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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Why I Previously Endorsed Watchman Nee (Inadvertently)

Please note that I have now removed my endorsement of Watchman Nee's book "love not the world". This is not because I am aware of false teaching in that specific book, because I found much of his teaching on this particular subject sound. However, I have since discovered some seriously wrong teachings on many of his other books. It could be that there may be something in that book which may be wrong too (haven't read it for a few years). Therefore, I do not want to be the cause of some young believers reading any of his material and being deceived.

As a young believer I read parts of "Normal Christian Life" the whole of "Love not the world" and parts of  "sit, walk, stand". At the time I was very much impressed by the last 2 books. I cannot remember everything I read in those books but there were general teachings I found very helpful and insightful and got me into serious Bible study. I always maintain that whatever any man says we should be Bereans and "check the scriptures daily to see whether these things are so".  I assumed that Watchman Nee was a sound teacher as was spoken very well of, at the time (1977 to 1981).   At that time I was not so discerning and a bit too trusting. From my research and help from someone else using this site I have discovered that his main false teaching came in his other books which I had never read. Praise God He kept me from those books.

I have also edited my post Who Runs The World? An Investigation Into The Global Scheme Of Things. Completed Report  found on with the above in mind. Notice it now has the word "revised" in its title.   See my next post above  entitled "Why I can no longer endorse any of Watchman Nee's Books" found on which gives a full explanation why his teaching cannot be trusted.

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