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Showing posts with label UFO and Nephilim Explanation etc. Show all posts

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Why Book Of Enoch Is A Fake, Alert

Did the enemy write this?

Edited 31 Jan 2011 (Have added another link as evidence). See the bottom of this article. Also edited 29 Oct 2014 (in brown).

I read through the Book of Enoch about 6 months ago, out of interest because it was mentioned in the book of Jude (in the Bible). I did this (out of curiosity) to see why it was not considered as inspired scripture and also so that I could answer those who had read it.

The first thing I noticed was how scrambled it was - all over the place, much like what you find in other religions or cults holy books. I tried to make sense of it but could not.

Certainly it contradicts canonical scripture, quotes heresy and is nonsense by the way it has been put together. It doesn't give you the sense of inspiration or truth that the 66 God breathed books give in the recognised Bible.

Apparently, the book of Enoch was discovered together with the dead sea scrolls. Some people assume that because it was found with the dead sea scrolls, that that (in itself) authenticates its reliability. Are they correct? It actually reminds me of an excerpt from Matthew 13:27-28 "Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have tares?’He said to them,An enemy has done this". Jesus stated that the good seed is the Word of God and therefore the bad seed is NOT the word of God but a false or counterfeit version. This principle of teaching could be applied to the book of Enoch (bad seed) amongst the good seed found in the same place.

Here is one site that exposes the falseness of that Enoch book:

This article on that site highlights many things which illustrate that the Book of  Enoch is a fake. This is an excerpt from that page, which I agree with:

"As you read the Book of Enoch, you will notice 

Thursday, 13 May 2010

UFO Sightings, Abductions etc Are They Evidence of Life on Other Planets (Aliens) or The Return Of Nephilim or Some Other Explanation?

Sometime ago I wrote an article on this whole subject. I then found an article on Tony Pearce's website "Light For The Last Days" which gives a wonderful explanation and backs up my reasoning (in a better way than I could present). Also please check out this report from Answers In Genesis  Here is my report:

First My UFO Explanation
God said that the planets were to be signs and seasons to serve the Earth and that the Earth was created to house MAN. So important to the heart of God was MAN that God sent His SON into the world to save us from our sins. In the context of God's dealings with man it makes no sense that God would create life on other planets.

What about sightings?  From stories I've heard, most of those who have had "real" alien experiences specifically abductions have at some time or other been involved with the occult in some shape or another: seances, astrology, yoga, tarot cards etc. This would indicate that demonic activity can be experienced by those who have been affected by demons or even demon possessed. However, there may be some simple "earthly" or other spiritual explanation.

The Old and New Testament teaches that Satan and his demonic cohorts are able to manifest  in many guises and disguises. For example a serpent in the garden of Eden, pretending to be the ghost of a loved one or as an angel of light. he is in the counterfeit business and is quite able to appear in a form which will lead people into deception or fear and turn them away from the true and Living God. Sometimes, he roars like a lion ,ie makes noises, but for the believer has no bite.  Those rapture reports given in the bible: Elijah, Enoch, Jesus have to be explained away by satan, so what does he do?  

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Are The Global Leaders Nephilim?

I was asked the question whether I thought the global leaders were Nephilim. This question was asked on my post Who Runs The World? An Investigation Into The Global Scheme Of Things. Completed Report (Revised) on
I have decided to copy/paste my comments (from there) into this post. I think it would be better to continue the chat here:
As an introduction to the comments I would like to first give a brief answer here:

There seem to be a lot of organisations jumping onto the bandwagon of the Nephilim. Whilst I was putting my report together I noticed David Icke (new age alien conspiracist) was leading a lot of people towards the idea that the World leaders were all from the Nephilim/Alien/dinosaur seed. As New Ageists like David Icke and other weird groups are preaching this, we should be very wary.  There are also many watchman who endorse Chuck Missler (because he is very insightful on many topics) but I have reservations because he also puts forward the Nephilim "mixed seed" teaching.

The reason I have reservations on the Nephilim seed topic is because of these questions: "is it important and is it helpful to know?", "how will it change our witness, faith and service to the Lord to know whether it is true or not?", "if it is satanic teaching, could it harm christians to get caught up in this whole thinking?", "is it mere speculation?". Note: scripture teaches us that we should not build doctrines (or conspiracy theories or systematic theology) just on mere speculations on a few isolated verses.

I take the position that if the scripture gives a clear message (on a specific subject) then we need to take it seriously. Of course we should take the WHOLE of the Bible seriously because all scripture is inspired by God. However, if a few isolated verses in scripture (difficult to understand on their own) speaks on a subject shrouded in mystery (because very little is spoken on it) then it is probably NOT vital for our salvation, faith and conduct and is certainly not enough to build a conspiracy theory on.  Also I take the stand that we should NEVER make a doctrine or presumption based on a few isolated verses of scripture if