which proves why the Bible can be trusted and why it IS indeed the Word Of God.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Video Evidence Showing The Catholic Institution as "Babylon"

Please click these links. Part 1 and 2 of same message. It is a very clear message to all true believers that we should not be involved in any organisation which supports or gives allegiance to this babylonic whore.

The Bible's Book of Revelation says to not take part in her sins and to come out of her. Therefore we need to know what it is that we need to get out of. These videos make it absolutely clear of who the Babylonic whore is.

Powerful Videos From Paul Washer (Revised 18 May 2010)

Edited 7 Aug 2012

Revised 18 May 2010, added more videos.

Section Edited 7 Aug 2012 (in bold)
I have now removed some of these videos by Paul Washer. Should have been some time ago, but only just remembered about them.  I have removed them because of his "Lordship Salvation" stance which borders on a "works" salvation. I am not an expert on "LS" but have learnt sufficient to know that I cannot endorse those videos any longer. However, I have left the next one because it exposes the apostate condition of the modern church. 

Video by Paul Washer on God's 10 Indictments against the "modern" church

Here is what I originally wrote back in 2010. I have since changed some of my views based upon further study of the Bible,  as you will be able to gather within my article

What Is Repentance?

Old message:
I know there are some who would want to get into debate on Arminism and Calvinism regarding some of the things Paul Washer preaches, but let's keep to the point, which is to preach the whole unadulterated undiluted message of salvation even if it offends. Please see my post entitled "what is repentance" which shows our part in the salvation/repentance process. Although us repenting may well be a work of grace by the Lord, we still need to be serious in our repentance.

In fact, none of the preachers in the New Testament (including Jesus) were concerned if people were offended (and they were) but would not water down the message of true salvation. If we preached it more often, maybe we would not face the problem of so much back-sliding and the debate would not be necessary.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Update On Watchman Reporter Mike Hoggard

Previous contents removed on 23 July 2012

Edited 12 Jan 2011
I should have done this some time ago but had forgotten I had written this article.

Please exercise caution when listening to Mike Hoggard because he has some very questionable ideas bordering on cultish ideas eg that only the KJV is inspirational and contains bible codes. I could say much about that, but just suffice to say that finding hidden meaning via codes etc is surely bordering on the occult?

However, Mike is very informative on a number of issues that we all need to be aware on. 

But, you do not need to watch HIM for that information because the same information can be found elsewhere on more sound sites. However, if you insist in listening/watching him PLEASE be wary and as always weigh it up with reliable versions of the scriptures by comparing them with each other (NIV, KJV, NKJV, NASB).

I can no longer endorse his site though. This is why I did not advise (any more) of all his updates. Please see the comments within the Article 

Mike Hoggard Latest News Update

Especially start reading from this link Comments Re Mike Hoggard

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Videos Exposing Word Faith Doctrine As Heresy

Edited 24 Aug 2011 because  videos have been removed by yahoo
Ah well!! Never mind! Therefore I have deleted the 3 videos and replaced them with 3 even better ones. After watching these I am sure you will agree that you should come out of the Wordfaith organisations and very seriously avoid those who teach it.

To see each video, please click on the shortcuts in red, ie click on part 1, part 2, part 3.

Part One  Dangerous Doctrine (includes some history)

Part Two   Mangled Manifestations

Part Three  The Hurt Of Healing

Friday, 29 January 2010

Billy Graham's Demise Into Apostasy

I have some very sad news about Billy Graham's apparent demise into apostasy. Please pray for him. However sad it is and although I may get quite a bit of backlash on saying this about such a "wonderful man of God", I feel I need to post this information because his lifetime ministry highlights how apostate & Babylonic the Christian church is becoming and why none of our churches should become ecumenical or have anything to do with the Roman Catholic System otherwise we could also fall down the apostate road. Note that Jesus said "Woe to you when all men speak well of you, for that is how their fathers treated the false prophets". ALL men speak well of Billy!

Before you look at the evidence about Billy Graham's link with the Vatican, please watch these 2 videos first before watching all the other following videos. Note most videos are very short. These two are also shown within my post “the whore of Babylon revealed” to prove that the RC is not a christian church ie: