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Showing posts with label Why Christians Should Stand Up For Israel. Show all posts

Thursday, 13 November 2014

God is NOW Sending Us a Last Warning that the Rapture of the Church, Followed By the Great Tribulation Is VERY Close at Hand. Strong Evidence Given

The purpose of this article is to illustrate why the last 7 years before the return of Jesus could commence any day now and therefore that we need to make ourselves ready NOW.

Note: the section "feast of trumpets" was edited on 17th & 23rd Nov 2014.

Please also read the following articles alongside this one note: this article has now just been completely revamped with many changes due to the many errors discovered and to reflect what I now know to be true as at 14th November 2014 17.45 GMT.

The bible tells us that the last 7 years aka the Great tribulation (mixed with the judgements of God) will precede the Second Coming, but these 7 years may not necessarily commence immediately from the day of the rapture, but from the signing of the 7 year peace treaty ("covenant of death") between Israel and the antichrist.

Jesus told us that there would be signs pointing to the lead up to those days indicating when those days are likely to start. This article will not predict a date, but it will show that the signs Jesus was referring to are now here, so the rapture could happen at any time now.

This article will show how the rapture is likely to happen just before or during the very next event on the prophetical calendar. I am referring to the Psalm 83 prophecy which could have the commencement of its fulfilment any day now (when we consider recent events in that area). This prophecy has never been fulfilled in the way described and by these specific limited numbers of nations (if we use 21st century equivalent names). By the way, it is not possible for the Gog and Magog wars (described in Ezekiel 38 and 39) to take place UNTIL the Psalm 83 war has first ended because it relates to the aftermath of Psalm 83. More on that later.

Signs in the heavens 
In Genesis chapter 1 (first book and chapter of the Bible) verses 14-15  ‘Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years; and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth” ’ 

The sun, moon and stars were not JUST to give light, days and years, but ALSO for signs and seasons. In a number of places through the Bible and through history we see momentous occasions when these bodies stand out specifically as signs of these events. Also, they dictate when specific seasons are upon us and when God’s specific feasts are at hand (which always paint a picture of Jesus [past, present and future] ). More on that later – especially regarding the feast of trumpets and tabernacles and how the phrase “as to the day and hour knoweth no man” fits in.

This article will

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Truth About Christian Zionists. Response To False Accusations

I was asked to read a report of a typical reformist/replacementist who was giving scathing accusations against Christian Zionists for their beliefs/practices and comment on it.

Here are my observations, my rebuttals and full scriptural explanation/evidence (in defence) for our support of Israel.

I noticed that everything the report said was a clear example of the dominionists, kingdom now arguments. The dominionists tend to exaggerate and interpret scripture in a biassed way, even lying to make their point. They say they are not anti Israel, but actually they are. 

They say that they support Palestinians also, but actually (generally) ONLY support Palestinians and keep attacking Israel as a state. The report in question was from a reformed theological approach.  Anyway,  I will now show what this author said publicly on his website report and then give my reply to each false accusation in blue. I will tackle only the most salient sections of his report,  which are in serious error and do not represent the truth accurately.

(Note: This blog also contains other articles which can be used as a response to the Dominionists objection against Israel.  You can find these articles at the bottom of THIS article.)

He said:  Much of our Christian emphasis on foreign policy in the Middle East today is based on the promise that God made to Abraham in Genesis 12:3, "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed."  The first half of this verse is a promise that God made to just one person, Abraham. The original Hebrew is in the second person singular, meaning that God is speaking only to Abraham. 

My Reply:  He deliberately ignores the subsequent promises given later in scripture specifically to Isaac and then to Jacob which shows the promise to Abraham was carried on through Isaac (not Ishmael) and then through Jacob. God then gave special promises to Jacob and renamed Him Israel which means 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Has God Finished With The Jews And The Nation Of Israel?

Edited 6th October 2011 and 8th April 2012 (see edited sections below in bold)

Edited 8th April 2012
Just added a new article which can be used in conjunction with this article. Please click on: Truth About Christian Zionists. Response To Accusations

There are a growing number of evangelical Christians who TODAY are claiming that God finished with the Jews and Israel (as a Nation) almost 2000 years ago after Jesus (the Jewish Messiah) was crucified. In fact, most of European Christians believe this now. It seems that support for Israel has diminished throughout the World, with most support only coming from American believers. In fact, even hatred for Israel has infiltrated most European churches.

The claim is that Israel has been completely replaced by the church and that all Old Testament promises for Israel are ONLY applicable to the church.  Some even question whether the Jews of today really are Jews and claim that they are of the synagogue od satan. This article will address these issues and go on to prove that the Jews of today ARE Jews and that the OT promises for Israel ARE for the Jews and that God has NOT finished with Israel (the Jewish nation) as a Nation and that the Israel of today is TRULY the fulfilment of prophecy.

Who is the Jew?
Some  claim that all the Jewish women were raped by gentile Roman men in AD70 so no-one knows whether the children born were Jewish or gentile?  They suggest that the records were lost so no-one can be certain, anymore who the true natural Jews are.

If it is true that true natural Jews do not exist, why did God make so many prophecies regarding the Jews (in the Bible) regarding  the end times?  Zechariah refers to a natural Jew in chapter 8 verse 23

This is what the LORD Almighty says: “In those days 

Friday, 22 October 2010

Letter From Jacob Prasch Revealing Some Truth About Palestine and Israel and What Is Really Going On

Updated and Edited 31 Oct 2010
This is an urgent article from Jacob Prasch. He has asked to get it distributed as widely as possible. It is a rebuttal letter replying to an anti Israel news report from a Baptist Minister.  It contains the actual TRUTH of  what is really happening in Israel as opposed to this anti Israel untrue bias. This anti Israel bias designed to build up hatred of Israel and anti-semitism comes from those who believe God has finished with Israel (as a Nation) and need to justify this belief by propagating untruths about Israel and the mistreating of Palestinians. This letter highlights that this anti Israel propaganda  is untrue, unjust and unfair. 

The article JJP was commenting on can be found at  Please also read this following article of mine by clicking within this shortcut link  Present Day Israel Is A Nation Of Miracles, Created By God. The Overwhelming Facts!  which gives overwhelming evidence that God TRULY has not finished with Israel and the Jewish People.

Addition:    Just a note about Jacob Prasch for my new readers
I know that some people have issues over Jacob. I for one also have some concerns about his approach and some of the things he says, but the reason I (at present) still endorse him is because he is a wealth of information and (although he may seem to be quite aggressive sometimes) he actually has his heart in the right place as many can confirm and although he may show some signs of naivity at times, he means well (as far as I can tell) by zealously trying to expose the darkness of apostasy which is presently engulfing the Christian church.

Anyway, this is what Jacob wrote:
"Dear Sir(s),
I direct a Christian missions and evangelistic ministry operating in several countries including Israel among both Arabs and Jews.

This past week our Bible shop and coffee bar outreach to the Arab community in Galilee was attacked by Islamic terrorists with stun grenades, injuring   

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Present Day Israel Is A Nation Of Miracles, Created By God. The Overwhelming Facts!

Originally Posted 13 Sep 2010 but Updated 25 Sep 2010 and 10 Sep 2012.

Edited Section 10 Sep 2012 (in bold)

Please read the following newer link in conjunction with this article as it reinforces that God IS blessing Israel. Click here for:  "Has God Finished With The Jews And The Nation Of Israel?"

Present Day Israel Is A Nation Of Miracles, Created By God. The Overwhelming Facts!

I was given this free booklet for distribution purposes and would like to share it with you. It is truly an amazing book which gives overwhelming facts proving how God's hand is upon the Land Of Israel and the amazing miracles that have happened. The link to this booklet is: 
However, it may be difficult for you to download as it may require registration. So I copy/paste the whole contents here as follows: 

At the bottom of this booklet I have included some videos which also show the miracle of the Land. Here is the amazing recent history of Israel (which includes many fulfilled Bible prophecies concerning the Land) as follows:

Monday, 20 September 2010

Is God Demonstrating His Love For Israel By Judging Nations Who Oppose Them? See this Video

Originally Posted 2nd Aug 2010 but updated 20 Sep 2010

Bob Mitchell of Shofar Ministries has put an excellent and  fascinating video together. This video seems to ask the question "is God judging those who oppose Israel?". He has compiled together 10 events which do seem conclusive that God is showing the Nations that they mess with the apple of His eye (Israel) at their cost. This is the link which takes you direct to that video

I would also add comments to Bob's video that God is loving, patient,forgiving and merciful and does not want any to perish, but that He is also a HOLY, just and righteous God who MUST act when His people are being threatened.

Note, it is Islamic Nations who oppose the Jews and specifically seek the demise of Israel, the most vehemently. It is these Nations who have been at the brunt of the most terrible natural disasters,  for a number of years, now. For example,

Saturday, 24 July 2010

What The Olive Tree of Romans11 Represents and How it Speaks of God's Plan For Israel and the Church

One of my hobbies is growing things in the garden. Although I am not an expert on grafting I happen to know that you can graft in a broken branch, shoot or twig from the same tree or bush. So what Paul wrote in Romans chapter 11 makes perfect sense! The scriptures do not teach nonsense unless it is an allegory like "beast with 7 heads" in that case an explanation to the meaning will be given. I believe that unless an explanation is given (eg the parables of Jesus) it is to be taken literally, but with some God given sanctified common sense.

For example,  Romans 11 verse 17 would not make sense to interpret the verse to say that a whole wild olive tree is grafted into the cultivated olive tree, because two trees have separate roots as separate entities (especially when we consider verse 24). Can you take the roots of two trees and make them become one tree?   Romans 11  describes and discusses two separate trees: a cultivated olive tree and a wild olive tree. It clearly states that the natural "branches" (not root or whole tree) were cut off to make way for wild (gentile) branches.

In Romans 11  verse 17 (KJV) it states "And if some of the branches be broken off, and thou, being a wild olive tree, wert grafted in among them, and with them partakest of the root and fatness of the olive tree". Some suggest because it mentions "tree" here and not "branch" that it is the whole olive tree.

Just because KJV and verse 17 states "tree" (incidentally verse 24 infers branch) it does not mean that the whole tree is grafted in.  The whole wild tree is made up of all gentiles. The believing gentiles make up the part of the tree that gets grafted into the cultivated tree. Verse 24 is the key (quoted shortly). So it must be referring to  

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Flotilla Illustrates An Actual Global Conspiracy Against God And His Purposes

The Bible teaches that God has a special place in His heart for the Jewish people and Israel (despite their sins). God calls them the apple of His eye (Deut 32:10 and Zech 2:8). The Old Testament (and New Testament) are full of teachings, prophecies and practices which show God's amazing love and mercy for His chosen people. Of course it doesn't mean that the Nation of Israel is saved spiritually yet as it is only through Jesus that our sins can be forgiven. John Chapter 1 says that "to all who received Him He gave the power to become the children of God". So all who receive Jesus are Children of God, but God DOES have special promises for Israel and they WILL (as a Nation) choose Jesus again. For this reason He has preserved them as a people for the last 2000 years and now restored as a Nation for the last 62 years. Jesus said that they would not see Him again (second coming) until they say "blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord". Jesus will return only when they (as a Nation) corporately call out for Jesus with those words "blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord".

Because the whole World (and Governments) are under the control of the evil one, it is not surprising that there are satanic agenda's to seek to destroy those God has SPECIALLY chosen. If you look through the scriptures you will see many instances of satan influencing National and World leaders to destroy God's work. Pharoah when Moses was born, Herod when Jesus was born,  are two examples. The enemy knows that Jesus will not return until the Nation calls out to Jesus, so he wants to anihilate them totally so that Jesus will NOT return. Of course the enemy will fail and God's purposes will be fulfilled, but woe to those who join up with satan in assisting those who seek Israel's destruction. Those who oppose Israel will be seen to be opposing the God of Israel. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY SERIOUS THING TO DO!!! God will allow the Nations to come against Israel to fulfill His purposes of the Nation's repentance (for Israel to call out for Jesus) but you will not want to be active/part of those who seek Israel's demise in word or deed. As the scriptures teach "Those who bless Israel will be blessed, those who curse shall be cursed".

I would like to refer you to Bob Mitchell's blog website regarding the Gaza Flotilla episode and how it shows the agenda for the World to rise against Israel (totally unfairly and illogically with much deception and lies). Specifically please look at these articles from Bob.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Why Christians Should Stand Up For Israel

I am in the process of developing a new label with the above title. I have a conviction from God that I cannot write about anything without leaving space to stand with Israel in these last days. God calls us to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. Paul said to the Jew First and then to the gentile. This is interesting because Paul was called by God to be an apostle to the gentiles but you always see him preaching in the synagogues first when he entered a town. Although he was called to the gentiles he preaches FIRST to the Jews.

In times when the apostate church is recommencing their hatred for Israel I cannot maintain a blog without seeking to find support for Israel also.

In due course I will add new posts to this label as and when the Lord leads.