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Friday, 7 May 2010

Noah's Ark Found Or a Hoax?

I found an article on Keith Sinclair's post (about the probable finding of Noah's Ark) which was copied/pasted from a yahoo news article. I had thought it would fit in very well inside one of my labels as further evidence that the bible is totally reliable. However, as Christians we need to tell the truth "honestly" without fabricating things.  Note that the flood of Noah took place just under 4500 years ago according to the Biblical timescale (approx. 1650 years after the creation of Adam). The report said that experts using carbon-dating (which is not 100% reliable but fairly reliable over a shortish period of time - like a few thousand years) have dated this finding as 4800 years old!   Close enough in dates, but .......???
For more on this see this link which is "Answers In Genesis" (AiG) report on carbon dating:  How Carbon Dating Actually Prove Creation, A Young Earth and a Global Noah's Flood

Note: the organisation "AiG" are asking us to be very wary (at present). See my next post (on this shortcut)  Answers In Genesis Cautious Report re Alleged Noah's Ark Finding   which gives AIG's report. Also see the following very useful comments from readers.


Expected Imminently said...

Hello John
I have seen the video of the 'discovery'. imo The very deliberate movements of the people are 'staged'. The 'frost' looks like polystyrene beads used to stuff beanbags. If you move too quickly, the stuff floats about, so I think this is why the gloved hand hardly touches the stuff. There is one tiny bead that does behave exactly like polystyrene imo.

Also the timbers didn't look right. They looked sawn to me, not crudely hand chiseled such as Noah's would have done. I may be wrong, but I really think its a fake find.
Sue - Wary

Expected Imminently said...

Hello John

Are you aware that the late Ron Wyatt has been exposed as a fraud? He and his widow were/are 7th Day Adventists with an ‘agenda’.

Several sites who ran this story have now deleted them. This could be a scam to bring ridicule to the Christian communities who have accepted this elaborate fraud.

This latest ‘find’ involves Chinese who have allegedly defrauded Randall Price of a great deal of money granted toward the exhibition. Dr. Randall Price’s statement and communications with the Chinese can be read here.

Sue (Wary)

son of thunder said...

EI, I agree with everything you wrote except for the chiseling thing: the saw is a very old tool. But, to me, it looks faked.

Expected Imminently said...

Son of Thunder

I stand corrected! I had assumed they split the timbers using a wedge and mallet.
I live - and I learn!

I notice that Sean Osbourne has now removed his post on the ark on his Eschatology Today site.

I am so pleased to see you here; rg has also paid a visit!
Big hug