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Friday 22 October 2010

Letter From Jacob Prasch Revealing Some Truth About Palestine and Israel and What Is Really Going On

Updated and Edited 31 Oct 2010
This is an urgent article from Jacob Prasch. He has asked to get it distributed as widely as possible. It is a rebuttal letter replying to an anti Israel news report from a Baptist Minister.  It contains the actual TRUTH of  what is really happening in Israel as opposed to this anti Israel untrue bias. This anti Israel bias designed to build up hatred of Israel and anti-semitism comes from those who believe God has finished with Israel (as a Nation) and need to justify this belief by propagating untruths about Israel and the mistreating of Palestinians. This letter highlights that this anti Israel propaganda  is untrue, unjust and unfair. 

The article JJP was commenting on can be found at  Please also read this following article of mine by clicking within this shortcut link  Present Day Israel Is A Nation Of Miracles, Created By God. The Overwhelming Facts!  which gives overwhelming evidence that God TRULY has not finished with Israel and the Jewish People.

Addition:    Just a note about Jacob Prasch for my new readers
I know that some people have issues over Jacob. I for one also have some concerns about his approach and some of the things he says, but the reason I (at present) still endorse him is because he is a wealth of information and (although he may seem to be quite aggressive sometimes) he actually has his heart in the right place as many can confirm and although he may show some signs of naivity at times, he means well (as far as I can tell) by zealously trying to expose the darkness of apostasy which is presently engulfing the Christian church.

Anyway, this is what Jacob wrote:
"Dear Sir(s),
I direct a Christian missions and evangelistic ministry operating in several countries including Israel among both Arabs and Jews.

This past week our Bible shop and coffee bar outreach to the Arab community in Galilee was attacked by Islamic terrorists with stun grenades, injuring   
one of our staff, Tino, an Arab Christian brother. Our work in The West Bank is directed by another Arab Christian brother, Pastor Najeeb, who has a family, but of whom, we recently learned,has a Fatwa (an Islamic religious death order) placed on him for evangelising Moslems.

We have witnessed Hamas closing down the Christian book shops in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, and a Christian TV station in Bethlehem last April, all of which the Israeli authorities allowed to operate. We are therefore confused by the Awad article lauding the friendship between Arab Moslems and Christians.

As with a number of Arab Christians, including ex Palestinian Arab terrorist turned to Christ Walid Shoebat, Salem Khaleem, Masoub Yosef (son of the founder of Hamas who is now a Christian), Joseph Fara, and a host of Arab Baptist pastors such as Yosef Oudi from Kfar Yosef and Shmuel Rin Said, we join with these Arab brethren in thanking God for Israel, the Israeli government, the Israeli army, and the Israeli police because without them our Arab brothers, evangelists & missionaries and their converts would be dead.

With nearly all of the Evangelical pastors martyred in Iran, the New Testament and churches illegal in Saudi Arabia, 3.4 million Christians exterminated in open genocide in Sudan in the last 14 years, and brethren in prison in even moderate Islamic countries such as Egypt and Jordan only for the crime of becoming Christians, we indeed thank God for the one country in the Middle East that protects the human rights and religious freedom of our Arab brethren in Christ, and that country is Jewish Israel. Ironically, this one nation in the Near East giving freedom to Arab Christians is the one kicked in the teeth in the highly biased article you published, with the false allegation of an ethnic cleansing perpetrated by Israel against Arab Christians. It was rather Israelwho absorbed the Christian refugees from southern Lebanon when they were driven out of their homes by Islamic Hizbollah. Why don't you print the truth instead of such revisionist propaganda not befitting the Name of Christ?

Not to offend him personally, but I debated Alex Awad in the UK on TV several months ago (the debate is still on You Tube) and, as you can witness for yourself, he is an exegetical incompetent who was unable to present any academically credible arguments theologically for his supercessionist position. How can he teach students at Bethlehem Bible College what he clearly does not know himself? That institution is a front for one sided political pseudo-theology and your visiting lecturer from Stirling Baptist church won't help it.

By definition, an indigenous people group cannot be called an occupying presence. An Apache cannot occupy Arizona, nor a Maori occupy New Zealand.

How then can a Jew occupy Jerusalem, Bethlehem, or Jericho when independent of scripture archaeology proves categorically that they are indigenous?

Even if you choose to ignore the prophetic teaching of Jesus on a national restoration of Israel to Jerusalem (Luke 21:24, Matthew 23:38-39, Zachariah 12:1-10 etc.), should you not, as a Christian publication, at least address historical fact allowing both sides of an issue to be put across and exercise the fairness and integrity to allow a responsive article to be published (Proverbs 18: 17) ?

In 1968, Yasser Arafat called Jordan Palestine and in 1970, King Hussein of Jordan called Jordan Palestine (as did the UN, the League of Nations, and the British government up until 1948). During the British Mandate HM, the Jews of that region were called Palestinians – 30,000 of them serving as volunteers in the British Palestine Legion under Montgomery. From where, please, does your article get its Palestine? Until 1967, West Bank Arabs called themselves Jordanians, and from 1948 until 1967, the West Bank & East Jerusalem, plus Gaza, were in the hands of Arab Moslems. If they wanted a second Palestinian state in addition to Jordan, why did they not simply create one when they had nearly 20 years to freely do so?

According to the World Health Organization of the UN, in everything from reduced infant mortality to decreased unemployment to increased longevitythe standard of living of West Bank Arabs increased 320% under the Israelis and 370% in Gaza. I lived in there, we operate there and the article you publish does not tell your readers the truth. Christ does not want Christians to do this.

Your article states fallacies as fact while ignoring the true plight of persecuted Arab Christians. Do common sense as well as fairness and Christian principle not demand that both points of view be comprehensively presented?

Sincerely In Christ,

JJ Prasch (Rev)
Director of Moriel Missions"


Expected Imminently said...

Hi John
I am glad to see you have also passed this message on.

I have written to the email address given on Shofar, but it won't send. I have asked Bob to try and confirm the email address.

This is what I am trying to send to the Baptist Mission.

Dear bro / sister

Re: Recent Alex Awad Article on 'Christians in Palestine'

I am writing to give my whole hearted support of Rev. Jacob Prasch regarding the incredibly inaccurate portrayal of the tragic Israel/Palestine situation.

To say I am shocked by the appalling misrepresentation of the truth, aided and abetted by the Baptist Mission, is as big an understatement that I can make. I feel sorrowful and grieved that Christians can take a part in perpetuating this wicked falsehood. It has been said that if a lie is repeated often enough, it will be believed to be the truth. This blatant, ‘re-writing’ of the history of ‘Palestine’, is one such extremely venomous oft repeated lie.

A competent lady journalist set out to write about the ‘civil rights’ and general abuse of the so called ‘Palestinians’ who had allegedly be kicked out of ‘their’ ancient land by ‘invading Jews’. Her resulting research into official documents from the British mandate, grew from an article, into a book as this lady was staggered by the obvious deception being perpetrated by the PLO who made vain efforts to destroy what has become an exposure of their lies.

That book NEEDS to be read by all persons in the Baptist Mission and is readily available on line. “To understand the present, we need to understand the past”.

“From Time Immemorial – The Origins of the Arab-Jewish conflict over Palestine by Joan Peters.

Harper and Rowe; Perennial Library; Harper Torchbooks.

ISBN 0-9636242-0-2

Respectfully, your sister in Christ Jesus

Susan Jakeway (Mrs).

Unknown said...

Well done EI

Good work!

If only Christians would REALLY study the Bible with an unbiassed mind comparing scripture with scripture and be honest with themselves. For example, if only they would study Matthew 25:41-45 in context they will see that Jesus is talking to the Jews and it is referring to Israel in the LAST DAYS (probably after the rapture) and how people or Nations have treated the Jewish people. This is what it says:

"Then he will say to those on his left, 'Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.' "They also will answer, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?' "He will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.'"

Yes it can be applied to the way Christians are treated, but the full context of the passage when also compared with the whole Bible will show it is specifically referring To Israel during the Great Tribulation.

Those who perpetrate LIES about Israel are actually lying against God and mistreating HIM. Those who do such things SURELY??? cannot love God who cherishes them. This attitude of so-called believers indicates that they are not acting in the Spirit of God, probably not truly born-again and therefore in danger of being considered a goat.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I have been lucky enough to hear Jacob in person, and not only is he a fantastic teacher but he is nothing like the harsh image that is regularly portrayed of him.

He was actually very gentle and kind and his genuine and sincere heart came across very strongly.

He loves Jesus and the body of Christ with his whole heart..I would stake my life on that fact.

He actually discussed this article at the talk I attended, and I am very glad that he wrote it.

Where are the other true ministers of the Lord lining up to do so?

God bless,

A sister in Christ.

Unknown said...

Thanks sister Anonymous

I agree with you. I have heard Jacob many times and have always gone away from his teachings being edified and challenged to do further Bible study on my own.

By hearing and seeing him face to face I can tell that he has a genuine heart for the truth and for the unsaved and deep concern about the apostate state of the church.

However, I need to check out something which has been brought to my attention. Someone showed me the following from this site:

It quotes:
"Moriels new Logo is now back to a seven candle menorah, sitting on an open book, which is on top of a hexagram. A second symbol is also used throughout the site, as part of the header. The second symbol, saved as a "christian symbol" is the seven candle menorah, above a double hexagram, to which a fish symbol is hanging. The idea is that this is a Christian symbol. However, only the seven candle menorah and a Bible, which we don't really know is what Moriel uses, can be classified as Christian. Jacob Prasch uses Talmudic and Kabbalistic writings for many of his doctrines.".

It is true that Moriel use the symbol they quote!

I will attempt to contact Jacob to find out what he has to say about it. In the meanwhile, does anybody have evidence that the other accusations brought against him are untrue?

It could be an area of ignorance by Jacob. Maybe he is unaware of the implication that logo raises.

Anyway, watch this space.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply John.

As far as I am aware Jacob uses midrash to illustrate the deep layering of the bible (in types and shadows)but not to form doctrine with..the midrash illustrates the biblical doctrine but never becomes the basis for it - he says this himself frequently.

As to the symbology, that I do not know.

Only once have I ever heard Jacob say something that I disagreed with - and even then possibly it was more an issue of style than content, either way I trust his sincerity very much, and I believe, as you say, he loves the body of Christ deeply.

I wish I could get such teaching every sunday,(not to denigrate my own church, it is just very different) so long may he continue.

God bless!

Expected Imminently said...

John regarding the Moriel 'symbol';Jacob has said something about this! From a vague memory, it is a very early Christian artefact found in an archaeological dig. He adopted it for Moriel.

Also, I have heard Jacob mention what Kabbalists say; that is quite different from quoting them as information or agreeing with them. Still, best to make sure and ask Jacob.

Also from memory, just the mention of Vicky Dillen sets my alarm bells ringing. She – who has a nasty nature, is best avoided.

I value Jacob tremendously, but cannot agree with him on some things, that’s normal and evidence I have my eyes on Jesus and His Word, not the man Jacob Prasch who is still a work in progress like the rest of us. Sue

Unknown said...

Hi EI,

Thanks again for your feedback. I suspected as much. I have now written to Jacob and have told him that I will publish his answer. So I will wait and see

Expected Imminently said...

Hello John

Just rememberd my parents bought me a gold pendant of what they thought was the 'star of David' (proper name is 'The Shield of David').

Then we discovered because the 'star' was inside a circle, this was actually a hexagram. In witchcraft they first draw a circle, then add the 'star'. So I gave it to charity for scrap value.

The 'Shield of David' is not portrayed inside a circle, it is just like Jacob's Moriel sign. All perfectly Kosher.

In any event, this is all a bit hysterical imo. I have in front of me a picture of a spring flowering bulb, a large 'Allium' designed by Jesus. Guess what, the tiny flowers form a six pointed star (hexagram), so it was The Lord's design in the first place - satan has to copy, he can't create.

Just to add to the above, my sons are VW fans and shape the W with one hand as a salute; one son made an error and formed the 'satanic' sign by mistake (on a wedding photo). He was mortified until we learned the very same sign is 'hello' in sign language for the deaf!

Vicky Dillen is the sort that 'strains at a gnat and swallows a camel'. Oh for goodness sake, get a grip Mz Dillen; The Lord is Sovereign, not the devil.


Unknown said...

I have received a reply from Carol Champion from Moriel Ministries. She points me to a site which she says answers the accusations. it is:

The answers can be found within the section entitled: The false Maccabees, Ruckmanites, Constance Cumby, and the Cyber-cult

It is too long and would look messy and harder to read if I paste it here, so I leave webpage address as it will probably be easier to read from there

I have looked through quickly what was written. Although (I think)it answers the accusations I am a bit concerned in the way it is presented.

I would value your feedback

Expected Imminently said...


I have stayed up and finally re-read the Moriel article.

I have no problem at all with the presentation. The style is direct, factual, and deals firmly with what was going on in the Church at that rather unpleasant time.

You have your own particular style which I agree is not like Jacobs. You like to adapt the articles sent into you to suit 'your style'. For what you are trying to acheive, there is no real harm done, but 'your way' is not necessarily the right way in all situations.

For the job the Lord has given Jacob, being honest, direct and clear in meaning is what is required and there are Biblical patters that right now my tired old brain cannot bring to the fore.

I can only repeatmy my own respect for Jacob in spite of certain differences I have. Other teachers and scholars I know also respect him e.g. Tony Pearce, David Hocking, Arnold Frucht ---and many more.

Definitely eyes closing, away to bed go I now. Praying for you.
God bless and give you His peace.

Expected Imminently said...

Its too long a story, but I can vouch for the fact that Vicky Dillen is as I said 'a really nasty individual'.

She is destructive, vindictive the 'hang em high type'. She has succeeded in her task to poison everyone against those she has chosen to 'slag off'.

She is a cessationist on a mission to expose each one who supports the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

I caution you seriously not to get into a conversation which will drag her into your ministry. Jacob has stood against her, and she has been truly wicked about him and certain others who have dared oppose her.

One such person has had to remove all their articles exposing Dillen due to the stress it has caused.

This person did not deserved the verbal beating Dillen and her colleagues dish out.

Unknown said...

Thanks EI for the warning. Anybody else reading this, please also take heed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I am the sister in Christ who has been commenting on your blog ref Jacob Prasch.

I just wanted to apologise to you in case you thought I was on some all out crusade to defend him.

I'm not, and I do understand where people are coming from in their criticism of him or his style.

However I was privileged (and it was a privilege for me, since I have very little in the way of such wonderful face to face preaching) to hear him speak recently.

To me he came across as a much gentler character than he is often portrayed, and his true heart for God and for Gods people was clearly displayed...I could hear his passion, his care and his sorrow.

There are many people out there, within and without ministry, who say all the right things, being careful not to offend, but in them I do not hear the same love and concern.

Give me a man who is full of flaws, his tongue being one of them, who truly cares, over PR perfection any day (and I do not say this to excuse Jacobs flaws, none of us have any excuse.)

Please pray for Jacob. I sensed that he was not well, I may be wrong, though.

Anyway, I just wanted to say sorry, and I hope you can hear my heart in this, and God bless you for your faithfulness.

A sister in Christ

Expected Imminently said...

Hello sister Anonymous

If you are ‘guilty’ of being on a crusade to defend Jacob Prasch; then I am as well.

When he is pacing the platform, he reminds me of a growling wild bear; upon meeting him and enjoying a Sunday roast in Wales with him, he was more like a cuddly Teddy bear with a big, genuine and deeply caring heart. I can say that as one having been on the receiving end of one of his ‘growls’. God bless him!

You are quite right; Jacob needs prayer for his health. About a year ago, without divine intervention, Jacob came too close to death for comfort. For the sake of his wife and family alone, we can Praise the Lord that Jacob survived.

Without Jacob doing God’s will in a particularly difficult area of His Kingdom, the Church would be bereft of a ‘mighty man of valour’ for The Lord. King David would be grateful for such a soldier fighting at his side.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sue :)

Yes, I knew about Jacobs health issues last year, scary stuff.

I do wish there were more people who would speak out as he does.

I have watched people, who I know love God, I do not doubt that for a second, on Christian tv, unable to even say for definite that things such as the apparitions of the Virgin Mary are not of God when questioned on it...and then laugh when someone else tried to warn them that they needed to be careful to stand for the truth.

It mystifies and saddens me, we should know these things! The Holy Spirit DOES tell us, so why are we so afraid to speak out?

No, I would rather be cut to the quick by someone like Jacob, willing to speak the truth, even if it offends my wicked heart, so that God can use it to heal me and set me free.

Long may he continue to do so, he is a TRUE blessing.

God bless,

A sister in Christ.

Unknown said...

A lot has transpired since the last comment (Nov 2010) was written.

Please refer to my article in November 2012 called:

"Jacob Prasch: Are These The Words/Actions Of a True Man Of God?"


Please also read all the comments on that article. Please also read these articles and comments (in this order):

All of the above ACTUALLY prove that maybe Vicky Dillon was on to something a decade ago when she tried to expose Jacob.

As with the style of attacks from Jacob and his cohorts that both Deborah and I have suffered (as a consequence) it shows me that maybe Vicky was not at all as nasty as Jacob tries to make out.

We have experienced many lies from Jacob (on those links given above) and personal attacks/threats made to our personal email addresses) so it is fair to assume that maybe Vicky was lied against also.

Anonymous said...

Vicky Dillen is, and always has been,as nasty a piece of work as any I know of. In comparison, JP is a pussy cat, and if I were you JC I would seriously avoid VD like any other plague on humanity. Thats all I am prepared to say other than 'watch it', you are messing with a cobra and like any other nasty smell, it hangs around unwanted for far too long. don't say you havent been warned that in this instance JP is on target - as he very often is - just not always like the rest of us.

Unknown said...

Hi Anonymous

The warning I received about Vicky Dillen was given by someone who used an article on Moriel to arrive at the conclusion that Vicky was evil.

I have since retraced my steps by looking back at those old comments, looking at Jacob's Moriel article, checking out Vicky Dillen's website etc etc.

The conclusion I arrive at is that those who oppose Vicky have done so BECAUSE of what JACOB says.

This article has shown WITH CLEAR EVIDENCE that Jacob is NOT a true man of God, he lies, lies and lies. and therefore is NOT someone I would trust in regard to what he says about Vicky.

However, if you can show me other evidence from those who are NOT in league with JP, then I will be keen to check it out.

Anonymous said...

JC.'However, if you can show me other evidence from those who are NOT in league with JP, then I will be keen to check it out'.

No can do, I would lose my own integrity for betraying a nasty affair I was privy to. Not everything can be checked out in black and white, 2 witness' - JP and ME should be enough to be cautious at least. Be careful what you write is my advice.

Unknown said...


I don't think you can apply "at the mouth of 2 witnesses" on this occasion. If the 2 witnesses were completely unbiassed and neutral, you may have a point.

However, JP is hardly neutral or unbiassed and you have indicated that you are not neutral either.

All I see, is JP and his enthusiastic blind followers believing everything Jacob says.

What this article shows (along with the articles on DTW - which I have given the links to) is that Jacob IS NOT to be trusted.

Unknown said...

On my last comment, I said "What this article shows (along with the articles on DTW - which I have given the links to) is that Jacob IS NOT to be trusted."

Obviously I was not referring to this article but to the one entitled:

"Jacob Prasch: Are These The Words/Actions Of a True Man Of God?"


Anonymous said...

ah, but you are wrong, I am neutral, its no skin off my nose if JP is found to be wanting. All I have done is to pass on what I know is fact. My last say on this is to underline that my comment was intended as a caution against you being tarred with the same brush as VD. If JP got nasty, he could have you for libel,be careful what you write is all I am saying. Its your neck, not mine.

Unknown said...

Okay. Thanks for the warning.

Just to clarify; I have not been libelous because libel means "a false publication defaming a persons character.

I have not made any false statements. The things I accuse Jacob of are well documented. I have shown the evidence. Nothing fabricated whatsoever.

However, ACTUALLY Jacob is the one being libelous because he DOES accuse us falsely by simply making things up without any proof.

With a number of other things, he accused me of turning against Tony Pearce and misquoting him and saying that I linked him to Kathryn Kuhlman.

I asked Jacob to show me the evidence backing up those accusations. He NEVER does come back with evidence but yet still keeps making the same type of accusations.

Btw, Not everything Jacob has written to me has been published on this site. For instance, I have not published his nasty emails. If I published all of them you would be even more shocked.

Unknown said...

The 4th paragraph in my last comment could me misinterpreted. Therefore, I will requote it (notice the bold), to avoid misinterpretation as follows:

"With a number of other things, he accused me of turning against Tony Pearce and misquoting Tony and also saying that I linked him (Jacob) to Kathryn Kuhlman.