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Friday, 19 November 2010

Latest News On Tony Blair Faith Foundation. How it is Progressing Towards Global Religious Unity

I have some updated information about the Tony Blair Foundation. It reveals how the Foundation is progressing towards its goals of  uniting all faiths globally. Please read this following shortcut link which first highlighted this movement and described why true believers should not embrace it:

Tony Blair Faith Foundation, Rick Warren PEACE Agenda & One World Political Religious Government

Here are the shortcut links which reveal the latest news:
Here is an excerpt from the second link. Please notice these following words (specifically those in bold) which speak volumes about our future liberties as fundamental believers:

"First, we need to recognize and encourage religious faith to express its essential, and in my view more true role, as a source of values, not ideology. It is a means through caring and compassion of creating better functioning, more harmonious societies. This is faith as values, as the denial of self in the wider interests of others.
Second, we need to discourage faith where it is defined as a badge of identity in opposition to others. I am a Christian and identify myself as such, I do not and should not disrespect those of a different faith who have taken a different path to salvation"
So instead of denying ourselves to follow Jesus and seek first the kingdom of God, we must deny ourselves (our obedience to Jesus?) for the wider interests of others (to promote global beliefs). Hmmm.

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