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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A Rebuttal To Muslims False Claim That Matthew Cannot Be Trusted

There is a passage towards the end of Matthew in which he states that a number of saints rose from the grave after the resurrection of Jesus:

Matthew 27:51-54 says:
"And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent; And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many. Now when the centurion, and they that were with him, watching Jesus, saw the earthquake, and those things that were done, they feared greatly, saying, Truly this was the Son of God."

Muslims state that Matthew must have been lying because such a momentous event like this would have been reported far and wide and yet only Matthew reports it.

However, I would submit that the reason the writers of the other gospels did not mention the multi resurrections was because they were not direct eyewitnesses of it. Remember the 4 gospels were based on the actual events/speeches that were witnessed/heard by the eyewitnesses (except Luke who collated his findings/investigations together from the other eyewitnesses and is remarkably consistent with the other 3 gospels). It could be that only Matthew saw it happen. Maybe Mark and John didn’t see it happen and therefore (as faithful witnesses) did not write it down as they only wrote down what they themselves had seen and heard.

Matthew's gospel was specifically written in a

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Rick Warren and Word of Faith's Full Apostasy Is Complete. Mystery Babylon Is Taking Even Greater Shape Before Our Eyes

My last article:

God is NOW Sending Us a Last Warning that the Rapture of the Church, Followed By the Great Tribulation Is VERY Close at Hand. Strong Evidence Given

showed the evidence and signs of how very close we are to the rapture of the church and to the last 7 years before the Second Coming (which includes the worst time ever on planet Earth).

It also showed how Rick Warren will be joining the pope with other faith's religious leaders in the Vatican this month. In fact, I also show another video at the bottom of this article, showing Rick's adoration of the Pope, saying that anyone who likes this pope, will certainly love Jesus.

This article now provides even further evidence that the rapture and Second Coming are extremely close by looking at the way that the apostasy of vast parts of evangelical and protestant Christianity has increased within the last year or so.

What follows is absolutely shocking.

On many of this blog's articles it gives evidence that the Word of Faith organisation was originally set up by Rome's agents using it to infiltrate protestant/evangelical churches by pretending to be protestant evangelical preachers. The blog mentions how the Word of Faith leaders are ecumenical, working with Rome and warned us to reject Word of Faith and come out of it.

Well I now have the absolute proof of their intentions and allegiances on 3 videos below (re Jan 2014) and as indicated on the above photos which was taken some time after that event.

I have now been made aware of something which happened at the beginning of this year, which is another massive step towards the apostasy of large parts of the charismatic section of protestantism joining Rome and therefore the strengthening of  mystery Babylon - the one world global. religion. Word of Faith, parts of NAR and the Emerging Church/Seeker Sensitive movement (through Rick Warren) have now bowed the knee to Rome by declaring their absolute allegiance in unity.

The second video is of Kenneth Copeland leading a Word of Faith conference for all the leaders of that organisation early this year in which the Pope and Word of faith made an open declaration of unity with Rome. In fact the response from Kenneth was astounding and looks very much like he was actually praying to the pope, by blessing and praising him and offering themselves with all their might. At one point in his prayer it was like he suddenly realised what it looked like and paused to change the tone: "we thank you sir (pause......) we thank God for you". You can find it from the 43m:39s point.

The first video is of Tony Palmer who is a very close friend of Pope Francis working as the Pope's "Elijah" to bring protestants back to the Catholic Church. Tony declares

Thursday, 13 November 2014

God is NOW Sending Us a Last Warning that the Rapture of the Church, Followed By the Great Tribulation Is VERY Close at Hand. Strong Evidence Given

The purpose of this article is to illustrate why the last 7 years before the return of Jesus could commence any day now and therefore that we need to make ourselves ready NOW.

Note: the section "feast of trumpets" was edited on 17th & 23rd Nov 2014.

Please also read the following articles alongside this one note: this article has now just been completely revamped with many changes due to the many errors discovered and to reflect what I now know to be true as at 14th November 2014 17.45 GMT.

The bible tells us that the last 7 years aka the Great tribulation (mixed with the judgements of God) will precede the Second Coming, but these 7 years may not necessarily commence immediately from the day of the rapture, but from the signing of the 7 year peace treaty ("covenant of death") between Israel and the antichrist.

Jesus told us that there would be signs pointing to the lead up to those days indicating when those days are likely to start. This article will not predict a date, but it will show that the signs Jesus was referring to are now here, so the rapture could happen at any time now.

This article will show how the rapture is likely to happen just before or during the very next event on the prophetical calendar. I am referring to the Psalm 83 prophecy which could have the commencement of its fulfilment any day now (when we consider recent events in that area). This prophecy has never been fulfilled in the way described and by these specific limited numbers of nations (if we use 21st century equivalent names). By the way, it is not possible for the Gog and Magog wars (described in Ezekiel 38 and 39) to take place UNTIL the Psalm 83 war has first ended because it relates to the aftermath of Psalm 83. More on that later.

Signs in the heavens 
In Genesis chapter 1 (first book and chapter of the Bible) verses 14-15  ‘Then God said, “Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years; and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth” ’ 

The sun, moon and stars were not JUST to give light, days and years, but ALSO for signs and seasons. In a number of places through the Bible and through history we see momentous occasions when these bodies stand out specifically as signs of these events. Also, they dictate when specific seasons are upon us and when God’s specific feasts are at hand (which always paint a picture of Jesus [past, present and future] ). More on that later – especially regarding the feast of trumpets and tabernacles and how the phrase “as to the day and hour knoweth no man” fits in.

This article will

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Evidence That the Last Days (as Reported In The Bible) Are Here NOW

Please read this in conjunction with a more up to date article posted on 13th Nov 2014, which re-emphasises the extreme closeness of the rapture:

Here is an excellent report by "Light For The Last Days".

Here is a clip as an introduction:

2012 Where is the World heading?

"You don‘t need to be a prophet to know that world events are taking a turn for the worse.  Switch on a world news programme or open a newspaper and you are likely to find news of some event which endangers the world.  On the other hand, you do need to understand what the prophets of the Bible say about the last days of this age to know what the outcome of all this will be.  In this article we look at some of the events taking place at the present time and conclude with some pointers to the conclusion which the Bible says will come upon the world."

Please click on the following link to read the rest of the report.

Some Evidence That the Last Days Reported In The Bible Are Here NOW to read the evidence.

On the next page there is a youtube video from Tony Pearce introducing his recently revamped website "Light For the Last Days" describing its contents. For those trying to understand "what on earth is happening to the world today" the website is a must read. To watch the introduction please click on

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Present Day Israel Is A Nation Of Miracles, Created By God. The Overwhelming Facts!

Originally Posted 13 Sep 2010 but Updated 25 Sep 2010 and 10 Sep 2012.

Edited Section 10 Sep 2012 (in bold)

Please read the following newer link in conjunction with this article as it reinforces that God IS blessing Israel. Click here for:  "Has God Finished With The Jews And The Nation Of Israel?"

Present Day Israel Is A Nation Of Miracles, Created By God. The Overwhelming Facts!

I was given this free booklet for distribution purposes and would like to share it with you. It is truly an amazing book which gives overwhelming facts proving how God's hand is upon the Land Of Israel and the amazing miracles that have happened. The link to this booklet is: 
However, it may be difficult for you to download as it may require registration. So I copy/paste the whole contents here as follows: 

At the bottom of this booklet I have included some videos which also show the miracle of the Land. Here is the amazing recent history of Israel (which includes many fulfilled Bible prophecies concerning the Land) as follows:

Sunday, 5 September 2010

How The Bible Was Put Together and Proving Why It IS The Inspired Inerrant Word Of God

The purpose of  this report is to explain how the Bible was put together and therefore also demonstrate:

* why/how the Bible is the inspired inerrant Word of God

* why the Bible can be fully trusted to build our lives and faith upon

* why no other religious book is worthy to be compared to the Bible

Please also read this following link which also relates to this subject:

Why Most of Our Major Bible Translations Can Be Trusted

I have collected together (from various sources) logical arguments to prove these things.
My First Source collected from

Question 1: "Is the Bible truly God's Word?"

Answer: Our answer to this question will not only determine how we view the Bible and its importance to our lives, but also it will ultimately have an eternal impact on us. If the Bible is truly God’s Word, then we should cherish it, study it, obey it, and fully trust it. If the Bible is the Word of God, then to dismiss it is to dismiss God Himself.

The fact that God gave us the Bible is an evidence and illustration of His love for us. The term “revelation” simply means that God communicated to mankind what He is like and how we can have a right relationship with Him. These are things that we could not have known had God not divinely revealed them to us in the Bible. Although God’s revelation of Himself in the Bible was given progressively over approximately 1500 years, it has always contained everything man needs to know about God in order to have a right relationship with Him. If the Bible is truly the Word of God, then it is the final authority for all matters of faith, religious practice, and morals.

The question we must ask ourselves is how can we know that the Bible is the Word of God and not just a good book?  
What is unique about the Bible that sets it apart from all other religious books ever written? Is there any evidence that the Bible is truly God’s Word? These types of questions must be seriously examined if we are to determine the validity of the Bible’s claim to be the very Word of God, divinely inspired, and totally sufficient for all matters of faith and practice. There can be no doubt

Monday, 26 July 2010

Black Parents White Baby. Black/White Twins. Two Stories Which Give Further Evidences Bible Can Be Trusted

1. BBC News: “Baby Tale Not Black and White

Out of Britain comes more news that upsets the idea of “race.”
Last January "Answers In Genesis" covered news of British babies Leah and Miya Durrant: biological twins despite the fact that one had light brown skin, blue eyes, and red hair (like her mother) while the other had dark brown hair and skin (like her father). Along with two older siblings that also looked to be from different “races,” the family was a stark visual rebuttal to the idea that “race” is a meaningful term.
Although the story isn’t quite the same, another British couple has once again overturned casual assumptions about skin, hair, and eye color inheritance and shown race to be a specious concept. The Sun reports on Angela Ihegboro and her husband Ben, who, along with their son Chisom and daughter Dumebi, all have dark brown skin, hair, and eyes—reflecting their Nigerian heritage. But newly born daughter Nmachi has pale, sand-colored skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes—“white,” but not albino (as was confirmed by doctors).

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Interesting News Items From Yahoo

Please read these interesting articles from yahoo news, via these links:

1) The first one regards expected solar activity in a few years time. Could this be as prophesied in the Bible (Revelation)? However, we must always remember that God IS in control of all universal events and His judgements are irrespective of scientific discoveries. But, it could be that God has already put in place the motions of these judgements ahead of time????  But, He could still intervene!!!

2) The second one illustrates how quickly landscape can change. It doesn't require "millions" of years!!!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Answers In Genesis Cautious Report re Alleged Noah's Ark Finding

Following on from my last post I copy what "Answers In Genesis" have to say about the Noah's Ark finding. They are asking us to exercise caution until more conclusive tests,examinations have taken place. At the present they remain suspicious on the claims. Here is what they wrote:

Noah's Ark Found Or a Hoax?

I found an article on Keith Sinclair's post (about the probable finding of Noah's Ark) which was copied/pasted from a yahoo news article. I had thought it would fit in very well inside one of my labels as further evidence that the bible is totally reliable. However, as Christians we need to tell the truth "honestly" without fabricating things.  Note that the flood of Noah took place just under 4500 years ago according to the Biblical timescale (approx. 1650 years after the creation of Adam). The report said that experts using carbon-dating (which is not 100% reliable but fairly reliable over a shortish period of time - like a few thousand years) have dated this finding as 4800 years old!   Close enough in dates, but .......???
For more on this see this link which is "Answers In Genesis" (AiG) report on carbon dating:  How Carbon Dating Actually Prove Creation, A Young Earth and a Global Noah's Flood

Note: the organisation "AiG" are asking us to be very wary (at present). See my next post (on this shortcut)  Answers In Genesis Cautious Report re Alleged Noah's Ark Finding   which gives AIG's report. Also see the following very useful comments from readers.

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

How Did Animals Spread All Over the World from Where the Ark Landed?

An issue often used in an attempt to beat biblical creationists over the head is the worldwide distribution of animals. Such a distribution, say critics, proves that there could never have been a global Flood or an Ark.
If the Ark landed somewhere in the Middle East, then all the animals would have disembarked at that point, including animals that we do not find in the Middle East today, or in the fossil record in that area. How did kangaroos get to Australia, or kiwis to New Zealand? How did polar bears get to North America and penguins to Antarctica? Please read on for the answers 

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Strong Evidence For a Global Noahic Flood As Shown By Rapidly Formed Rock Layers Spread Across Vast Areas

Rapidly Deposited Sediment Layers Spread Across Vast Areas

On every continent are found layers of sedimentary rocks over vast areas. Many of these sediment layers can be traced all the way across continents, and even between continents. Furthermore, when geologists look closely at these rocks, they find evidence that the sediments were deposited rapidly.

Consider the sedimentary rock layers exposed in the walls of the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona (Figure 2). This sequence of layers is not unique to that region of the USA. For more than 50 years geologists have recognized that these strata belong to six megasequences (very thick, distinctive sequences of sedimentary rock layers) that can be traced right across North America.1

The lowermost sedimentary layers in Grand Canyon are the Tapeats Sandstone, belonging to the Sauk Megasequence. It and its equivalents (those layers comprised of the same materials) cover much of the USA (Figure 3).

We can hardly imagine what forces were necessary to deposit such a vast, continent- wide series of deposits. Yet at the base of this sequence are huge boulders (Figure 4) and sand beds deposited by storms (Figure 5). Both are evidence that massive forces deposited these sediment layers rapidly and violently right across the entire USA. Slow-and-gradual (present-day uniformitarian) processes cannot account for this evidence, but the global catastrophic Genesis Flood surely can. 

Evidence For The Creation Model and For Speedy Evolution Process

Is there evidence for the creation model?

When God first created animals, he created them according to their kinds, with the ability to reproduce, and with instructions to increase in number and fill the earth (and seas; Genesis 1:20–22, 24–28). After the Flood, land animals and birds that had been preserved on the Ark again reproduced to fill the earth (Genesis 8:15–19).

Historically, evolutionists have told us that changes in living things occur at a slow, deliberate pace. Yet the creation model clearly requires that significant changes be able to occur quite rapidly, if necessary, as animals multiply and fill the earth. Today we see animals that have adapted to a variety of different environments and niches. Is there any scientific evidence that animals can adapt so quickly? Indeed there is!  

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Why Most of Our Major Bible Translations Can Be Trusted

Edited 22 Jan 2011 and 9th Nov 2014.  See Additions At bottom of this article

This follows on from the debate about the reliability of the NKJV. For those reading the debate (who are not believers and do not know whether they can trust the Bible) please refer to my article within this shortcut link. Please click on  How The Bible Was Put Together and Proving Why It IS The Inspired Inerrant Word Of God 
That article is referring to the original manuscripts of the Bible. The MAJOR translations or versions from these manuscripts up to about 1980 may have some superficial differences, but basically all say the same things and can be trusted as inspired by God.  The above link gives evidence why the Bible can be trusted to be the Divine Word Of God.

Up until the last 30 years or so, virtually all versions (or translations) were taken directly from the original manuscripts and painstakingly translated word by word, into the versions we have, and done with a real devotion and reverence for God and His Word. The link proves why the original manuscripts are reliable. I have also compared all the major

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Exposing The Flaws Of Traditional (But Faulty) Evolutionary Teaching But Giving Strong Evidence For A Creator and Creational Evolution PART 2

This article makes little sense until you have first read Part 1, which gives the background and strong evidence for the equal evidence that follows. Assuming you have read part 1,  here is Part 2

Exposing The Flaws Of Traditional (But Faulty) Evolutionary Teaching But Giving Strong Evidence For A Creator and Creational Evolution PART 1

PART 1.  for continuation please see part 2 on  Exposing The Flaws Of Traditional (But Faulty) Evolutionary Teaching But Giving Strong Evidence For A Creator and Creational Evolution PART 2  
Let me start by quoting something given by: Professor Jerome Lejeune, in a lecture given in Paris
on March 17, 1985, translated by Peter Wilders

“We have no acceptable theory of evolution at the present time. There is none; and I cannot accept the theory that I teach to my students each year. Let me explain. I teach the synthetic theory known as the neo-Darwinian one, for one reason only; not because it’s good, we know it is bad, but because there isn’t any other. Whilst waiting to find something better you are taught something which is known to be inexact, which is a first approximation …”

What Is Being Taught., You Will Learn
Textbooks present evolution in two different ways—small, observable changes (natural selection, speciation, adaptation) and large, unobservable changes (molecules-to-man evolution). They show evidence for the former and then conclude that this proves that the latter took place as well.

As our understanding of genetics has improved, it has become increasingly clear that mutations + time + chance do not equal evolution. All observed mutations demonstrate a loss of genetic information from the genetic code, or they are neutral.

Evolution claims that the process has no direction or goal. If you look at the complexity of the “first” organism, it must be accepted that a massive amount of information has been produced to explain the variety of life we see today.

Mutations cannot generate new genetic information; so they cannot be used to explain how evolution has proceeded from a cell with less information than is present in modern cells. 

Friday, 26 February 2010

Evidence That Global Conditions (After Noah's Flood) Led To Ice Age

What Was the Post-Flood World Like?

The Flood of Noah’s day was the greatest catastrophe in earth history, and it involved much more than rain. It reshaped the surface of the earth, spawning massive volcanoes and earthquakes that dwarf anything observed in modern times. Such a tremendous catastrophe would have radically altered the earth’s climate, resulting in an Ice Age.

In general terms, an “ice age” is a time of extensive glacial activity that covers a relatively large area with ice. During the Ice Age, which ended a few thousand years ago, 30% of the land surface of the earth was covered by ice. In North America an ice sheet covered almost all of Canada and the northern United States.Today, only 10% of the earth’s surface is covered by ice.

We know the extent of the Ice Age because the glaciers left features on the landscape similar to features we observe around glaciers today, such as lateral and terminal moraines. A “lateral moraine” is a mound of rocks of varying sizes deposited to the side of a moving glacier, and a “terminal” or “end” moraine is a mound of rocks dumped in front of the glacier.

Two particular aspects of the Flood were instrumental in causing the Ice Age: (1) extensive volcanic activity during and after the Flood, and (2) the warm oceans following the Flood.  

Evidence That Neandertal Men and Cavemen Lived In Bible Times and were human

I have included 3 articles here. 2 about Neandertal Man and one about cavemen. These articles give evidence and support that these men actually lived within Bible times during the ice-age, which followed shortly after  the global Noah’s flood. The Ice-age was probably caused by the flood.

The ice-age would have occurred quite soon after the global Noah’s flood) when the dispersion took place of mankind throughout the Earth,after God divided the tongues at Babel.

The articles are: “The Caring Neandertal”, “Neandertal Man, the changing picture” and "were cavemen really Primitive?". These were all found on Answers in Genesis website. 

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Evidence That Adam and Noah Really Did Live over 900 Years of Age

This article will show through many sources why it is reasonable and scientific to believe that Adam etc did really live for almost 1000 years.

Did People Like Adam and Noah Really Live over 900 Years of Age?

Preview chapter from The New Answers Book
by Dr. David Menton and Dr. Georgia Purdom
June 4, 2008

“Methusaleh lived 900 years . . . but these stories you’re liable to read in the Bible, they ain’t necessarily so.”1

Along with American composer George Gershwin, many people find it difficult to believe that Methuselah lived to be 969 years old. 

Nevertheless, the Bible teaches quite plainly that the early patriarchs often lived to be nearly 1,000 years old and even had children when they were several hundred years old! Similar claims of long life spans are found in the secular literature of several ancient cultures (including the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Indians, and Chinese). But even a life span of nearly 1,000 years is sadly abbreviated when we consider that God initially created us to live forever.

According to the Bible, God created the first humans—Adam and Eve—without sin and with the ability to live forever. God gave the first human couple everything they needed for their eternal health and happiness in the Garden of Eden; but He warned them not to eat fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil or they would die, as indeed would all their descendants after them (Genesis 2:16–17).

When Satan’s deception prompted Eve to disobey this command and then Adam willfully disobeyed, their minds and bodies profoundly changed (Genesis 3). Not only did they become subject to death, but their firstborn child (Cain) became the world’s first murderer. Truly, the wages of sin is death, physically and spiritually. It is sobering to think that the Bible would have been

Why Dinosaurs Do Not Disprove, But Actually Prove the Bible

The cartoon series "The Flintstones" is probably a lot more accurate than Scientists (with ulterior motives) have deceitfully brainwashed us into believing. They deliberately cloud over certain evidence that should inform us differently. For example, caves have been found with drawings of dinosaurs (more on that within this article). If dinosaurs did not live alongside man, how would they be able to draw those images? How would they know what dinosaurs looked like and yet these images are very good likenesses.

Here is an excellent article from Answers In Genesis (a creationist/scientist organisation) which goes into the whole subject in much more detail (notice the section on evidence that dinosaurs are mentioned in quite a number of places within the bible and the evidence that they are much younger than we are told), as follows:

Dinosaurs are used more than almost anything else to indoctrinate children and adults in the idea of millions of years of earth history. However, the Bible gives us a framework for explaining dinosaurs in terms of thousands of years of history, including the mystery of when they lived and what happened to them. Two key texts are Genesis 1:24–25 and Job 40:15–24.

Are Dinosaurs a Mystery?
Many think that the existence of dinosaurs and their demise is shrouded in such mystery that we may never know the truth about where they came from, when they lived, and what happened to them. However, dinosaurs are only a mystery if you accept the evolutionary story of their history.

According to evolutionists: Dinosaurs first evolved around 235 million years ago, long before man evolved.1 No human being ever lived with dinosaurs. Their history is recorded in the fossil layers on earth, which were deposited over millions of years. They were so successful as a group of animals that they eventually ruled the earth. However, around 65 million years ago, something happened to change all of this—the dinosaurs disappeared. Most evolutionists believe some sort of cataclysmic event, such as an asteroid impact, killed them. But many evolutionists claim that some dinosaurs evolved into birds, and thus they are not extinct but are flying around us even today.2

There is no mystery surrounding dinosaurs if you accept the Bible’s totally different account of dinosaur history.

According to the Bible: Dinosaurs first existed