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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Watchman Alert! Evidence That Andrew Strom Is Ecumenical and Probably Still Belongs to the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR)

The purpose of this report is to warn about Andrew Strom (who has a large following), giving evidence that he is STILL infected by NAR doctrine (aka as Latter rain) or is actually still secretly belonging to them and has ties with Rome. It is a warning because his teachings, visions etc are dangerous because they are mixed with much heresy. 

For more on NAR please click on this shortcut  The New Apostolic Reformation. Why We Should Be Concerned About It   Andrew says he has left NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) but his teachings, and over emphasis on reported visions, dreams, prophecies and desire to reintroduce apostolic ministry give the game away that he still belongs to it.

This is what I wrote to Andrew's article on:

"Any sort of ECUMENISM which effectively unites false Christianity into ONE whore organisation is the Whore mentioned in the Book of Revelation. The book of Revelation AND Paul both state “come out of her!!!!!!”
Any joining hands (in direct or indirect ways) with the counterfeit Roman church, which came out of Babylon religion, is to be rejected!!!
The reason that so many are now churchless is basically because of the influence of ecumenism, new age, mysticism, occultism etc etc on the evangelical church. We ARE trying to find a way of addressing this because we KNOW we need fellowship, but fellowship with what? Unity of true born again believers is not being questioned here. It is unity with false christianity that we dispute."

I also tried to reply to someone who asked me a question but Andrew kept deleting it. I wonder why?  This is what Andrew wrote: I leave a screenshot (in case it gets removed).

After he wrote this comment he banned me from commenting anymore. WHY? Has he got something to hide or afraid that he will be exposed.

I emailed Andrew to ask him why he would not publish my latest comments and why I was banned, but instead of answering my question appropriately he simply accused me of something untrue.

This was one of the comments of mine that Andrew removed:

“The reason I linked David Marsh to the manifest sons of God doctrine is because David said 'The Bride of Christ has also been called the Elijah Company, Gideon’s army and so forth but many are aware that God is going to bring forth this company of Christians – who will be empowered with a double portion of the Holy Spirit.'

Here is the link to his comment.

This vision is frequently used by the Latter Rain movement (aka NAR) by those like

Friday, 2 November 2012

New Frontiers ARE Ecumenically Joined To Rome. The Evidence.

This report (copied from the comments section within 
List Of (Probable) False Christian Leaders, False Christian Teachers and False Prophets (As Indicated By The Ecumenical or Heretical Organisations They Belong To) )

will show why the New Frontiers church movement is ecumenically joined to Rome by looking at some of its history, activities and associations.

 =        ?

Here is the history behind the New Frontiers Movement which shows why it is a dangerous group to be involved in.

Some time ago I read Terry Virgo’s blog. He did not and will not condemn false revivals like Todd Bentley’s so called Lakeland Revivals. Of course he wouldn’t because New Frontiers are actually on the frontline of these “experiential” revivals like Toronto. New Frontiers are attached to/are supporters of New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) who "organised" that false satanic event. NAR were previously known under various names including "Latter Rain". New Frontiers are co-workers with NAR.

This is a video of Chuck Pierce of New Apostolic Reformation, who works alongside C Peter Wagner.
This video illustrates how weird the NAR are becoming. It sounds so demonic.

Here is an excerpt (written before the Lakeland revival) regarding New Frontiers, to prove the point about them from:

“Branching out from their former isolation and tight doctrines, they have become ecumenistic, almost liberal, and are networking with every church group imaginable. The restoration fellowships, together with Elim Pentecostal fellowships, were in the forefront of the Toronto, Promise Keepers and Pensacola controversies, just as they had promoted the Kansas City Prophets earlier on.

Restoration teachings are responsible for infecting almost every branch of British church life, and their goal of full visible unity seems to draw nearer every year, as successive churches succumb to their influence.”

This link:
also gives the full history background behind the New Frontiers movement.

As I (myself) got drawn into them during the 1980′s and 1990′s I DO know that these things are TRUE. However, for now, let me start by asking some questions:

Does New Frontiers support any of the following: 

Monday, 25 June 2012

Chuck Missler. His Vatican, Ecumenical Associations and Other Apostasies Exposed

   =        ?

Edited 30 Jun 2012 (see edited section at the bottom of this article)

I cannot do better than simply to show this following link which says it all!

I also wrote (a number of times) to those who still endorse Chuck Missler  (like Moriel Ministries) but never at any time received any replies. That is actually odd, because I used to receive replies to my emails from them.

This is what I wrote:

Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Rising Of The New Inquisition. Joels (Locust) Army

Joels Locust Army

This blog has shown how the Evangelical Protestant church, which had always been centred on Biblical Christianity, has now been hijacked during the late 20th century by the Vatican through Catholic and Jesuit infiltration.

The links to those articles which discuss these things, can be found at the bottom of this article.

This blog has shown how the increase in momentum  of this infiltration seemed to coincide completely with the emergence of Israel as a Nation again. Very interesting is how replacement theology took centre stage from 1948 onwards - same year that Israel became a Nation again after almost 2000 years. I do not believe that that was a coincidence but as a response in opposition to the new nation. Possibly because the Vatican felt threatened in some way.  Israel being a Nation again especially flies in opposition to the Catholic Church's dominionistic agenda.

Anyway, so infiltration began via Latter Rain, Word of Faith and now through emerging church and New Calvinism. They are all reading from the same handbook which leads to the belief of a super church emerging through the belief that this super race can all become Jesus on Earth by becoming little gods. We are witnessing a joining together of all these groups into a united mission to take conquest for Christ globally.

My blog has shown how these groups have arisen and how the Vatican is behind it all in its Vatican II ecumenical mandate to bring all groups under submission to the Pope. 

Added section on 11 Dec 2014 (in blue)
To showcase this, here is another article written in Nov 2014: 

Rick Warren and Word of Faith's Full Apostasy Is Complete. Mystery Babylon Is Taking Even Greater Shape Before Our Eyes

This article will now show how a new Vatican Inquisition is starting to take shape through the Latter Rain's (aka New Apostolic Reformation) Manifest Sons of God, now known as JOELS ARMY and their NEW BREED. Effectively, this Joel's Army has all the same hallmarks that we saw with the Spanish Inquisition. Just as Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes "there is nothing new under the sun". The same tactics are used over and again at opportune moments in history.

I can do no better than show the following video which tells you everything you need to know about this very dangerous development within evangelical Christianity. Please do not be put off by the length of the video (2 hours) it is very watchable. I couldn't stop watching - it really got my attention. We ALL need to be aware of this very dangerous movement and  contend earnestly against it.

Here it is:

This video shows that the Latter Rain and its Joels Army focusses on the Bible's Book of Joel Chapter 1 and 2 which talks about the locusts. Anyone who reads those chapters honestly will see that it CANNOT be talking about the Christian church.  The book of Joel discusses the locusts as an ENEMY to the people of God. How on Earth do Latter Rain twist those chapters so violently and read things into the text that definitely are NOT there? Do they liken themselves as the enemies of God's kingdom? No they don't BUT the passages say that the locusts are exactly that. wooooow, I have never seen just decimation of scripture verses before.

As promised here are links to other articles in relation to this article. See below. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New Calvinism. Explaining And Exposing This Latest Ecumenical and Apostate Movement Which Is Taking The Church By Storm

I was asked to investigate what reformed theology teach. During my investigations on the subject, it led me to something much bigger than I imagined, opening up a massive "can of worms". I discovered   the newest fad which is taking Christianity by storm.

The last paradigm shift was the “emerging church” which was a call for Christians to return to vintage (Roman Catholic style) Christianity. NOW there is the NEW CALVINISM aka new reformation. What I read disturbs me a lot. Therefore, I feel led to write an article on my findings.

 New Calvinism is on the rise and taking the church by storm, especially amongst young believers (the future of the church).  This new movement is causing much concern for discerning Christians because of its ecumenical, worldly nature and because it embraces “dominion” theology.

At first glance it seemed to come out of the “seeker sensitive” movement because of its methodology of trying to appeal to the carnal nature of mankind. Therefore, I sensed it was vitally important to investigate this whole thing by seeking answers to the general questions I had, such as how everything fits together and how it fits into the ecumenical dominion apostate global scheme of things.

Introductory Information About The Dominionism and Ecumenism Of New Calvinism
For a background to this article (to get things into perspective) please reread my older article entitled:
"Why Dominion and Kingdom Now Theology Leads The Church Down The Same Road To Apostasy As Pursued By Rome" click here to read it

During my investigations I discovered another vital ingredient behind the “dominion” apostasy of the 20th-21st Century church.  My previous articles on the subject didn’t cover it because I was not previously aware of the dominionism (inspired by “a-millennial” theology and later “post-millennial”) behind Calvinism and the subsequent “reformed theology”.

From what I now understand, the New Calvinist movement has links with the New Apostolic Reformation both embracing Dominionism and both hold (generally) to a reformed theological position.

My previous article on “dominionism” showed how its history began within the Catholic church of the dark ages. I showed how Dominion theology was Catholic and those protestant/evangelical denominations/organisations who embrace its teachings are worldly or have been influenced or infiltrated by the Catholic Organisation through ecumenism in the form of disguised Jesuits and Illuminati/freemasons.

It has NOW come to my attention that new reformed theology also embraces the exact same things. This article will now demonstrate the evidence AND will show that new Calvinism is the same as old Calvinism BUT is much more dangerous and leads to a global ecumenically united, dominion apostate religion.

I used to think that Calvinism was harmless because it emphasised great truths like the eternal security of all “born-again” believers and emphasised salvation by grace and not by works and opposition to the paganised Catholic church and therefore would not embrace the ecumenism that this blog preaches against.

I think that most believers would think in this same way about Calvinism without knowing the actual truth and not realising that AT ITS ROOT Calvinism has ACTUALLY some very sinister elements to it.  Actually even most Calvinists do not know its “dark” background.  The “dark” background could all be explained by its extra biblical, allegorical “spiritualised” version of  the church and its “a-millennial” stance.

In fact any teaching, be it a-millennial or post-millennial, which preaches that Jesus will not return until the church reigns for a thousand years first (1000 years could be taken figuratively to mean a LONG period of time or a literal 1000 years) becomes part of the false/dangerous idea of “kingdom now” or “dominionistic” theology which teaches that the Church is responsible for setting up a global kingdom on Earth. This is the biggest concern behind the New Calvinists teaching – more so than the other reformed teachings which also contain unscriptural theology.

By understanding the background (I will try to describe it within this article) you will discover WHY New Calvinism embraces Dominionism and ecumenism?  In fact, could it be