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Friday, 26 February 2010

Astronomical Evidence For Creation and a Young Universe

More evidence against the atheistic evolutionists who are trying to put a blindfold on the world by distorting and hiding the actual truth or denying the facts. They make massive assumptions about evolution but ignore the evidence which suggests the evolutionary process could have been far different to how they present it.  It is all a hoax led by satan to prevent people trusting in Jesus for the salvation of their souls. Please watch - very interesting!!!!

There is a series of videos. Please watch the first one and then follow instructions for watching the other 8, ie 9 videos. All very very good!

Note from John Chingford:
The purpose of this article is to show that you cannot trust the lies/exaggerations of evolutionists who never tell us that their estimations are theory. They always tell us these things (including timescales) as if they were facts - i.e. deliberately concealing/withholding truth is lying!

With every new discovery if declared honestly, reveal that the Bible is true and far more reliable in its details than mere men who try to figure things out with imperfect and finite minds. When the Bible is shown to be true, it then SHOULD impact us to trust in the God who effectively dictated to men what to write in the Bible and therefore realise that God knows about His Universe infinitely more than what we think.

Please read this article which proves why the Bible can be trusted and why it IS indeed the Word Of God.

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