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Friday, 3 December 2010

Forest Fires In Israel. News Updates

Please checkout this link for up to date details on the forest fires in Israel. Please pray about the situation

I was hoping that information would be continuously updated but it seems that only applies per day. The above covered days 1 to 2 but not the last 2 days. Therefore, I now give you the webpage which includes all 4 days:[10:05AM-EST].html

and here is the FINAL Report!-Firefighters-Gain-Full-Control-Over-Carmel-Fire.html


Expected Imminently said...

Mt Carmel, where God sent fire upon Elijah’s sacrifice after the prophets of Baal were unable to wake up their god. Here Israel will be blessed during the Messianic rule of Israel.

Jeremiah 50:19 And I will bring Israel again to his habitation, and he shall feed on Carmel and Bashan, and his soul shall be satisfied upon mount Ephraim and Gilead.

Until that time is fulfilled; may the Lord God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob send down the former and the latter rains together to quench this fire set by these followers of Baal. May He refill the water courses to their limits to replace and increase what has been lost through this arson.

In Jesus Name Amen

Expected Imminently said...

42 Dead in Fire, Most were on Prisons Service Bus
Dozens of security personnel, many from the Israel Prisons Service, perished in the fire that has been raging on the Carmel Mountain since Thursday morning. Twenty two people were confirmed dead by 7:00 PM Thursday and 14 more bodies were reported found shortly after 10:00 PM. The total number of dead orinialy estimated at 40, has been raised to 42.
36 of the victims were IPS cadets, most of them Druze, who were in their 20's. They were being transported on a bus after assisting in the evacuation of the Damon Prison. At a certain point the fire began spreading at great speed – covering a mile in five minutes, according to a firefighting officer – and the bus was caught in the flames with no chance of getting out.

Expected Imminently said...,7340,L-3993206,00.html

Expected Imminently said...

Hello John

I found this thought provoking from Sean Osborne.

Eschatology Today Note - 5 December 2010:

I believe these fires are a deliberate preparation of the battlefield by Hezbollah for the coming war. I believe these fires, along with the words of the Muslims themselves quoted below, are directly related to the imprecatory prophecy found in Asaph's Psalm 83, particularly verses 4 and 14-15, and as they relate to the sum of the prophecy and its potential timing of ultimate fulfillment. -Sean Osborne

4 "They have said, "Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation,That the name of Israel may be remembered no more.""

14 "As the fire burns the woods,
And as the flame sets the mountains on fire,
15 So pursue them with Your tempest,
And frighten them with Your storm."

John Chingford said...


As you say "interesting". I don't want to state that psalm 83 refers or not because I don't know. we will have to watch and see.

God reigns and is in ULTIMATE control. HE WILL intervene. Praise God through Jesus!