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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Revised: Conclusive Video Proof? (from Obama's own lips) That Obama is a Muslim and His Islamic Agenda For USA

This is a video of  Barack Obama speaking on many occasions. Every single clip has him either confirming that he is a muslim or stating his Islamic hopes for USA.

Okay I know the video clips have been heavily edited, but how can you make a person say he is a muslim by simply editing, unless you put a number of clips together within the same clip, but this would cause the pictures to be inconsistent and the words spoken to be stop-start affect. In the video clips in some places there may indeed be some stop-starters, but there are also clips which have a consistent flow. I find it hard to believe that the whole thing was made up. There are too many parts that do not suggest that. Certainly I feel the evidence is overwhelming.

Maybe someone could explain to me if it is possible to have clean cuts within the film to make it look consistent with a clear flow. Even with todays technology I can still tell where there are cuts in cinematic films, but I could not spot these in every case on the video.

So if the videos can be trusted it exposes Obama's hidden (but real) agenda for USA to become an Islamic state. Watchman sites have been stating their concerns about Obama for a long time - even well before he became president, but it seems few people believed us and most evangelicals were blinded by Obama into thinking he was a born-again Christian.

We Watchman all recommend that (if it is true) Americans expose him and  vote him out of office as soon as possible before USA and (probably therefore) the World becomes  controlled by Islam and Sharia Law. 
So if  USA or even the whole world ever became Islamic, how would this fit in with the global ecumenism movement as set out by the Vatican? I recommend that you follow blogs like shofar which are more specialised in discussing these things. The scriptures seem to indicate that Islam will be a force in the last days (before the Revised Roman Empire fully takes over) but its time of great power is limited to a short while and destroyed during the Ezekiel wars. Indeed possibly through Islam the revived earthly city of Babylon may be rebuilt to its former glory for a short while, but then destroyed again. There will be the Earthly or political city of Babylon but also the religious spiritual but intangible city of false apostate religion called Babylon. Maybe Islam and the ecumenical movement will be united at some stage.

Again, I am no expert on the historical and current facts. All I am doing is interpreting the scriptures and informing you also of the interpretations of respected Christian teachers, to make sense of what is happening in the world at the moment. Certainly Tony Blair is trying to unite the Islamic faith with all other religions so that the whole world serves just one united "FAITH".

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