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Monday, 20 September 2010

Is God Demonstrating His Love For Israel By Judging Nations Who Oppose Them? See this Video

Originally Posted 2nd Aug 2010 but updated 20 Sep 2010

Bob Mitchell of Shofar Ministries has put an excellent and  fascinating video together. This video seems to ask the question "is God judging those who oppose Israel?". He has compiled together 10 events which do seem conclusive that God is showing the Nations that they mess with the apple of His eye (Israel) at their cost. This is the link which takes you direct to that video

I would also add comments to Bob's video that God is loving, patient,forgiving and merciful and does not want any to perish, but that He is also a HOLY, just and righteous God who MUST act when His people are being threatened.

Note, it is Islamic Nations who oppose the Jews and specifically seek the demise of Israel, the most vehemently. It is these Nations who have been at the brunt of the most terrible natural disasters,  for a number of years, now. For example,
the countries which suffered the most during the South Pacific Tsunami were Islamic countries and those opposed to Israel (or born-again christians). Iran suffered a massive Earthquake etc etc We read of  other floods, earthquakes in various Islamic countries and those countries seriously opposed to Israel.

Shortly after writing this article we had serious floods in Pakistan (another Islamic country who have also been seriously persecuting born-again believers for many years)

Before you view the video I just want to say 3 things:

1) Note: I place this within my blog because I would like to illustrate why we should support Israel. This does not mean that they are perfect nor that we should always agree with them, but we MUST remember that God is ultimately FOR Israel and the Jewish people, so we would be seen to be fighting against God if we seek Israel's demise. If we love God, we would also love what God loves ie Israel.

God had for 2000 years disciplined Israel by dispersing the Jews to all 4 corners of the Earth. He has judged them (and continues to do so) in His way,  for their rejection of  their (and the World's) Messiah Jesus (God's Son). But despite His punishments of them, He STILL loves them and WILL save them once they call out to HIM (and they ultimately will, according to the Bible).

It is NOT our duty or responsibility to hand out judgement on Israel. Our responsibility is to bless them, not to judge. Only God has the right to judge HIS people.  Although God may hand out discipline to Israel, He will not stand for it if anybody or any nation seeks their harm.

2) Having said the above things we must first remember that God so loved the World (the people of the world) that He gave us His only begotten Son (that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life). God's love, mercy, forgiveness and goodness is immense!

However, the Bible does tell us that in the very last Days peoples hearts are going to become terribly hardened and wicked against God - just as in the days of Noah, rejecting the only one who can save them from sin, Jesus. That everyone would be doing as they feel right, in their own eyes. The Bible teaches that in those days He will send terrible judgements upon such people and their governments. It is not difficult to recognise that we are in those Very Last days and that we are in those beginning stages of judgement.

We know that He has been incredibly merciful and patient, showing amazing restraint for thousands of years, not bringing the type of judgement the Nations deserve. Even now these judgements are not decisive and (I believe) are just a wake up call to the nations that the time is running out. The ultimate judgments (which will be far more decisive) are coming soon (after the believers have been raptured - rescued from this world). If you are not a believer then urgently read my label on "how to be saved".

3) The time is short and Jesus WILL be returning soon. Jesus said that when Israel become a Nation again (after being dispersed from their land for thousands of years) this would mark the very last generation before His return. Israel became a Nation again just 62 years ago. His return is imminent! I could go on to show how many events happening today are fulfilment of scripture which prove how imminent it is , but there are so many it would take too long - maybe another post later will cover that. Check out one of my links "Light for the Last Days" which is excellent at listing these events.

Another Later Addition:
Please also check this link  entitled  Present Day Israel Is A Nation Of Miracles, Created By God. The Overwhelming Facts!    which speaks on  the Uniqueness of Israel and illustrates God's special relationship with  that Nation and its people.

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