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Monday, 15 March 2010

List and Details On Other False Teachers and Prophets

Article First Published 15 March 2010  Now fully revised 21 Jan 2011.

Please read through it all as many changes have been made.

I have now added a new article on 15 Oct 2010 to supplement this article. Please  check out this following new articlet by clicking on this shortcut link   Qualities Of True Biblical Leadership Compared To the False Teachers    to help you determine whether a teacher is true (sound) or false BEFORE you read this article.

Anyway, this post was first published in an attempt to list OTHER false teachers and false prophets (ie, those not already mentioned within the "False Teachers and prophets" label, up until  now - although later posts may mention them). It started off by listing men and women to be avoided or wary of, who preach or teach: heresy, ecumenicalism, word of faith or habitually give false prophesies. Evidence of  their false teaching will become clearer as you read the various posts within this blogsite.

Before you read any further,  please familiarise yourselves with a more recent article dated 15 Sep 2010  which is a reply to a wrongly held criticism of this site. To see that article please click on this shortcut link Christian Protestant Denominations In 2010. Are They Now All Apostate? (Of Course Not). This Blog's Statement 

I originally listed just a minimal number of  names within this article but then found (later) that this article was not really workable, anymore, and needed a replacement. Therefore, I wrote another more appropriate article, some time later, which will be revealed at the bottom of this article. This post did depend upon contributions from others, and (where I was able to) I  checked them out, first.

Please read on to see the small initial list I produced and a lot more details as to how and where to find all other appropriate articles related to the  subject of this article:
Perry Stone (see the published comments below)
Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Bill Hybels, Robert Schuller, Rick Joyner
Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo, Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Rodney Howard Browne, Colin Dye,
Bob Jones
Those with ecumenical and/or emerging ties: eg  Josh Mcdowell,  Joel C. Rosenberg (see the published comments below)
Joel Hemphill (please see comment 12 Nov 2010 for details)

Please note that I have now produced my own list (after very extensive research of many weeks) of false church leaders, giving sound reasons why they are false, by giving a general history of the faulty organisations they represent. So, I have now removes the shortcut link of RR which used to be here, as it is too questionable.

I have published an introductory article (to this subject) on 7 Nov 2010. This is the shortcut link    Why Dominion and Kingdom Now Theology Leads The Church Down The Same Road To Apostasy As Pursued By Rome

I had to remove the link of RR because I could not agree with the distinctions made.  I believe the main thing to observe about names is regarding the organisations they belong to. If they belong to or are actively associated with Eumenical, Dominionist or any other apostate group. it should start bells ringing in your mind.

Also, some of those within the RR list,  may be sound teachers of the prophetic but may teach error on other subjects.  The list RR provide only list those who are involved in the prophetic. As of yet it doesn't include "false teachers" just "false prophets" and it doesn't include the ones who are too obvious to mention like Benny Hinn etc.

RR list  ecumenical Jerry Falwell and "word faith" preacher Morris Cerrullo as just yellow apples instead of red???. Also, Tim LaHaye has a green apple,  which I would have to disagree with because of his pyschological book "spirit controlled temperament" which is too focussed on self and inward examination, which is similar to what new age is about.  The problem is that Tim teaches on eschatology accurately, so he is considered sound.  I notice other such "psychologists" not shown as red apples. Please bear in mind that the purpose of the list is as a quick referral list.

If you do use the RR site, you will need to be aware of what truly makes up a false prophet. Therefore, I will help you here, on that matter. Please click on this following shortcut link:  Prophetic Ministry In These Last Days. How to Recognise True And False Prophecies  which explains how to recognise true and false prophets, prophecies and the traits (fruit) these false prophets or false church leaders tend to possess. Please also read this article to help you

Anyway,  My list can now be found within this shortcut link entitled:

List Of False Christian Leaders, False Teachers Prophets indicated By The False Organisations They Belong To


Unknown said...

Transferred latest comment to here from post "Evidence Of Premier Christian Radio's Ecumenical and Catholic Links. Why They Can Be Dangerous"

Tony Cox wrote:

His name is Perry Stone - I have researched him quite a bit - he comes across as not as bad as the others for he focuses on the hebraic roots of the bible, but when you dig a little:

He has appeared on the Pauls White Show (big hint)

Headlined some conferences last year with Morris Cerullo (huge sign)

Appears on TBN and the INSP network run by David Cerullo - Morris Cerullo's son (another huge sign as he is currently being investigated here in US for fraud and misuse of donor money)

Has issued many predictions (based on Jewish Feast days) which dates have come and gone

He had some thinking the rapture was going to occur on September 29, 2008 (again based on a jewish Feast day) and then again possibly on September 29, 2009 (or thereabout) which has obviously come and gone.

And much more than I care to list -although his financials seem to be in order for the most part - I can't seem to trust a man who fellowships and keeps company with the TBN crowd, and although Jesus kept company with the likes of many sinners - it was to teach them and save them - NOT to partake and join in their sinful activities.

This may seem condemning of me, and I cannot always hold my tongue as I should - as well as I am not a perfect person - I become very irritated with men who make an excess living from perverting the Word of God. Sorry - went off on a little tangent there.

Finally - thank you again for this site - I check it everyday, and I do feel blessed that the Lord has brought you into my life in some capacity.

Unknown said...

Tony Cox wrote:

Have you ever heard of A site that looks at all aspects of a ministry (some are not in the database) and grades according to financial transparency - while listing what the pros and cons (only based on those who hold opinions good or bad of the ministry) of a ministry - also issues donor alerts for ministries (that conceal thier financial transparency after several inquiries are made with a refusal to furnish such info - as many of these hide behind the non-profit tax laws, which here in the US gives the right to withhold thier financial transperency to the public).

Unknown said...

Hi Tony,

I found this on Moriel Ministries site "I have been asked several times about Perry Stone, whether he is biblically ’sound’ or not. So I have decided to start a new thread on this specific subject.

I have to say I’ve not researched Perry Stone much – but I’m sure others here have so please do comment below.

I do remember I read one of Perry Stone’s prophecies before on the recommendation of another and was not only troubled by it, but concluded for the sake of my own personal understanding that he and the spirit he prophesied by was ’off’.

And this was without my knowing about all the merchandising he does, or the ‘judaising’, or some of the people he hangs with such as the terrible pulpit pimps Morris Cerullo and Paula White, or his appearing on the even more terrible TBN.

Perry Stone’s teachings are mingled with some truth but there is a lot of dangerous heresy packaged in there.

I also since discovered that Perry Stone sells a meal package on his Voice of Evangelism ministry website, calls it the Lord’s Supper, and claims if you buy it from him and take it daily you’ll be healed of any sickness or disease.

This is bad enough in and for itself, but there also seems to be some ideas more akin to Roman Catholicism within his teaching on ‘communion’ [eg of the Roman Catholic eucharist, and the pagan idea of the actual "real presense" of Christ being manifest in the bread and wine and a mystical connotation that was never ever meant by what is meant to be a symbolic meal.

Breaking bread is also about communion with others, and is not to be done alone as then some of the main symbolism is lost!]

Look below how this idea is then ruthlessly pimped by Paula White and Perry Stone. This is despicable.

Paula White: “I believe that as you take communion that there is protection through that blood. Then the bible declares that the blood not only saves us, not only protects us, but it also provides for us. You said there’s a couple that we know very dear that had a financial need.”

Perry Stone: “Yes!”

Paula White: “And their father, a great pastor, pastor Scott told them God gave him a revelation.”

Perry Stone: “Yes.”

Paula White: “To take communion once a day.”

Perry Stone: “He said, ‘Take it everyday and as you’re praying thank God for blessing you financially. Thank Him that that’s part of the provision. They needed $50,000 and they got an amazing, remarkable $50,000 miracle, this couple did!”

Paula White… “Call that toll free number! We want you to get the ‘Meal That Heals!’”

(Paula White and Perry Stone, “Paula White Show,” October 9, 2004) source"

Unknown said...

I had not heard of: until you mentioned them. I have now examined their website. It looks good. I think I will add them to my links.

However, before I add this site to my links I am trying to find out which people run the site. I am having difficulty locating the names on the site. However, I saw one name I know. Does John Macarthur help run it?

Well, I do respect his ministry. I have heard him many times. On the most part his teaching is very sound and anything I disagree with is just minor points.

He actually has a half hour slot on Premier Christian Radio. The one of just a few bright lights on that station.

Tony Cox said...

I must admit, I did not investigate as to who was behind - I discovered them after a piece was run on the show 20/20 on ABC here in US whereby they exposed the misuse of donor money by Paul and Jan Crouch, Benny Hinn, Joyce Myers, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar and others.

I really only used it to check financial transparency of ministries as well as donor alerts (and although some ministries receive a good grade for thier financials it does not mean they are scripturally sound). I think what stood out about the site to me was, that they did not seem to bash these ministries based on thier opinion, as they include the pros, which I would assume come from those who view the ministry in a positve tone.

Tony Cox said...

I wanted to ask your opinion on Joel C. Rosenberg, I posed this question on the one other blog I follow that has a link for his blog - I realize he is not a preacher, but a friend of mine was curious as am I.

I remember checking out his site a few years ago, and while I did not get a bad vibe - I did not get a great one either - seems to be a bit of a name dropper. I really do not have a concrete opinion either way - but I do respect your opinion. Can you please give your current thoughts on if he is "sound?"

Tony Cox said...

Hi John,

I have been looking at Moriel's site and find it very informative, I have also noticed they have used some pieces from to make some valid points. Have you learned anything else about this site?

Did you receive my question about Joel C. Rosenberg? I was just curious about him as some people I know who are wrapped up in Perry Stone and others really like this guy (which does not mean he is bad), I just do not know enough about him

Unknown said...

Hi Tony,

Sorry I have taken so long in answering your question but I did not want to say anything without researching adequately.

When I research I do 3 things:
1) I like to look up the person's own website to see what they teach. Specifically if they are ecumenical.

2) Check out their organisational connections and those they associate with

3) find out what reputable sites have to say about them

I start by doing google search on the person's name, to find their website.

I then search again by typing that persons name adding the words ecumenical or false teachers to see what others say about him/her. I only read comments from the sites I trust. This may mean researching these sites first.

I then replace "ecumenical or false" with say "moriel" to see if they have any info.

As you can see it takes a long time to get satisfactory information. It will be impossible to do that for every single individual or organisation as time does not allow.

I have found something VERY interesting in all the research I have done (so far) on individuals and organisations.

What I have discovered is that ALL those supportive of anything ecumenical associate with Catholics and teach that Catholics are part of the church. They generally speak well of the pope. They tend to appear and preach at ecumenical meetings and work tirelessly to promote unity with Catholics and the ecumenical movement.

We are in terrible times. It is VERY difficult to know who are true shepherds and wolves in the preaching arena. Even in Paul's time he had to warn believers to watch out for false teachers. Even those who say the right things about the apostate seem to recant and get on the ecumenical train.

For example I trusted Josh McDowell, only to find that he occasionally teaches at "promise-keepers" events, which is wildly ecumenical. Who can we trust?

Actually, we cannot put our trust in ANY man. Jesus taught us not to put our trust in man but rather in God.

In fact do not even trust me because I may get things wrong (at times) but always check out what man says against the Word of God. Be a Borean and check the scriptures daily to see if what is being said is true.

So I would say that if a teacher/preacher is ecumenical avoid them or at least be wary, taking what they say discerningly and checking it out.

I have found that even ecumenicals can be a source of useful information and facts but BE WARY.

Regarding Joel, it seems clear he is ecumenical. Here is the evidence
(on next comment)

Unknown said...

which questions why Joel is speaking at the ecumenical and emerging church conference "Break Forth 2010" (By the way, Spring Harvest is the UK's equivalent to Break Forth)

This link from Joel's own site:

is a full description of Joel's spiritual journey to faith. He spends most of the time talking about how his father came to faith, but skips over very quickly on how he turned to Jesus. Why spend so much time on his father's faith and not say how he came to faith (even though he was answering the question about his own salvation)?

This other link from his site: This is part of what he wrote

"I believe the vast majority of evangelical Christians will maintain support of Israel to the bitter end.

Many Catholics and Christians from other denominations who are also passionate about their love for Jesus and their understanding of God’s plan and purpose for the Jewish people will also stand with Israel.

Indeed, true followers of Jesus Christ may be the only friends Israel and the Jewish people have left as this terrible war approaches."

So he appears to be promoting catholics as part of the church. Sounds ecumenical to me. Also, his reasoning for speaking at Break Forth is to try and get christians to support Israel. Why choose an event which is full of new-age, ecumenical, emerging churchers etc. to get the message to. The purpose of emerging church is dominionism or kingdom now where the church is the "new Israel" so what is to be achieved there, unless he is supportive of emerging church himself?

Yes, Joel may say some very good things and importantly he is supportive of Israel. However that could be because he (himself) is jewish.

Finally this link to his blog

gives another link entitled "would you like to know God personally" which takes you to "Campus Crusade For Christ" website:

(So Joel supports CCC which has become very ecumenical.)

This site gives their version of how to be saved. I cannot say for sure but the wording sounds sort of "purpose driven" ie "God loves you and offers a wonderful plan for your life." I assume this is also Joel's views. See what it says about repentance. It seems a bit weak.

I may be wrong about Joel, but it does seem that he is ecumenical from this evidence based on the material.

If anyone reading this has material (videos say) which prove that he is anti ecumenical please show me. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Why not pray for them instead criticizing them?

Unknown said...

Thanks Anonymous

Yes you are right we should ALWAYS pray for ALL men. The purpose of this blog is NOT to criticise. But (as per my mission statement, ie heading of my blog) the purpose is to inform, warn and protect believers from being deceived by false teachers and prophets who preach lies in the name of Christ.

We cannot protect our brethren (or be acting in love for them) if we do not mention the names of the deceivers or if we don't explain or give evidence why those people should be avoided.

Problem is that many of my beloved brothers and sisters are being deceived and destroyed for lack of knowledge. Jesus and the apostles wrote that we should be "on our guard".

Paul was specific in naming names. For example, he warned the believers to avoid Alexander who was causing much harm.

Paul also said that there are some who peddle the gospel for financial gain and that some are destined for wrath who's consciences have become hard.

Everyone, please take it as read that we pray for our enemies, but we also need to expose the fruitless works of darkness.

Please also read my answer to your comment within the post "Why You cannot Trust Any Preacher Who Has Ecumenical Connections"

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous and others
Who is praying for the Palestinians ? Should we at all ? Are they worthy of our prayers ? Bethlehem is in Palestine and Golgotha in Israel. Oh ! Maybe soon Bethlehem will be in Israel, then it too will become Holy Land ?
Israel and Palestine, much like India and Pakistan, The Is (plural of I) versus the Ps, same scenario.
Yohan John Kunnenkeril

Unknown said...

Welcome Anonymous to this site,

Just as a matter of interest, how did you discover this website?

Thanks for your comment but I will not answer it here as there is a more appropriate place to have that discussion.

Please go to my label and post entitled "Why Christians Should Stand Up For Israel". I will copy and paste your comment (within the comments) in that place and my reply will appear there also.

Unknown said...

I have got further information about Perry Stone.

I listened to him on "God TV" last night. I was intrigued by what he was saying as it started off very well. He was talikng on the latter and former rains in Israel. He mentioned a number of things about Israel that seemed accurate enough (as an introduction) but soon his message went weird.

He mentioned the cloud (seen by Elijah) coming over the Mediteranean the size of a man's hand. So far so good!

He then went off into mumbo jumbo land by talking about the 5 fingers on the hand and what it represented, that God was stating 5 principles .....

Sorry I cannot remember what he said about those 5 fingers, but they were all to do with prosperity or success teaching. Like all false teachers they use scriptures corruptively by going off on a tangent, bringing out of the scriptures things not intended in the text.

Where is there any indication (in the text)that God was showing Elijah the 5 laws or principles of success. God was simply telling Elijah that rain was on its way (after a long draught) - pure and simple physical RAIN.

If God was showing Elijah a principle for success then you can be sure that Elijah would have clearly been told what it was and what he should do. Fact is, God did not say anything about the cloud.

Actually, it is not recorded that God said anything at all to Elijah at that time. God had previously simply said "Go and present yourself to Ahab, and I will send rain on the land." NOTHING ELSE!

Okay I accept that there may be a spiritual lesson to be learnt or implication behind what God was doing but "5 fingers of success"??? Give me a break!

That is surely just abusing the Word of God for financial gain.

Andrew Bowman said...

John, let me add a comment here. Any list like this, as you say, is going to be highly subjective. What is true or false depends to a large extent on your viewpoint. And, as you mention, the basis for the list was prophecy teaching and nothing else.

A couple of things I noticed:

It was interesting to see that David Pawson, a prominent anti-dispensationalist, was given a green apple, yet numerous dispensationalists were also given green apples. I can assure you that there are very significant theological differences between these people, which will extend to their views on prophecy.

I also noted David Wilkerson got a red apple. Whilst he has come out with some questionable prophecies, he is a man of sound faith and integrity. There's YouTube videos of him speaking out against the likes of Benny Hinn, and he doesn't deserve to be listed with the heretics.

I saw a few other anomalies as well, but rather than go into details I think it's best to ask what's the point of a list like this. Whilst it does identify some obvious crackpots, mostly it evaluates people according to their agreement with the theological convictions of the compiler. As you again say, these are not necessarily your own. So it seems to have rather limited value.

Unknown said...

Hi Andrew again. Long time since your last communication. Welcome back!

Did you see the reply I gave to your first question within the "fellowship" label? I hope the answer reassured you. By the way, I have written another article 15 Sep 2010 based on our communication, if you want to check it out.

In answer to this recent question, I agree with you on some points. I AM questioning myself on whether I should have this list here as it could create confusion or difficulties. I am still praying about it. The main reason I have it here is because there are many who follow the very seriously heretical red apples. I am hoping that they will see this article and start asking themselves questions.

Also because I feel a weight of burden to expose the "luke warm" state of the church and (hopefully) awaken as many as possible to repent and follow "their first love", I hope to attract as many as possible to this site. By being drawn to this article they may read all the other articles.

Regarding this list, I hope that this article will stimulate discussions so that those who are confused may ask questions about specific people, so that we can answer such queries.

I will wait a while to see what happens. I pray to God that He will turn it out for good and will accomplish only good and protect people from harm. I may still remove it. Let's just see.

Regarding David Wilkerson. I am with you on this one. I would have given him a yellow because of his false prophecies. As a prophet he does expose some serious errors in the church, so does not deserve a red.

Remember this list from RR (at the moment) is based on just their prophetic capabilities, not on bible teaching.

Thanks again for your contribution

Unknown said...

By the way, just because someone has got a red apple does not mean they are a heretic. RR are just simply saying that person has shown to be a false prophet.

There is a difference between false prophets and heretics. A Heretic teaches bible or faith error (this is far more serious), whereas a false prophet declares that a prediction or message is from God but was not given by God.(see my recent article on prophecy)

Now some of those red apples are both false prophets and heretics.

There is always a danger that a false prophet could be a heretic too so we have to watch out.

JK said...

I noticed Joel Hemphill's material denying the deity of Christ and the Holy Trinity at the following four anti-deity of Christ sites.

This site has over one hundred tapes, videos, and pamphlets attacking the deity of Christ. His book To God Be The Glory is listed at

These sites are Vince and Sean Finnegan. Vince was a leader in The Way International, who was under consideration to replace Victor Paul Wierwille as president after Wierwille's death. Joel's link page recommends "For More On The Important Subject Of God". At this site notice Anthony Buzzard, Dr. Joe Martin, president of the anti-deity of Christ, anti-Trinitarian, anti-hell Atlanta Bible College, Sean Finnegan, and others who are associated with The Church Of God General Conference (Not to be confused with the Evangelical Pentecostal Church of God headquartered in Cleveland, TN, or the Church of God headquartered in Anderson, IN) click multimedia center, click choose a speaker on the right hand side of the page. Joel Hemphill's book To God Be The Glory, is full of attacks on our Lord's deity, and the Holy Trinity as you know. All one needs to do is read these attacks from his site at The Jesus of Joel W. Hemphill, gospel artist, eight time Dove Award winner, member of the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame, is not the Jesus of Holy Scripture, the Early Church, nor the Christian Church today. His denial of the deity of Jesus Christ, and the Holy Trinity should be exposed for what it is: UNBIBLICAL AND UNORTHODOX. Blessings

Unknown said...

I checked one of these sites out. Joel definitely says that Jesus is not equal with God and not God, just a Son of God.

Unknown said...

These men h and women have been fleecing the flock for years and years instead of feeding them. The only one that I know of that is teaching the bible right on is JSM, JIMMY SWAGGERT MINISTRIES! Check them out. He teaches the true message of The Cross of Jesus Christ, the REAL Jesus. They are the real deal unlike these word of faith devils who embrace that Heretic Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin. If they were ever following Jesus they sure went by the wayside and Hagin may have received a new revelation but it wasn't from the Holy Spirit but from a deceptive spirit that totally deceived him with a doctrine that came straight from the puts of hell and they all need to repent; yes you Benny Hinn! They have been he biggest cancer on Christianity I think in a long time and may go down in history as the biggest! Stay away from these men and women. They will lead you into error and they talk out of both sides of their mouths. Some will even deny that they believe in the whole Jesus suffered in hell demonic doctrine but then they lead people back into bondage with a works type salvation and sanctification.


Unknown said...

Hi Douglas

I checked up on Jimmy Swaggert some time ago to see if there was any real fruit following his public repentance.

I remember seeing things on his site which gave me real concerns. But, I cannot recall what it was without checking it out again.

However, I do not have time to research him at the moment. Therefore, I have emailed a friend asking for their input.

As I understand it, Jimmy was part of (and is probably still influenced by) Word of Faith prosperity teachings, isn't he?

Here is something on his site regarding tithing:

"OFFERINGS are to be given over and above one’s tithes. I personally feel a person should be very generous with God when it comes to the matter of finances. I do not believe a person can out give God. As someone once said, the more we give to God, the more He gives back to us — because He has a bigger shovel, and He just keeps shoveling it back.

The Holy Spirit should lead a person with respect to sharing his tithes and/or offerings with ministries such as ours. Tithes should be given where one receives his spiritual help and where the needs of the inner man are met. This is a matter which should be prayerfully considered."

Incidentally, I always meant to write up an article on the Elijah List - never got time to do it. The Elijah List is a list of all those who are into the prophetic. As I understand it, they keep a record of and support all the big public prophetic ministries, advertising themetc and publishing all the latest prophesies.

This list contains many of the names I expose on this blog. They contain mostly those attached to NAR New Apostolic reformation (aka Latter Rain) and the Word of Faith preachers.

Here is the Elijah List's list of false prophetic ministries. You will see the names and faces on these 2 links:

Anonymous said...

I would assume that Douglas knows nothing of Jimmy Swaggart's history. I used to listen to him before the scandals broke out, but no more. It was pretty much "business as usual". I personally could never recommend anyone listen to him and in fact would discourage them from doing so.

Here is a portion of the details about the history. My memory was a bit foggy but I did seem to recall that he was caught not only once, but twice soliciting a prostitute and this narrative bears that out.

What is interestesting is that there doesn't appear to be any evidence of following biblical steps of restoration and submission to church authorities. In fact, there appears to be a direct defiance to same. I would invite Doug to do his due diligence on this matter. Here is a start:

Swaggart's confession and downfall
Swaggart's confessionOn February 21, 1988, without giving any details regarding his transgressions, Swaggart gave his now-infamous "I Have Sinned" speech as he tearfully spoke to his family, congregation, TV audience, and finally his God, saying, "I have sinned against You, my Lord, and I would ask that Your Precious Blood would wash and cleanse every stain until it is in the seas of God's forgiveness, not to be remembered against me anymore."[6] On a New Orleans morning news show four days later, Murphree stated that while Swaggart was a regular client, they had never engaged in sexual intercourse.[7] The clip of Swaggart's confession was played repeatedly on news and tabloid television programs.

The Louisiana presbytery of the Assemblies of God initially suspended Jimmy Swaggart from the ministry for three months. The national presbytery of the Assemblies of God soon extended the suspension to their standard two-year suspension for sexual immorality. His return to the pulpit coincided with the end of a three-month suspension originally ordered by the Assemblies. Believing that Swaggart was not genuinely repentant in not submitting to their authority, the hierarchy of the Assemblies of God immediately defrocked him, removing his credentials and ministerial license. It was then that Swaggart decided he would be an independent, non-denominational Pentecostal minister and Family Worship Center would become non-denominational. Jimmy Swaggart Bible College (now World Evangelism Bible College) would lose many of its students by the end of May 1988.

[edit] 1991 scandalOn October 11, 1991, Swaggart for a second time was found in the company of a prostitute, Rosemary Garcia,[8] when he was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol in Indio, California, for driving on the wrong side of the road. According to Garcia, Swaggart stopped to proposition her on the side of the road. When the patrolman asked Garcia why she was with Swaggart, she replied, "He asked me for sex. I mean, that's why he stopped me. That's what I do. I'm a prostitute."[9][10] This time, rather than confessing to his congregation, Swaggart told those at Family Worship Center that "The Lord told me it's flat none of your business."[11][12][13] Swaggart's son Donnie then announced to the stunned audience that his father would be temporarily stepping down as head of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries for "a time of healing and counseling."

As to doctrine, Swaggart is Pentecostal which raises some red flags. As for his ties to the NAR or Word of Faith/Prosperity crowd, I am not aware of any.

Johan Laubser said...

Do you have any information on Jonathan David of Malaysia and William Vun of East Malaysia. They both belong to the "Isaac" network.
Johan Laubser
South Africa

Anonymous said...

Do you have any imformation on a Darell Moseley or Ray Heard on facebook or at New Beginnings Community Church in Princeton La. I've had some traumatic spiritual, controlling, and verbal abuse with these wolves.
Thank you