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Friday, 2 September 2011

BBC Hardtalk Video. Strong Creationist Argument Against Evolution By John Mackay

John Mackay (a creationist) was interviewed on the BBC News TV programme called HardTalk.  This is a very watchable and enjoyable rebuttal against the biassed unscientific teachings of evolutionists.  Evolutionists are unscientific because of  their straitjacketed refusal to consider or properly examine the overwhelming evidence of creation and a young Earth.  From my perspective, it appears that John Mackay gives a convincing rebuttal. Please let me know what you think. To watch the video please click on the following shortcut link:

Then within that website page click on the part that says: "Click here to watch the full interview".  Actually you may get the download if you click on that second link. If not, go there via the first link.

That video will then download to your computer (don't worry it is safe - at least was ok on my computer which has antivirus). Then go to your downloads and click on that video.

Here is another excellent video from John Mackay 
being interviewed by Richard Dawkins. It is part 1 of 2. The second part has been removed by Channel 4 (I wonder why?, could it be because Richard Dawkins argument has been exposed as very weak?). I managed to find the whole interview on just one video, but it is shown on an atheists blog, so I do not want to give the url here, thereby giving his blog exposure, but i have watched it and can say that it powerfully exposes false evolutionary theory. Anyway, here is the link to part 1, which (temporarily is still accessible:

I would like to add something I have noticed. Answers In Genesis and John Mackay's creation organisation have received a lot of bad press. I believe this is because of their very strong arguments against the status quo of evolutionary thinking. As with all opponents, their tactic is always the same. If they can rubbish the person's character or ill behaviour, they feel they have destroyed the argument. To me that is complete nonsense. What if creationists used the same tactic and delved into the lives of evolutionists and exposed them as frauds and nasty characters with hidden agendas (which they do not do, as far as I am aware, because it is childish) would that (in itself) debunk evoultion? Of course not. However, this tends to be the approach used by opponents of our faith.

The fact is that no human being is perfect "to err is human". Christians, also are not perfect. We are all sinners saved by grace, being gradually changed by the transforming work of the Holy Spirit (a lifetime work). Just because some may have erred in some way, does not nullify what they teach, if it is true and sound. Therefore, we should always ONLY debunk the argument (if it has flaws) and not debunk the presenter of the argument.

If Creationists give solid evidence, then do not mock them but instead examine it for yourself

1 comment:

RomaLynn said...

I will certainly watch these as soon as possible. Thanks for being faithful to keep people up to date here on this blog. We all need to be able to explain why we believe in creationism.