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Monday, 15 March 2010

The Two Babylons. First Was Old Babylon and It's Religion. Then Came a Christianised Babylonic Empire

Edited 29th March 2013 (Edited part in bold - at bottom)

Please click on the link to download the whole book.   This book shows from historical evidence how the catholic system has hijacked the old Babylonic religion into their form of Christianity and actually reinvented or reintroduced the old Babylonic religion with "christian" titles.

Please note that there may be some controversial interpretations by the author of which I (myself) may question some things, but there is enough strong evidential information which is convincing and CONCLUSIVE! I have checked out some of his historical info. on other sites (Christian and secular) to see if it is true. I have found these other sites do say the same things. It is noticeable that the only sites which try to rubbish his comments are catholic sites.

I have already written articles on this subject which supports this article. Please check out these links:

Why The Catholic Church is Not a Christian Denomination

Video Evidence Showing The Catholic Institution as "Babylon" 

Edited 29th March 2013
I have written another article on this subject entitled:

"Explaining The Beast With Seven Heads and Ten Horns and The Woman Riding The Beast"

To read it please click here


little warrior said...

Hi bro. John, these are great and informative stuff (or some kind of "meat" for believers).

I have some material to back up what you have written. It is documentary evidences from the vatican that it is behind the ecumenical movement..

John Chingford said...

Thankyou Little Warrior,

Very useful. The links show (from the Vatican's own websites) that they ARE behind ecumenicalism.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:

A while back I believe I submitted a message critisizing your blog and suggesting you instead have a list of people you do recommend. I apologize and I was wrong. You have every right to identify who you believe are false teachers and leave it to others to decide for themselves. I think what is much more dangerous are people who wouldn't allow any criticism at all as I have recently found out from one 'true believer'. Anyways, I thought you would like to hear that I changed my mind.

John Chingford said...

Thanks Anonymous

That is very humble and big of you to make that confession. It is these sort of comments that encourage me to keep on going. Thanks

By the way, I have also copied and posted your comment to the article where you first made your comment, ie