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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Disclaimer And Why

As unbelievers or those of other religions may (from time to time) stumble in here,  it is time for me to clarify the purpose of this site and to write a disclaimer, which includes who it is for and its intentions, so that (hopefully) there will be no cause for angst or confusion.
Please first refer to these explanatory posts, by clicking on these links:
Last Days Watchman Introduction (and Ground Rules Of This Blog) Revised 6th Mar 2010

Further Information About The Purpose Of This Blog


I want to reiterate that the blog is aimed primarily for true born-again believers, giving information which will equip them in their ministry as believers and in their witness to unbelievers. However, although it is primarily for believers, if unbelievers enter into this site you are very welcome too. You should find something of interest for you too, especially the first 3 labels (as it stands on 6th April 2010).

However, please remember that (although every one is welcome to use this site) it is primarily  aimed for Bible believing Christians. This means that (as an unbeliever or non Bible believer) you may find material which could offend you. But please remember this blog was not originally intended to be read by you, neither was it specifically aimed at you, but for Bible believing Christians to read it.

It is not my intention to deliberately offend anyone but to simply speak the truth (in love) and inform, It includes warnings against false teachings and those who propagate corruption in God's holy church. These warnings are  for the purpose of protecting born-again Christians from error. The hope is that believers will take the matter to the Lord in prayer, to be ever watchful in these Last Days but to ALWAYS treat the perpetrators with love. mercy and compassion - never using hatred, but always praying for them.

The purpose of the blog  IS NOT (I stress IS NOT) to stir believers against any group nor to stir readers (in anger) against any ecumenical or false Christian leaders, but instead to simply warn such believers against the teachings of these groups or individuals so that believers do not get caught up in deception, but to also love these people and pray for them to be won back to the truth. 

This blog always encourages an attitude of love, compassion and understanding for all people groups.

I  state that I am simply informing what the bible says and showing the clear evidences of this and providing definite facts of other relevant information. If that offends then the issue must be taken up with the author of the bible and the sources of the evidences.

Regarding biblical truth; I (in most cases) am not bringing my opinions but simply stating what the bible teaches clearly and not getting caught up in unclear interpretations. Where I give my opinion I will state something like "I think".

On issues that face us all I am simply presenting the facts and the evidences of news worthy information.

God bless you all (if you want to be blessed by Him). Otherwise, have a great day!

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