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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

What Is Common Purpose and How Does It Fit Into The Whole Scheme Of Things?

I have been inspired to write this article after a comment made by Someone on Bob Mitchell's blogsite. Basically they were concerned about the activities of a group called Common Purpose which are growing very rapidly and seem to be behind the scenes pushing for the EU takeover of Britain.

I guess I was intrigued because of the name. Another one with "purpose" in the title. Also because I wondered if they were another Vatican (or should we say Illuminati) puppet. All part of the scheme of things?

Therefore, I have spent a lot of time trying to put the jigsaw puzzle together. I have now completed this report!  Please see my post of  20 Apr 2010 by clicking on this shortcut   Who Runs The World? An Investigation Into The Global Scheme Of Things. Completed Report
Before reading that report please take time to consider this following point:  
The fact is we should not be afraid. Jesus already told us to look up because our redemption is drawing near and that we will suffer tribulation in this world. So, whatever organisation is controlling things behind the scenes, it is the same result persecution/tribulation for a short while and then the Glory. Throughout church history the saints have suffered much for their faith and Jesus said this would be so. Why should we be any different? So do not focus too much time on the hidden stuff but focus on Jesus!

Having said that, we are called to be watchman. To watch what is going on and pray. So it is useful to understand what is going on and how these things show that God is in ultimate control (as evidenced by the fact  He told us what would happen in advance. so that we can intercede and comfort one another, using these events as a witnessing tool to save as many as possible.


Wary said...

Hello John
The slippery slope has certainly increased its incline!
COMMON (market)
PURPOSE (driven)
Not only does it shriek 'New Age' but also 'Communism'.

The cracks in the feet of iron and clay are splitting daily! Soon time for the ten toes to wiggle in.

God grant you wisdom and understanding as you turn over this latest lump of dirt.
God bless your efforts.

John Chingford said...

Hi Morag,

Thanks for your comments. I published one of them but not the long one.

Although I will be tackling those issues I want to be careful what I report on this blog. This doesn't mean there is anything wrong with what you wrote, there isn't and I appreciate the time you put into it. I will use some of it in one of my posts.

Your comment raised some very valid points which are appropriate to this blog, so I will concentrate on those.

It is just that I don't want to bogged down by getting too sidetracked into other issues. I hope you can understand. Main reason given below.

The main purpose of the blog is to equip believers. This also means encouraging one another. We can easily get caught up in conspiracy theories, getting very confused and taking our eyes off the One who is in total control. The end result is fear, despair and confusion, if we get to much into it. I don't believe God wants us to get too caught up. We should simply focus on the signs of His Return.

Seeing these events unfold tell me that God is in control because He told us in advance these things would happen. So if we look at things in the right way we can be encouraged but if we go too deep into conspiracy's we can become overwhelmed and discouraged. So this is why I haven't published it.

For my answer to some of your points, please read my post: "The GIANT Global Conspiracy and the Scheme Of Things, Who Is In Control?"