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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

In These Days Of Apostasy, Why Follow Leaders?

This is just a brief article, to be linked to another article, written because of the multiplicity of questions received as to whether I actually recommend any good leaders, at all.

There were many that I respected and believed to be genuine followers of Jesus, not caught up in the ecumenical train towards Rome. However, as time has gone on, many of these have succumbed. Therefore I do not want to write such a list in case further leaders also succumb. In any case, should we be looking to leaders or to Jesus for our Christian growth and maturity?

I wrote an article (at the bottom) which includes a long list of those with ecumenical/new age etc ties. I made the point that just because their name appeared, did not mean I was calling them false.

Some of these may have inadvertently

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Watchman Alert! Evidence That Andrew Strom Is Ecumenical and Probably Still Belongs to the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

The purpose of this report is to warn about Andrew Strom (who has a large following), giving evidence that he is STILL infected by NAR doctrine (aka as Latter rain) or is actually still secretly belonging to them and has ties with Rome. It is a warning because his teachings, visions etc are dangerous because they are mixed with much heresy. 

For more on NAR please click on this shortcut  The New Apostolic Reformation. Why We Should Be Concerned About It   Andrew says he has left NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) but his teachings, and over emphasis on reported visions, dreams, prophecies and desire to reintroduce apostolic ministry give the game away that he still belongs to it.

This is what I wrote to Andrew's article on:

"Any sort of ECUMENISM which effectively unites false Christianity into ONE whore organisation is the Whore mentioned in the Book of Revelation. The book of Revelation AND Paul both state “come out of her!!!!!!”
Any joining hands (in direct or indirect ways) with the counterfeit Roman church, which came out of Babylon religion, is to be rejected!!!
The reason that so many are now churchless is basically because of the influence of ecumenism, new age, mysticism, occultism etc etc on the evangelical church. We ARE trying to find a way of addressing this because we KNOW we need fellowship, but fellowship with what? Unity of true born again believers is not being questioned here. It is unity with false christianity that we dispute."

I also tried to reply to someone who asked me a question but Andrew kept deleting it. I wonder why?  This is what Andrew wrote: I leave a screenshot (in case it gets removed).

After he wrote this comment he banned me from commenting anymore. WHY? Has he got something to hide or afraid that he will be exposed.

I emailed Andrew to ask him why he would not publish my latest comments and why I was banned, but instead of answering my question appropriately he simply accused me of something untrue.

This was one of the comments of mine that Andrew removed:

“The reason I linked David Marsh to the manifest sons of God doctrine is because David said 'The Bride of Christ has also been called the Elijah Company, Gideon’s army and so forth but many are aware that God is going to bring forth this company of Christians – who will be empowered with a double portion of the Holy Spirit.'

Here is the link to his comment.

This vision is frequently used by the Latter Rain movement (aka NAR) by those like

Friday, 2 November 2012

New Frontiers ARE Ecumenically Joined To Rome. The Evidence.

This report (copied from the comments section within 
List Of (Probable) False Christian Leaders, False Christian Teachers and False Prophets (As Indicated By The Ecumenical or Heretical Organisations They Belong To) )

will show why the New Frontiers church movement is ecumenically joined to Rome by looking at some of its history, activities and associations.

 =        ?

Here is the history behind the New Frontiers Movement which shows why it is a dangerous group to be involved in.

Some time ago I read Terry Virgo’s blog. He did not and will not condemn false revivals like Todd Bentley’s so called Lakeland Revivals. Of course he wouldn’t because New Frontiers are actually on the frontline of these “experiential” revivals like Toronto. New Frontiers are attached to/are supporters of New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) who "organised" that false satanic event. NAR were previously known under various names including "Latter Rain". New Frontiers are co-workers with NAR.

This is a video of Chuck Pierce of New Apostolic Reformation, who works alongside C Peter Wagner.
This video illustrates how weird the NAR are becoming. It sounds so demonic.

Here is an excerpt (written before the Lakeland revival) regarding New Frontiers, to prove the point about them from:

“Branching out from their former isolation and tight doctrines, they have become ecumenistic, almost liberal, and are networking with every church group imaginable. The restoration fellowships, together with Elim Pentecostal fellowships, were in the forefront of the Toronto, Promise Keepers and Pensacola controversies, just as they had promoted the Kansas City Prophets earlier on.

Restoration teachings are responsible for infecting almost every branch of British church life, and their goal of full visible unity seems to draw nearer every year, as successive churches succumb to their influence.”

This link:
also gives the full history background behind the New Frontiers movement.

As I (myself) got drawn into them during the 1980′s and 1990′s I DO know that these things are TRUE. However, for now, let me start by asking some questions:

Does New Frontiers support any of the following: 

Monday, 6 December 2010

List Of (Probable) False Christian Leaders, False Christian Teachers and False Prophets (As Indicated By The Ecumenical or Heretical Organisations They Belong To)

Watch Out
Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Last edited: 22 Aug 2011 (see in red)
Previously edited:
  • 24 Jan 2011           updated list
  • 10 Dec 2010          added details
  • 7 & 12 Jan 2011   further explanations added (see below in bold).
Further Explanations 7 Jan 2011 and 3 Aug 2016
From the responses I've continuously received since this article was written until today (3rd Aug 2016), it seems that readers have not noticed my introduction of this article. I DO explain here the reasons for this article. However, just to let you know that I have answered the criticisms within the comments section of this article and have also written other articles as answers to these criticisms. Please click on these following 2 shortcut links to read them:

 link 1

link 2

Original Article (note: edited 22 Aug 2011 in red):
This is a continuation to Part 2 of a series regarding the history behind the recent apostate evangelical church. Please click on this shortcut link Background To Why The Twentieth Century Evangelical Church Became Apostate to read the introduction regarding the lists below and  afterwards click on Chronological Emergence Of The Apostate Church Over Last 100 Years  to see the continuation ie  part 3.

Jesus said that we should watch out for false prophets. He stated that we would know them by their fruits. The context of Matthew 7 indicates He is referring mostly to the WORDS they speak. For more on this please click on this shortcut link Do Not Judge, But Watch Out For False Prophets, Matthew 7 Explanation

We are instructed to not judge the motives of the heart in 1 Corinthians 4:4-5 but we are taught to watch out for false teaching. Therefore, I cannot produce a list of false teachers/prophets based on behaviour (because behaviour can easily be misunderstood) but I can produce a list based on false teaching. However, as I do not know 100% what each individual teaches it is rather difficult to measure if a person is false or not. BUT  we do have plenty of information about false heretical organisations (available to us) including what they teach. So, presumably any leaders of those organisations will teach and practice those false things. So my list reflects this. I wanted to make everyone aware of the leaders who are attached to these false groups.

The first list contains all the organisations that have led the church down the road of the apostate and are all ecumenical groups. The second list contains the names of all the leaders or leading characters who belong to or associate with these groups  (see note below regarding what I mean by "associate with"). The list does not mean that absolutely everybody listed is definitely a false leader, false teacher or false prophet, but there should be serious concern because of the faulty organisations they: belong to, associate with (see note below re "associate"), work for, endorse and support.

Updated 10 Dec 2010
However, it is always possible that some individuals may be ignorant about the groups they speak at, associate with or endorse. Some of these leaders may have regretted it later or even withdrawn their names (if possible). I would be more concerned if these people still deliberately JOIN these groups (or remain with them) even though the groups have been exposed as being apostate and ecumenical.  Although, we should be careful not to be too harsh on those who are only linked to one group, as they may have done this in ignorance. However, those who are attached to, or involved in, more than one group should cause us extra concern.

Added 12 Jan 2011
What I mean by "associate with"
If a church leader is simply having fellowship with another teacher (from one of those organisations) without endorsing or teaching their doctrines, that is okay, but if they start joining in with that ecumenical group (in a unification process) and lead their church down that path of joining those groups or teaching the ecumenical doctrine, then this is a bad association. It is this type of association that I am warning against. So, if teachers, leaders and prophets are encouraging believers (by their association with those groups and what they teach in support of them)  to join these ecumenical or new age groups, then their association is cause of concern. Also, my meaning of association is referring to individuals who have signed their allegiance to ecumenical groups like Westminster Declaration  and Manhattan Declaration. Everyone listed has absolutely associated (*in a bad sense) with an ecumenical or new age infected organisation (or both).

Additional Info:
By the way, I have just realised an interesting fact and will be writing something on this in due course.  I will just say something briefly now.  Many leaders (amongst the groups mentioned) were first trained or lectured at Fullers Theological Seminary. This Seminary  majors on Church growth, but is strongly ecumenical with new age ideas. Therefore, it is not surprising that the new brand of church leaders (which it produces) would emerge leading our churches in the same direction. So, it appears, that Fullers are a major reason for the evangelical church's speedy fall into increasing apostasy (apostasy means falling away from the truth into heresy).

Anyway, here are the full lists of all the heretical ecumenical organisations (within the "evangelical" umbrella) and its individual leading associates (as they stand at the moment on 18 Jan 2011) as follows:

Friday, 5 March 2010

Ecumenical Christian Organisations and New-Age Christian Organisations To Avoid

Edited 12 Dec 2010
I have stated many times on my blog (information gathered from reputable sources, through much research and investigation) and has been stated by many respected Christian leaders that Ecumenism should be avoided.

Why? Because it compromises and "waters down" true Christian, biblical teaching and faith. It is "leaven that leavens the whole lump" and corrupts the true church of God. Ecumenism has also introduced  new-age influences (which have occultic origins). The force behind the ecumenical movement is the Vatican whom controls it. Click here for article which proves this - especially the vatican's ecumenical links. They introduce ecumenism to charismatic, evangelical, protestant churches, by infiltrating these churches and by starting false new organisations and fake revivals. The whole purpose is to weaken the church that Christ died for with destructive heresies and practices.

These are the organisations you should avoid (or at least be wary of) because they are ecumenical working with the Catholics or even other religions or are new-age. See my label "Ecumenical Organisations Specific Information" for further details on the individual organisations. This is the list I have at the moment as follows: