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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

In These Days Of Apostasy, Why Follow Leaders?

This is just a brief article, to be linked to another article, written because of the multiplicity of questions received as to whether I actually recommend any good leaders, at all.

There were many that I respected and believed to be genuine followers of Jesus, not caught up in the ecumenical train towards Rome. However, as time has gone on, many of these have succumbed. Therefore I do not want to write such a list in case further leaders also succumb. In any case, should we be looking to leaders or to Jesus for our Christian growth and maturity?

I wrote an article (at the bottom) which includes a long list of those with ecumenical/new age etc ties. I made the point that just because their name appeared, did not mean I was calling them false.

Some of these may have inadvertently
in ignorance become involved in the ecumenical groups and possibly now withdrawn subsequent to when the article was written. Some are no longer alive but their influence still remains through their books. The article was mostly showing the groups that true born again believers should not be involved in and exercise caution when following leaders who seemingly were supportive of such false groups and to use it as a general guide when listening to preachers.

Since that article was written, I am sure that many other ecumenical groups have emerged with fallen/deceived leaders because Rome has now fully infiltrated the evangelical churches. It has become almost impossible to keep up with all of this.

Therefore, I encourage all those who are truly born again who love the Lord Jesus to take your eyes off any leader as if they were a god and look towards the only God that matters, the Lord Jesus Christ.

My advice would be to never look for good teachers. As no teacher (especially including myself) is perfect and does not have an absolute hold on truth, we need to depend upon the bible and the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. It is clear in scripture that we should not seek after man but after God. The main purpose of any pastor/teacher should be to show believers how to drink and feed themselves and how to do the same for others.

With that in mind, I show a link that covers this in more detail:

click here

Here is the link to the article I mentioned earlier re the list:
for list click here

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