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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Connecting True Biblical Christians Together In Fellowship

Addition 2nd April 2011 (just this first paragraph)
Please click on this shortcut link  Last Days Bible Inspired Christian Fellowship. New Venture Launched   It is an article pointing to a new venture commenced 1st April 2011 hoping to create strong fellowships internationally, capable of facing the persecutions and deceptions of these last days.

Older Article:
New venture 
Christian fellowships which preach unaldulterated Biblical teaching (without mixed in leaven) and do not entertain false unity via the compromising ecumenical movement, is hard to find in these days. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find/have REAL Christian fellowship, anymore. It seems that something needs to be done (differently) in order for true believers to fellowship together.

Please see the following article which discusses what real fellowship is and also contains fellowship related comments:
What True Biblical Fellowship is and Why It is Vital We Live It, In These Last Days 

The aim here is to connect struggling believers together in much needed biblical fellowship within their own locations, so that we can build each other up during these last apostate days before Jesus returns. Please feel free to connect with each others within these links. 

Let's see how this develops. Hopefully I will become inundated with replies. However, it may or may not become out of control. We will have to see, but I am willing to test it out. 


Tony Cox said...


Thanks again for posting this and what you have tried to do in the past. I am a struggling believer - struggling in that I feel the Lord's presence so strongly - yet I am constantly racked with disappointment in myself that I should be doing so much more for his cause and fellowship is definitely one of them, I am just so afraid of the false doctrine that has infiltrated the church, and I know this is going on all over the world, but it is really running rampant here in the US.

Although I have never met you, I do feel as though you and some that I read on Shofar have connected me in a positive way and I am very thankful for that.

John Chingford said...

It is good that you feel you should be doing more. That is a good sign that you want to please the Lord.

You know what the Lord said about those who are lukewarm. To those who had lost their first love etc. Those who had lost an interest in serving God. If your heart is crying out to serve God more then it means you are in right relationship.

But remember that "unless the Lord builds the house they labour in vain that try to build it". We have been called to abide in the vine. Jesus said that unless we abide in Him we can do nothing.

Within each one of us who loves God is a desire to "do something" to be "busy" in the kingdom. But the best thing we can do is wait upon Him, rest in His presence, pray/intercede, study His Word and as the Holy Spirit prompts us move in obedience but NOT in our own strengths. This is surely what it means to "walk in the Spirit".

I myself get frustrated because I want to do more than I do. I also feel that I am not doing enough, but I need to remind myself that without Him I can do nothing, but I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

In other words, if the Lord calls me out I know that I can do it because He will strengthen me, but if He doesn't call me I will fail.

It is so difficult these days to witness because of how our so called brethren have really messed up the kingdom. What church do we invite our friends to? Where will they hear the truth? If they become saved, how will they grow, unless we are able to disciple them.

Also, if we offend people whilst witnessing they can now report us to the police. So, we need to be so much wiser (these days) in who we witness to.

This is why we need to start setting up real Christian communities where we can really fellowship and encourage one another.

By the way, it seems to me that you know the scriptures pretty well. That is all it takes to recognise false teaching when it comes and be strong enough to make a stand there.

There is no need to be afraid of false teaching - we just do not submit to false leaders but we can expose it, whilst attending. Hopefully the Lord will use us to open eyes of some in the church and then we have people we can truly fellowship with.

Maybe we can view the local church as a mission field the Lord wants us in. Before that happens we need to be sure that the Lord wants us there.

The apostle Paul spent at least 3 years in the wilderness having to reassess his beliefs, probably studying much, learning from God, being prepared by the Holy Spirit, getting to know God more etc before he committed to the other believers.

So I guess it is alright to spend time outside the church for a little while learning directly from the Lord through the scriptures.

However, we are not Paul and probably do not have the same anointing he had, so we could be vulnerable and be deceived by satan into misinterpreting the scriptures if we spend too much time alone, so we do need each other. Therefore, it is good to test things out on these blogsites with other stronger believers in the meanwhile.

Roma said...

I also posted on today's blog posting. Tony I saw your posts on another google blog and wanted to encourage you to remain true to the written scriptures and not be led astray. We are in perilous times for sure. Continue to focus on Jesus and the word and know that our Father sees all the things we do, small or big. He determines the worth, OK????

Wary said...

John and Tony
Your reply to this comment is correct. In addition, to want to be active and doing comes from the human need to be in control imo.

Above all we need to really grasp the truth and fact that God is in control, not us. He wants us to walk by FAITH in what He tells us in His Word. e.g. when we feel alone, we must recognise this is human 'feelings' based upon experience. Yet in His Word, Jesus said 'I will never leave you ---" So do we believe our feelings or do we put our faith in what God's Word (Jesus) has said?

Ephesians speaks of 'sit, walk and stand'. I think men find this more difficult than women because of their position in God's will. The story of Martha and Mary explains what The Lord prefers from us. Work has its place but like Martha, we can occupy with too much serving becoming jittery and anxious. Mary had done what was required of her physically, now she wants to just sit and absorb everything Jesus wants to say. Jesus approves of this and is delighted by her desire to sit at His feet to listen and learn.

The time to work will come, when Jesus has properly equiped us in our quiet times of sitting with our Bible, adoring Him right from our hearts, not just lip service. When we need to stand and walk in the service He gives, we will be ready - then having done all - to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord in any given circumstance.

When we are struggling, it is usually because we have moved from faith to sight. It is also evidence of being ‘hot’, not the ‘lukewarm’ that makes The Lord feel sick. Use that heat to spend quality time studying while praying over The Word (remember Jesus IS The Word which is living and life-giving, and not just ink on paper like other books).

God bless you both, men of God are in short supply these dark days.

Love in Jesus

Tony Cox said...


Thank you for your words of encouragement and God Bless you!

I am amazed this morning - I live in the Wilmington, DE - Philadelphia, PA are of the US with population of 6-7 million people, and I am finding the true spirit of fellowship from people I have never met, whose faces I have never seen.

John - once again - I thank the Lord for connecting me to your site - you and your contributors are enriching my life. AWESOME!!

John Chingford said...

Bless you Wary

Wise words from a woman who knows her Lord.

Andrew Bowman said...

I have to say that this sort of thing leaves me feeling a bit cold. Why? Because it is totally dismissive of the millions of Christians (I could prefix that with born-again, evangelical, or bible-believing if you're in doubt)like myself who are members of denominational churches. Are you saying that we are not "true" christians? Are you saying that you are more "biblical" than us?

Your post of March 10th began with the phrase "Christian fellowships which preach unadulterated Biblical teaching (without mixed in leaven)...". Are you suggesting that the independent churches that you seem to favor are flawless in doctrine and the people who preach in them have perfect theology? I'd love to meet some of them if that is your view!

Just as an example, at least two of the websites you link to are strongly dispensationalist. There are plenty of christians who regard dispensationalism as a false teaching. David Pawson is one well-known and highly-regarded bible teacher who does not agree with it. Can you say with certainty that he is wrong and the dispensationalists are right?

What I am basically saying is that we all need a healthy dose of humility, which is a completely biblical concept. There is a range of different possible interpretations of the Bible and it's not always possible to say which is correct. (And I'm not denying that there are plenty of things in today's church that are definitely unbiblical). So please be more accepting of others that don't share all your views, including those who belong to denominational churches. To me, what a particular local church does (including the content of the preaching) is far more important than whether the name on the noticeboard includes that of a denominational body.

I trust that I've expressed myself graciously and I hope you'll feel able to approve this comment for publication.

John Chingford said...

Hi Andrew

Welcome to my blog.

I have published your comment because you raise some very important points which need to be addressed.

Either I did not make myself clear enough or you have not read other posts which clarify my position. To avoid getting into a debate may I suggest you read my posts within the ecumenical labels or errors of experiential Christianity label.

Basically I am encouraging believers to get into the Word rather than follow leaders or experiences. My post on how to be saved shows what I believe is a truly born-again believer, which is based on what the Bible tells us.

I am not saying that denominational churches are not Christian. They show that they are truly believers if they base their life on Jesus as revealed in scripture and their basis of life is on the unadulterated Word of God, not on experiences.

However, if they join themselves to the unChristian Catholic church (which bases its salvation on works) in the ecumenical movement, I have to question their relationship with the God of the Bible who says "do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers.....what fellowship is there light with darkness".

If you say that your church bases everything it does on the Word of God and does not water down the Bible by making the Bible "relevant" or quote on "the message" then I will probably welcome that church (as I stated in my profile). If you base your own life the same way, then I also welcome you as my brother.

Really, I do not make an issue on various interpretations (like dispensationalism) as long as these interpretations are not on the major issues of our salvation and do not deny the Lord or ashame the God of our salvation.

Regarding my links. These are my links because I find that they give a wealth of good information. It does not mean I agree with them on everything. In fact I do not, but I focus on the areas I can agree with them.

As Paul said "I know in part" so I dare not say that I have got everything right - I don't, but I am willing to learn and adjust my interpretations as/when I am shown to be wrong.

There is much about David Pawson I love and respect and use his teachings, but there are some areas I find do not make sense in the light of other scriptures, so I need to put to one side for now. However, I regard him as my brother in Christ because he loves and serves my Jesus with a sincere heart basing his life on the Word of God.

The purpose of my blog is to expose the "false" ie those who DO not follow the "whole" counsel of God but pick and choose only the parts they like. Too many churches and Christians do this. These churches will accept almost anything for the sake of experience or church growth. It is all of man and very little of God.

Churches that (at their very heart) serve God truthfully and follow truth and love for God, I applaud.

Paul stated that if the Galatians accept the false teaching they will be accepting leaven and this leaven would work its way right into the very heart of the church and destroy it. Jesus warned us about the "leaven" ie false teaching and hypocrisy of the pharisees.

So if our churches preach this false stuff it needs to be exposed and rooted out before the church becomes useless.

If you read most of my posts you will see this thread of warning running through the entire site.

Wary said...

A huge 'amen' regarding your response to Andrew B.

Today I spoke with a lady even older than me!!! Her local CofE vicar, trusts her to check him in case of error. Although concerned with the appointments of women and homosexual priests etc,etc, strive valiantly to keep teaching the whole council of God in its entirety. They both know things are unbalanced but endeavour to keep THE Gospel light burning.

EVERY church in my vicinity is apostate with one thing and another. Yet within their walls I know believers struggling in the same way as my friend to maintain THE Truth.

Personally I believe we are told to 'come apart'from error, my concience will permit no compromise, but I do know there are a few - only a few, in leadership positions who have not bowed the knee to Baal and are keeping THE faith. It is a sobering thought that all the countries we sent missionaries to preach The Word, are now sending missionaries back to re-evangelise 'dark age' Britain. Sigh.
Every blessing from Sue

John Chingford said...

I have cut/copied the following 5 comments from the post entitled "Answers In Genesis Cautious Report re Alleged Noah's Ark Finding" as it is more appropriate here.

On that post I have now explained why I feel it is more appropriate to transfer and continue the chats here.

Son Of Thunder said...

John. We "Yanks" are little "off" anyway. Just ask EI. We're always in contact.

How're you doing EI?

Tony Cox said...

5:49 PM, May 08, 2010

Do you mind if I ask what part of the States you are from?

Just looking for like minded people over here - I am from the Philadelphia, PA area. It's a long shot - but I had to try.

Expected Imminently said...

10:22 PM, May 08, 2010

Ah it is you Son of Thunder! Great to see you here. :D

John, our US cousin is well grounded in the Word and has a great sense of humour, with his compatriots he loves to 'pull my leg'. They give me a good chuckle, yet at the same time have been welcoming, an encouragement and warmly responsive to my posts on the Christ in Prophecy Journal. They are an ACE bunch!

'Infidel' is typical, of US humour, a lot of 'tongue in cheek' and an unusual way to witness imo.

God bless you both.
Sue (Wary EI)

Son Of Thunder said...

11:07 PM, May 08, 2010

Thank you, EI.

Tony, I'm from just north of Louisville, KY in a town called Charlestown, IN. Good to meet you.

You need to come over to the Lamb and Lion blog ( where you will find many like-minded people from around the world.

Sorry for the shameless plug, John.

John Chingford said...

5:23 AM, May 10, 2010

That's okay SOT. It is okay as long as you reciprocate and encourage your subscribers to visit my site too (lol, joking).

You will see from this post/label that I am trying to help true born-again believers (who are not deceived by the apostate stuff going on) to find each other for true fellowship.

So all visitors, please feel free to chat here and use this method to try to connect with each other.

Let us work together in serving and glorifying our Lord Jesus.

God bless you, my brother.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello Tony Cox

I know what it feels like to be cut off from one’s own country men! Until John began this blog, there had been little to no personal response from the very rare UK sites, so virtually all my encouragement has come from the US!

Nathan Jones is the really kind web pastor on the Lamb and Lion site. It’s called ‘The Christ in Prophecy Journal’ at

Don’t worry if you don’t agree, someone like Son of Thunder will be glad to ‘talk’ to you, as will I; but I am sure you will find plenty of stuff to interest you in Dr. Reagan’s ‘Lamplighter’ magazine for example.

They also enjoy a Facebook which I am too nervous to try and join as I am not very clever with the pc. I feel confident that it will open up doors to fellowship in your own area as people post from all over the world!
God bless

Tony Cox said...

Expected Imminently and SOT:

Thank you so much for your responses - it is very encouraging. Since I came on to John's blog, I have honestly felt more connected with believers here, than in my own backyard - it is an amazing feeling to realize that connection with people you have never laid your eyes upon.

I have never met John and only discovered this a few months ago, but, through his posts and encouraging responses to my personal emails, I consider him a friend and true brother in Christ -I look forward to sharing with you in the future.

God Bless

Tony Cox said...

Sue - John,

Thanks for the feedback on the Nicky Gumbel/Alpha post. This comment also appears there.

I tried to share John's latest piece on Alpha with my friend, and she stated she just was not interested and it did not matter to her as she was already done the course and does not really know anyone currently associated with it.

I then explained that - she should still take a look at it, and that I was not "coming down on her" for taking it sometime ago, that was in the past and she should know the truth going forward, so that in the event she run across someone interested, or planning on taking the course she will have information to give them.

I further explained that I do not know anyone other than her who have taken the course, but I still wanted to know the truth about it so that I may warn others of the dangers it presents when an applicable situation arises.

I also stressed the point that Jesus spoke of deception within the church in the last days 4 times more than anything else (I believe that is correct, I may be mistaken) when He spoke on the subject. She then told me that those of us who seem to be so "zealous" with our critique of such issues, would be the very ones to crucify Him again if He returned to Earth, hypothetically speaking.

Unbelievable!!! I share this with you all, because it it heartbreaking and deeply saddening to me that I would be viewed in such a manner. It also confuses me, in that maybe I am not doing this the right way. I have what I feel to be a conviction that runs very deep about alerting others of the apostasy we face in these last days (among many other things), but I must admit that I doubt myself in that maybe I am not meant to do this, as I seem to be made to feel as "the bad guy" or "the negative one" by others.

John Chingford said...

Hi Tony

remember it was those of the same Judaic faith that persecuted the prophets etc etc. I believe when the scriptures talk about our persecution (in the last days) it will be mostly from the religious or even from "Christians" who only "hold" to a FORM of godliness.

This attitude is to be expected and is my experience also. They say that we are like the religious Jews who killed Jesus. They say that the scribes and Pharisees were so stringent in the scriptures that were unable to accept Messiah when He came.

What utter nonsense! They couldn't recognise Messiah because they couldn't see "the forest for trees".

We are the ones who take a step back so that we CAN see the forest - the whole picture. These hypocrites are so caught up in the forest of "experiences" etc that they do not study the scriptures anymore. Therefore, they are unable to take a step back (using the scriptures to check things out) for the "whole picture".

Expected Imminently said...

How well I understand how you feel; been there, done that many times over many years – decades.

What I know from the Lord about this is based upon what He said to Jeremiah and Ezekiel. The Lord wants us to proclaim the truth whether they hear or not. We naturally want an instant favourable reaction, but in my experience it is a rare occurrence. Because one sows and the other water’s, it is only The Holy Spirit that can give the increase.

When the farmer sows the grain, he has to wait for a long time before he can see a loaf of bread sat on the tea table. Likewise, when we sow Truth, it is up to The Holy Spirit to follow through, and produce the ‘bread’.

I think of it akin to programming a computer, a PC can only respond to what has been ‘fed’ into it, it cannot determine facts for itself just like the lost. At various times, The Holy Spirit knows exactly which ‘key’s to type’ to get a response after a person has been fed seeds of Truth. We can only hope to one day see the benefits of our faithful witness, but there is no guarantee. It may be that other’s The Holy Spirit quickens to feed or water the seed you sowed, MAY see the fruit – or not. Usually we have no feedback and will not know the final outcome until the end of the harvest.

Tony, ‘gird up your loins’, and keep sowing The Truth while trusting The Lord with His job (not yours) of reproducing from what you have sown in faith. It is God’s Word you are scattering, and it is full of Life and vitality, while God stands over His Word to perform it.

Keep The Faith my brother, and be very courageous and not doubting while praying that The Lord will open the eyes of your friend’s understanding and bring her to repentance.
God bless you in this God given task.

1Cor.3:6-9. Ezek.2:1-10. Ezek.3:4-11. Jer.1:4-10; 17-19.

Anonymous-Hebrews said...

Hello, I came across your website, because I was trying to look up information on the "book of Enoch" because I just threw it out about two days ago (I prayed for God to let me know about any cursed objects in my room, and home, and it seems to be one of the last ones "I hope")

Well I had not read it for many months, and after I picked it up, I started getting really tempted. Finally I realized it had to be that book. I got saved about a week to a week and a half ago. I'm still very immature, and seem to have trouble being able to effectively preach the Gospel.

I tried today when I went up to the bank, and tried to speak to one of the secretaries, and asked them if they knew what the true gospel was.

They said yeah, and I tried explaining a little more. And they agreed with me, after that I left, as I was not sure what to do. I went out to my truck and about cried, because I felt I failed, which I know we do, and will, because were all sinners, and I can relate to what Paul said in I Timothy 1:15.

At this point in time, I don't know if I can even do the work of taking the Gospel, still young in Christ and the scriptures, and the times were living in make it all the more shortening. I know Jesus talked about a time when darkness will come, when no man can work.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ though were saved by grace through faith, rather than works! Still I desire to take the gospel to who I can. Though so far I have only spoken to two people, one within my town, and another just a few miles up the road at another small town.

I live in a very small town, population under 500. And most towns around us are small, and all the churches around us are either not doing services, dead, or apostate. I would say maybe 1-2 churches even gather, and I'm not sure about one of them.

If anyone lives in western Missouri, about 50 miles or so south of it, let me know. If your a born again believer who wants to have fellowship, because I simply can't find any. Also I would strongly say that you should use the King James Authorized Version.

It is the TRUE and divinely inspired word of God. Why do I believe this? read Psalm 12:6 in the King James, it was the seventh English bible to be made. The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all, Amen. Anonymous-Hebrews 10:31/12:28-29

John Chingford said...

Hi everyone
Hi Anonymous-Hebrews

I have transferred the above comment by Anon Heb to hear from:

because the continuation of this chat is more appropriate here.

John Chingford said...

Hi Anonymous-Hebrews

I am so encouraged to have heard from you. Welcome into God's family. Praise God that He has put that evangelical fervour and desire within your heart. That is always a good sign and evidence that someone has been truly born-again.

It is good for you to want to reach out to the lost, but always bear in mind that you are a representative for Christ, an ambassador, a mouthpiece, but YOU CANNOT save people or convince them. Jesus said "the Holy Spirit will convince and convict the world concerning righteousness, sin and judgement". Your job is simply pass on the message and then pray that God will convict and convince them that they need to repent.

Our job is to pass on the message in a loving, gentle, compassionate and peaceful way (but with the authority of His Word, which are spirit and life to the soul) leaving room for God to work through His Holy Spirit.

It is important for young believers to spend more time alone with God praying and reading/studying His Word in order to hone in on how God wants you to reach out.

Bear in mind that the greatest evangelist ever, the apostle Paul had to hold back his automatic desire to preach at the beginning and went into the desert for 3 years before he was ready to evangelise properly. Although he still preached in small measure at the beginning.

So don't get too anxious about evangelising. Seek God, learn to know Him through the Bible and prayer. In so doing he will strengthen you and empower you, giving you more equipment to be more effective later.

If you want to speak to me privately on any issue, please email me direct to my personal email (using your own email address) and I will chat with you there.

God bless

4 Love Of the Truth said...

Nice Blog with true fellowship to be found here. Keep up the good work in His name

Regi M.Jose said...

Dear John,
Congrats for the good work you are doing. Your blog has been so informative and need of the hour indeed. I am a christian worker from India. I belong to a local church which is trying to live up to the Biblical standards by teaching sound doctrine, maintaining true fellowship, and involving in missions. In India we have less than 2 percent of the total population as Christians(Inclusice of all faiths)The number of true born again believers may be less than half of it. The saddest part is that even the so called evangelicals are now being carried away by 'different winds of doctrines'! Whatever new heresy comes up in the united states is immediately imported to India, and it has been a good pasture for many of the false prophets like Benny Hynn, Reinhard Bonkey, Peter Youngren, Joyce Meyer and many other prosperity preachers and cultists. I am ministering in a tribal area where some evanglising have been done by various charismatic groups. However, even their workers do not teach or preach from the Bible. They pray for healing and material blessings and do some excorcism. They are not even born again. I came into contact with some workers and we started an informal training program for them on a weekly basis. The fact that they are hardly literates, makes our task even more difficult. Your blog is really impressive and I was able to get a feel of the magnitude of apostacy and false teaching going on in U.S. which is imported to India and other third world countries without any delay. I am looking for fellowship with similar thinking Christians.

Regi M. Jose, Madhyapradesh, India

RomaLynn said...

Welcome here Regi, yes in the last days, much apostasy has grown even bigger and more wide spread. Stick to your bible, the only safe book for any of us. John has worked diligently to present truth here and we all try to follow his lead for sure. Again welcome, there is a time difference for us of course as we are all over the world posting, but thanks be to God he provided a way to connect.

John Chingford said...

Hi Regi

I am writing from the UK. The extent of apostasy is widespread here too. Actually I believe a lot of the apostasy spread from the UK.

It was the UK that gave the World the first great missionaries of truth and now (with USA) are spreading the apostasy.

I am so glad that you are finding this blog useful. Please forward this blog to all your contacts.

God bless

Anonymous said...

when i was a new believer
only scripture mattered,
and all i could ever think of
was God.
when I had more and more of church
other things vied for urgency
and prominence:
doctrine, sect, divisions,
self-righteousness, judgment,
quarrels, warfare,
cruelty and evil.
may I have God without the church?
like abraham, noah and the others
who walked with God,
talked with God,
worshipped God
without temples and priests?
or could anyone lead me to a church ---
is there a church ---
that accepts, loves and nurtures people
without turning them into bigots
and judges of fellowmen
and into front liners
in their religious wars?
when i followed God
I only wanted healing,
love and peace.
i could hardly find these
in organized, franchised
and incorporated religion.
The more religious I got,
the more lost I felt.

John Chingford said...

My register locating like minded believers who want to connect are as follows:

Newport South Wales

Wilmington de, Philadelphia:
Charlestown IN:
Western Missouri

As you can see, it is too small at present. However, if any readers of like mind are near to these locations, then please let me know and I will help connect you and add you to this list.