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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Why Christians Should Stand Up For Israel

I am in the process of developing a new label with the above title. I have a conviction from God that I cannot write about anything without leaving space to stand with Israel in these last days. God calls us to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. Paul said to the Jew First and then to the gentile. This is interesting because Paul was called by God to be an apostle to the gentiles but you always see him preaching in the synagogues first when he entered a town. Although he was called to the gentiles he preaches FIRST to the Jews.

In times when the apostate church is recommencing their hatred for Israel I cannot maintain a blog without seeking to find support for Israel also.

In due course I will add new posts to this label as and when the Lord leads.


John Chingford said...

As a start to this post I have copied and pasted (below)a conversation had within another post as it highlights an issue which needs to be addressed.

Mr E said...
From your wording, I'm wondering whether you subscribe to the view that God has two peoples: an earthly people = Jews and a heavenly people = Church?

I would disagree - that God has only one people and in Christ extended the promises and blessings made to Abraham to the church.

Equally those who reject Christ are now outside God's people - whether Jews by genealogy or Gentiles. God still has a purpose for the Jews, as the whole of Romans makes clear (not just chapter 11), but that is when they return to Christ.

John Chingford said...
Hi Mr E,

I do agree with most of what you have said, but I have to disagree that all the promises and blessings given to Abraham can be extended to the church.

It is true that the church can enjoy many of these blessings, but remember the church has been grafted into the olive tree. At the moment most of Israel has been cut out of the Abrahamic blessings (which were conditional) but the promises are for their return. So much of the promises are relating to Israel's return not specifically for the church.

If you look at the immediate context of scripture and the whole bible context there are a lot of promises that apply specifically to Israel (as an earthly, not spiritual, nation)and ONLY apply to Israel. Like the borders of the Land, and Ezekiel 37 is referring to Israel - not the church.

Wary said...

Hello John
As I do my weekly shop, I look out for 'country of origin', so far I regularly buy tomatos, sticky dates, herbs, potatos, oranges and sometimes I find Sharon fruit or other fruit & veg from Israel.

If I don't see them, I ask specifically for Israeli goods. I don't HAVE to, I just WANT to enjoy food that was grown in the soil of Israel while supporting their economy considering so much of the world persecutes Israel.

Another product I look out for are Israeli 'Dead Sea' toiletries and sometimes I find some clothing. I'm not daft, God blesses those who bless the 'apple of His eye'; its a very foolish person who chooses to poke their finger in God's eye don't you think?

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous and others
Who is praying for the Palestinians ? Should we at all ? Are they worthy of our prayers ? Bethlehem is in Palestine and Golgotha in Israel. Oh ! Maybe soon Bethlehem will be in Israel, then it too will become Holy Land ?
Israel and Palestine, much like India and Pakistan, The Is (plural of I) versus the Ps, same scenario.

Yohan John Kunnenkeril

John Chingford said...

Hi Yohan (Anonymous)

Welcome to this site. Thanks for your comment.

I am not sure what you are asking, but will answer what I think you are saying.

The Bible says plainly that we should pray for the Palestinians. It says, that prayers should be made for ALL men (that includes Palestinians). If we only prayed for worthy people we would never pray!!!

If we measure ourselves to God's great holiness NO-ONE could stand! Therefore no-one is worthy, but PRAISE GOD he made a way for us to become worthy through His Son (taking our place) bearing the punishment of our guilt, by God (not man) slaying Him. Therefore, we (who have received mercy) should show the same mercy to ALL men.

However, the Bible speaks clearly that those who bless the Jews (or Israel) will be blessed etc and that the gospel is to the Jew first and then to the gentiles. Paul who was called to preach to the gentiles said his hearts cry was for Israel to be saved. Then we are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. I have much more to say on this and am in the process of putting a new report together on why Israel is still unique and special to God.

I think it is not the same to compare India and Pakistan with Palestine and Israel.

For the start, the Bible states that the area occupied by the Arab Palestinians and the Jews was given to Israel by God for ALL time. Anyone trying to oppose Israel are actually fighting against God who promised the Land to them.

History shows how Nations opposing the Jews or Israel have suffered loss, but those supporting Israel have experienced blessings.

India and Pakistan were never given the same promises by God, so cannot be compared in the same way.

I hope that answers your questions.