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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Prayer Request Roger Oakland and Jacob Prasch

Updated 19 Nov 2010. Please click this link for up to date news on Jacob's deteriorating health and details of his need to modify his present itinerary  Urgent Announcement Regarding Jacob Prasch

I have been informed that both Roger and Jacob are in poor health at the moment. The work they do can be so stressful at times because of their huge opposition which is often extremely nasty and undeserved. In some cases is persecutory. Their workload can also be very draining. I do not know exactly what their ill health is at the moment, but I do know that Jacob had heart problems a year ago and (but for Divine intervention) would have died.

Please pray that God would cause them to rise up on eagles wings in His power to continue their work and that God would give them access into difficult situations and able to bring His glory there.


RomaLynn said...

Thanks for posting this one. Will pray for both of these men, as well as Ron who helps Roger Oakland in his ministry and website. Thanks again

Expected Imminently said...

Hello John

Just to confirm that I echo, and 'amen' all the prayers given on behalf of Jacob and Roger (and Rom)

There are far too many 'wounded soldiers'of The Lord at present. e.g. dear Dave Hunt...
Lord please have mercy and raise them all up to continue your work in this dark hour. Love and protect their loved one's and give them your peace that passes all understanding.