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Showing posts with label Introduction To My Blogger and Ground Rules. Show all posts

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Blog Written From Heart Of Love and Compassion. Tough Love? A Response To Criticisms.

Edited 26 Jan 2011 (edited section in bold)

I write this article in response to a number of criticisms I have received saying that I do not show the love of Jesus in this blog and that my focus is on the smaller doctrines of the Bible and not the most important teachings. In response to these criticisms first read these following articles of mine:

Why Jesus Is The ONLY Way To Heaven and How To Be Saved

How To Be Truly Saved and Be Certain Of Going To Heaven

What Is Repentance?

Qualities Of True Biblical Leadership Compared To the False Teachers

We Are No Longer Under Law But Under Grace! What Does That Really Mean?

How To Handle False Teaching And Strange, Different Teachings

My Rapture and End Times Stance

(Read just the introduction to this article as it explains my stance that other teachings like loving one another are more important than our end times stance)

The Importance Of Combining Discernment With Love

Are Our Experiences More Important In Our Christian Faith Than knowing Him through His Word? 

My articles listed above should prove that I am very conscious NOT to miss the BIG stuff. From these articles you will see I try to keep a good balance and to NOT get sidetracked away from the Truth.  The main reason I have this blog and write the things I write, is because I have compassion for my brothers and sisters. I want us all

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Christian Protestant Denominations In 2010. Are They Now All Apostate? (Of Course Not). This Blog's Statement

I need to clarify the stance taken on this blog, regarding its views on todays Protestant Denominations. This is being done because the blog was questioned over its view of current denominations and believers.

It was claimed that the blog appeared to be dismissive of the millions of  born-again, evangelical, or bible-believing  christians who are members of denominational churches. They asked if I was suggesting that these were not "true" Christians and whether we were more "biblical" than them?

This (I know) is a sensitive issue and needs to be addressed,  in case many get unnecessarily discouraged in their faith, hurt or angry because of misunderstanding. I certainly do not want to give the wrong impression and encourage you to participate in this blog.

I will start this article by stating very emphatically that I am NOT saying that all denominational protestant churches (or all those believers within them) are not true Christians!  Note: Here is a more recent article (written 20 Feb 2013) regarding this subject:

Actually it is not the building or the denomination which makes it Christian but the people inside it. A denomination  and individuals show that they are a true church or believer if

Sunday, 1 August 2010

My Rapture and End Times Stance

First the sky recedes as a scroll to open the glory
 of heaven:      Revelation 6:12-16
making way for the rapture of believers in a 
twinkling of an eye:   Revelation 7:9

Edited 14th November 2014
Sorry, but I have had to completely revamp this article as it was confusing and contained many errors. I now have a much clearer understanding of the rapture, so have rewritten most of it, today.

Please also measure this article in relation to a newer article on this subject:

The purpose of this blog is (as has already been described on my introduction) to inform and edify believers regarding current watchman issues and not get caught up in speculating on what may or may not happen in the future re your interpretation of biblical eschatology (end times teachings).

If prophecies are being fulfilled in front of our own eyes and events are affecting us (here and now) in the present, then this blog may well inform about it and tackle the issues. However, I will not get into debates trying to uphold my own personal stance (which I believe is the one which makes most sense according to the scriptures) because I believe it is fruitless for 3 major reasons:

1) the scriptures teach us to focus on what we should be doing "now" and not on "vain speculations"

2) these discussions produce strife and heated arguments. Paul told Timothy that God's servant should not be like that

3) I need to guard the time (that God gives me) to be focussed on the purpose of this blog, not get sidetracked by long discussions "proving" my point on subjects not so vital for our Christian lives NOW.

Though this blog will mention eschatology occasionally at times because an article may need to refer to it, it does not intend to get into debate over THAT issue but try to stick to the point of the article in question. Paul told Timothy that leaders should not get caught up in controversial teachings.

Yes, this blog will definitely contend for the faith over vital teachings but some teachings are not so vital and it certainly should not interfere with our unity. My stance is always "let's focus on preaching the good news, imploring people to be reconciled to Christ, rather than getting too caught up in the peripherals".

Our response should be the same whether pre tribulation, mid or post etc, is to be ready and doing the work of the kingdom (preaching the gospel, discipling, worshipping, watching and praying, exposing heresy of fundamental truth, upholding the Bible as the inspired Word of God, being obedient to God and living holy lives dedicated to Jesus).

The main teaching which is applicable to every Christian and is fundamental to our faith is that Jesus WILL return and deliver us all from evil once and for all time to live in His glorious kingdom forever. Hallelujah!!! However, having said all these things, I will (on this post only) give you my present stance on the Rapture and End Times and Why (so that you will not need to wonder where I stand on it) which is:

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Disclaimer And Why

As unbelievers or those of other religions may (from time to time) stumble in here,  it is time for me to clarify the purpose of this site and to write a disclaimer, which includes who it is for and its intentions, so that (hopefully) there will be no cause for angst or confusion.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Further Information About The Purpose Of This Blog

The reason I set up my blog was mostly for the purpose as stated on the heading (mission statement) of my blog; ie, to be informative etc,  "keep" to the point,  not get side-tracked,  nor publish anything conflicting to these purposes, trying not to confuse the readers.

Please bear in mind that the main aim of this blog is NOT to be conversationary (although I am happy to get into edifying conversation) but to equip and inform and edify. However, if anyone has something to share which helps improve the information and is complementary (and complimentary) of the Mission Statement, I am happy to publish it.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Last Days Watchman Introduction (and Ground Rules Of This Blog) Revised 6th Mar 2010

Hi everybody. I  have been developing this blog since my commencement at the end of January 2010.  At the moment this is still in its early stages. I am learning as I go along.

I am hoping that this will develop into something greatly used by God. I am unsure how much time I will be able to give to it in the future, but if God blesses it, I know He will give me the time. 

The reason I have introduced this is because I want to inform, equip, encourage and bless as many people as possible and in so doing hopefully extend my circle of Christian contacts, who can also forward my various articles and this blogsite to their contacts. I hope also to use this site to share truth and information with unbelievers who may stumble onto the site.

I would like to say (at the very outset) that  

An Attempt To Connect Local Believers Together (who use this website) Who Are Hungry For True Biblical Fellowship as opposed to False Fellowship Within the Ecumenical Groups

New venture commenced 5th March 2010
Christian fellowships which preach unaldulterated Biblical teaching (without mixed in leaven) and do not entertain false unity via the compromising ecumenical movement, is hard to find in these days. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find/have REAL Christian fellowship, anymore. It seems that something needs to be done (differently) in order for true believers to fellowship together.

Please do not leave your comments on this article, but (for consistency purposes) please leave your comments on these articles to (please click): 

What True Biblical Fellowship is and Why It is Vital We Live It, In These Last Days 

These above links have been used for fellowship type comments (already), so makes sense to continue them on, there. The purpose of these articles is so that we can find like-minded believers in our local areas to fellowship with. Please feel free to connect with each other within those links.

Let's see how this develops. Hopefully I will become inundated with replies. However, it may or may not become out of control. We will have to see, but I am willing to test it out.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Last Days Watchman Introduction

This has been revised on 6th March 2010. Please look at the revised article.