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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The GIANT Global Conspiracy and the Scheme Of Things, Who Is In Control?

Who is running the World? Is it satan, man or God? Please read my completed report of 20 Apr 2010 by clicking on this shortcut  Who Runs The World? An Investigation Into The Global Scheme Of Things. Completed Report  

Consider the great empires of the past: The Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman. British. Do any of these still exist? Kingdoms come and Kingdoms go. Then there are religious dominations like the Catholic church during the dark ages. Were the Catholic church totally in control when the reformation was born and afterwards?

The fact is that (as Jesus said to Pontius Pilate) they are only in authority or have controlling capacities because the Lord has given it to them. It could be taken away in an instance. The fact is that the Lord and His true church reign forever! A kingdom that cannot be shaken! God is in ultimate control, even though He may allow satan to control the Earth (relatively speaking) for a period of time.

God can at a moment destroy the plans of those who are trying to manipulate everything behind the scenes.

 So, although much of my blog exposes the terrible things going on behind the scenes,  we should not be worried because everything could fall apart and if it doesn't .... well Jesus is returning, Hallelujah!

The fact is we should not be afraid. Jesus already told us too look up because our redemption is drawing near and that we will suffer tribulation in this world. So, whatever organisation is controlling things behind the scenes, it is the same result =  persecution and tribulation for a short while and then the Glory. Throughout church history the saints have suffered much for their faith and Jesus said this would be so. Why should we be any different? So do not focus so much time on these hidden but emerging things, that you become fearful, but focus on Jesus!

Having said that, we ARE called to be watchmen. To watch what is going on and pray. So it is useful to understand what is going on so that we can intercede and comfort one another, using these events as a witnessing tool to save as many as possible.


Constance Cumbey said...

Just took a look at your page because of a recommendation of one of the British participants over on my blogspot. I am happy to see you are watching and "on the case."

Constance E. Cumbey

Constance Cumbey said...

With my last post, that is not to say we are in full agreement on everything. The Bible had a profile (2d Thessalonians, Chapter 2) of who was and was not taken in by the Antichrist -- The LOVE of the truth. Hopefully we share that. I think we do.


Unknown said...

I found this blogsite by way of another blogsite where Tony Cox was posting, and I wanted to post here, as he apparently supports your work. So far as I have seen I do too. Tony, know that there are many seeking true fellowship that is based on the true, clear word of God. Just as you seem to be. You for sure will be in my prayers and thanks for making a clear stand for the word of God and that only.

John I will be watching your blog now, as I said have not been here long at all but for sure, but it is recommended by someone I gained respect for from another blogsite, even though I am sure he will not recognize my name, as I stopped posting there too. Thanks to you both

Tony Cox said...


Thank you again for words of encouragement - unfortunately I stumbled a few times in my responding on the other blog by not carrying myself as I should have - I am blessed that new people like you seem to be coming into my life with more frequency since I discovered this blog.

Unknown said...

Please note that Constance Cumbey has her own blog which is busy. I do not advise that you get into her blog as she is a Catholic, trying to expose New Age in the Catholic Church. I tried reasoning things out there but got heavily criticised. It felt like casting our pearls before swine.

Therefore, be wary on that site because it is Catholic.

Wary said...

That explains a lot! As C.C. had posted here, and I once had her book 'Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow', I looked in on her blog and felt really uncomfortable after reading her stuff. I thought it was me, so thanks for the caution. (I wonder why Shofar has the link?)

Anonymous said...

Just hopped on to say hi and encourage you in your efforts, John.

I wasn't aware that Constance was Catholic though I think that she is a former SDA. I could be wrong.

I don't go there as often as I used to. Mainly because of the constant bickering.

May God bless your efforts.


Wary said...

rg! is that you?

Unknown said...

Yes CC has a Catholic blogsite. If you look at my last post about "who is running the world" you will see that the Catholic church has stealthily or as a smokescreen (to confuse everyone) promoted New age but pretend to be opposed to New age.

CC is trying to alert Catholics and non catholics alike that the RC is opposed to New Age and she is trying to expose it.

This (on the face of it) seems confusing as the Catholic church (being controlled by the Illuminati) actually are forerunners of New Age. So what is going on here????

Very confusing. But that is what you get on a Catholic run site, a lot of stuff to confuse.

This is why I say, be very wary of giving away too much info about yourself on that site or getting into debate - will only end in tears as some have already told me.

Unknown said...

Hi Wary (EI)

I must admit I am surprised that Shofar (Bob Mitchell) is showing Constance Cumbey as one of his links. I have written to him on his blog to let him know - in case he is not aware that she has a dubious site.

My comment can be found on one of his recent posts entitled "Roman Catholic Schools".

As he is busy and not always aware of comments he publishes (as sometimes he just simply accepts a comment without looking if he trusts the author) am unsure whether I will get an answer or whether (indeed) he has noted that I have asked a question.

But at least I have tried to alert him.

Further on Constance site. I have checked many of her comments on her site. One thing is clear she is very careful to defend the Catholic church. Although she does criticise some protestant groups and teachers ,she is very keen to work towards and promote ecumenism.

The book of Revelation clearly indicates that the whore of Babylon is the Catholic institution. However, like all astute catholics Constance tries to point us in a different direction by stating it is the New Age movement referred to in Revelation.

Other Catholics may state Israel (the Jews) as the whore but all of them defend to the hilt (by saying it is other groups) that it is not the Roman church.

By the way she criticises Dave Hunt as being false. Hmmm, I wonder why? Is it because he DARES suggest the Catholic Institution as being the whore?

rg said...

Hi Way (EI). Yes it was me.

I've been quite busy so haven't been around as much.Keep intending to come back and read.

I'm disappointed to hear about CC. I don't post there coz I'm too scared to say anything. Snipers everywhere.

Keep the faith, John!


Unknown said...

Bob Mitchell wrote a comment on Constance Cumbey site followed by her reply. I copy this to show that Bob must have taken what I said seriously. However, as of yet he still has not removed the link. Please feel free to ask him why he shows her link. Maybe he has a very good reason. I certainly would like to know what the reason is.

Bob and Constance comments were as follows:

"Bob Mitchell said...
Whetever happened to the 7 year Med Neighbourhood Policy that many suggested was THE 7 years under antichrist and the Solana was possible "THE MAN"?

All this kicked off in 2007.
The bible says that half way through the week (7 years) Antichrist stops the sacrifices??

To stop Jewish sacrifices you must have a temple or at least some form of building for worship around which sacrifices are carried out.

Well if you folks were correct in suggesting 2007 was the beginning of the final 7 years you have about 160 days left for the temple to be built, sacrifices to begin and Antichrist to stop them.

Do you see any temple being built in Jerusalem?
No doubt like most false prophets and teachers many of you will make excuses instead of simply holding up your hands and saying "Hey I was wrong. The 7 years did not begin January 2007 with the start of the Med Neighbourhood Policy."

Oh and Constance in your article on Catholic bashing and Protestant bashing you wrote concerning the Jewish link.... "And certainly, we grafted in branches, whether Catholic or Protestant, were not to 'boast against the branches' (the Jews). Don't blame me. St. Paul wrote it in Romans Chapter 2"
Actually it was Romans 11:18.

4:55 AM

Constance Cumbey said...

Neither Herb nor I ever said, 'THIS IS IT," but we did say it was a POSSIBILITY which it still is. Furthermore, the interpretation on the sacrifices is still not certain -- Catholics believe that applies to "the host" as their mass. Others believe it is a literal temple. I for one don't know Maybe you do.


Unknown said...

By the way, Bob's comment can be found on Constance Cumbey's blogsite It can be found towards the bottom of page 1 on the following post of Thursday, April 22, 2010 entitled:

what björn (farmer) thinks...: Solana called to create more global management structures

Anonymous said...

The truth is that Constance and the late Herb Peters vigorously pushed the ENP and some are still hanging onto that theory. You only need to read at Fulfilled Prophecy.

I'm kinda shocked that Constance defends the RCC stance re the host and Mass instead of the literal view.


Unknown said...

Hi Rg

Thanks for that. For those reading this (like myself) who didn't know what ENP was, I will enlighten you. I had to look it up because I didn't know.

ENP = European Neighbourhood Policy. Constance Cumbey (and others) believe that ENP is a fulfillment of the 70th week of Daniel, ie the start of the 7 years.

As I look at her blogsite it becomes clear how nonsensical their interpretations are of current events.

They take scripture completely out of context and read into scripture what they want to see and disregard the rest. Let's face it, this is what all cults and false religions (like RC) do.

They interpret current events in the light of the Catholic church and not in the light of the whole counsel of God ie what the WHOLE bible says.

Tony Cox said...

I try to stay up on things, and for the most part do - I had never heard of the interpretation of the stoppage of sacrafice being related to Catholics and the host at mass.

With respect - is it me, or does it seem pretty arrogant and presumptious of the RCC to think it applies to them and thier mass?

Expected Imminently said...

No,it isn’t just you; it is deluded arrogance and the sin of presumption that the RCC considers the Jewish sacrifices as referring to their abominable practice of the ‘mass’.
It makes my skin crawl.

Wary Sue (EI)

Expected Imminently said...


It is so good to see you here. I look forward to seeing your comments when you get a chance.
Every blessing
EI (Wary Sue)

P.S. My apologies if my names cause anyone confusion. I am in the process of coming out of my shell. Its time I stopped being so fearful!
God bless dear bloggers.

Expected Imminently said...

Hello John
Just to let you know I took a chance and wrote to Shofar about the CC link as follows.

Hello Bob
Some of us are wondering why you still have Constance Cumbey on your links.

From your writings, it is apparent you do not support the RCC, or any cult for that matter, so with such obvious evidence and false predictions, surely it is better to eschew this error than be the cause for causing an unsuspecting ‘someone’, to stumble?

Is there a good reason for your reluctance that you can share?

God bless
Wary Sue

Expected Imminently said...

I was pleased to see that Bob did publish my post re. C.C. but for whatever reason he still hasn't replied.

It would seem he doesn't appreciate the seriousness of advertising for a false prophet, and that troubles me for his own sake.

God bless.

Unknown said...

Hi Sue

Yes, I noticed that Bob posted your comment and yes you are right. As watchmen we need to be careful in what we endorse so that we do not confuse or mislead the readers.

We have to be ever so careful because Jesus said that "if possible even the elect will be deceived". I (for one) do not want to be (inadvertantly)instrumental in that deception.

Everyone, please keep on bugging Bob about that website. He may simply not have thought it through and not realised the implications. He is VERY busy. So I suggest you write to his personal email address.