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Saturday, 6 March 2010

An Attempt To Connect Local Believers Together (who use this website) Who Are Hungry For True Biblical Fellowship as opposed to False Fellowship Within the Ecumenical Groups

New venture commenced 5th March 2010
Christian fellowships which preach unaldulterated Biblical teaching (without mixed in leaven) and do not entertain false unity via the compromising ecumenical movement, is hard to find in these days. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find/have REAL Christian fellowship, anymore. It seems that something needs to be done (differently) in order for true believers to fellowship together.

Please do not leave your comments on this article, but (for consistency purposes) please leave your comments on these articles to (please click): 

What True Biblical Fellowship is and Why It is Vital We Live It, In These Last Days 

These above links have been used for fellowship type comments (already), so makes sense to continue them on, there. The purpose of these articles is so that we can find like-minded believers in our local areas to fellowship with. Please feel free to connect with each other within those links.

Let's see how this develops. Hopefully I will become inundated with replies. However, it may or may not become out of control. We will have to see, but I am willing to test it out.

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