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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Last Days Watchman Introduction (and Ground Rules Of This Blog) Revised 6th Mar 2010

Hi everybody. I  have been developing this blog since my commencement at the end of January 2010.  At the moment this is still in its early stages. I am learning as I go along.

I am hoping that this will develop into something greatly used by God. I am unsure how much time I will be able to give to it in the future, but if God blesses it, I know He will give me the time. 

The reason I have introduced this is because I want to inform, equip, encourage and bless as many people as possible and in so doing hopefully extend my circle of Christian contacts, who can also forward my various articles and this blogsite to their contacts. I hope also to use this site to share truth and information with unbelievers who may stumble onto the site.

I would like to say (at the very outset) that  
I emphasise the importance of us all (believers) demonstrating the love of Jesus (at all times) whenever we write anything. I would like to stress that we remember the importance of the foundations of our faith. Although some topics may be interesting and useful, we should never fall out over the "not so important" doctrines.

From the outset, I want my blogger account to be edifying in every way and as a witness to unbelievers of how christians are different. So I will only accept comments which are wholesome, informative and edify, but will have to reject the post if it is derisory  or if heretical items contained within that post, ie if any poison mixed in the food. Please bear that in mind and please be gracious.

I have decided that if generally the comment is good, I will copy and paste the wholesome part only but reject anything I do not feel appropriate (but will not change any of the words) apart from maybe to "soften" an offending word. I will only do this if there are parts that I feel should not be shown. I hope you can accept that. If you do not want me to mention your username, please inform me of that in your comment. I will then copy/paste your comment as  "somebody said".

If I do not publish your comment, you may want to know why. I would love to give you the reason, so that your post could be modified by you first. So, if I do not post your comment and you want to know why, please email me at:    then I will explain it to you.

Anyway (after these ground rules), onto the purpose of this blogger, ie to post articles as a watchman. I would like to stick mostly to apologetics, watchman, witnessing and fellowship issues. For example, relating to real heresy, ecumenicalism, apostate watch, evidence of our faith, proof of biblical inerrancy, biblical teaching to inspire, etc

Please note:
As of 5th March 2010 I have started something new. For an introduction please click on this link 

What True Biblical Fellowship is and Why It is Vital We Live It, In These Last Days 

Please read this article and then look at the comments below it. Bearing in mind everything discussed in that article,  I am attempting to join like-minded believers together within their locations. So if you desire true biblical fellowship then please use this post to advertise your location so that you find like-minded believers to fellowship with and use this to advertise sound Christian fellowships.

May the Lord inspire and instruct me and use this blog site gloriously for His kingdom.

I want to reiterate that the blog is aimed primarily for true born-again believers, giving information which will equip them in their ministry as believers and in their witness to unbelievers. However, although it is primarily for believers, if unbelievers enter into this site you are very welcome too. You should find something of interest for you too, especially the first 3 labels (as it stands on 6th April 2010).

However, please remember that (although every one is welcome to use this site) it is primarily for believers. This means that you may find material which could offend you, if you are an unbeliever. It is not my intention to deliberately offend anyone but to simply speak the truth (in love) and inform.

The purpose of the blog IS NOT to stir believers against unbelievers but to encourage the attitude of love and compassion for all people groups. I  state that I am simply informing what the bible says and what the evidences are. If that offends then the issue must be taken up with the author of the bible and the sources of the evidences. I (in most cases) am not bringing my opinions but simply quoting. Where I give my opinion I will state something like "I think".

God bless you all (if you want to be blessed by Him). Otherwise, have a great day!


Tony Cox said...


If there is anything I can do to help with visibility, I would love to - unfortunately, I do not know one person who is interested in these things as I am myself - which is why, for so long I had hoped for a site like yours, and finally when I discovered it, I felt so blessed and am sure I was led to it by the Lord.

Your information and writing style is invaluable in my opinion, and, I am sure that somehow the Lord will make this work.

Keep up the GREAT work!

Unknown said...

Thanks Tony

You are such a great encourager.

Bless you

Unknown said...

Just to let you know, Bob has added my blogsite to his links. He is such a gentle and kind Christian.

Tony Cox said...


After becoming acqauinted with your posts on Shofar and discovering your blog - you have inspired me to step up my search for fellowship. I believe I saw some of your comments regarding Messianic Jews and I have found a few congregations in my area - I have not become familiar enough with them to say confidently if they are of sound doctrine as I am early in my search.

What are your thoughts concerning such congregations? I value your opinion and would like to hear from you. It is amazing how the Lord works - just a week ago I was complaining about my lack of fellowship and then was put in touch with you and have decided to take some action on my part.

Just wanted you to know - You have inspired me.

John Chingford said...

Thanks again Tony,

I am so glad and blessed to have been able to help. Thank you Jesus!

My experience of messianic fellowships is that they "have something" regarding discovering the real truth behind the text.

I guess it is because their background (being Jewish) and the scriptures being Jewish enable them to see and understand things which gentile believers (influenced by Greek thinking) failed to understand.

Although there are some beautiful messianic believers there tends to be some arrogance and suspicion of gentile believers.

I recommend their fellowships for great teaching but not so sure about the "fellowship" aspect.

This is one reason I wrote my article "The Importance Of Combining Discernment With Love"

Maybe you would be able to inspire the right balance there.

Certainly the scriptures teach that "Israel's full acceptance of Jesus would bring the church from death to life"

Unknown said...

Please go to my link "moriel Ministries". It is led by an excellent Messianic Believer named Jacob Prasch.

His website has some great teaching, although you have to put up with a style of writing which may come over as a bit harsh - but he does not mean anything by it. I have met and spoke to him, so I know.

If you write an email to him I am sure he will recommend a good fellowship for you (messianic or otherwise).

He travels throughout the world and ministers much in the UK, US and Australia. So he will probably be familiar with good fellowships in US.

cuthbert said...

Dear John, I would like to know if you're still running this blog as I'm a newcomer and have been deeply searching for a site with true born-again Bible-believing Christians. Love from Cameroon, West Africa.

Unknown said...

Hi Cuthbert

I am still running this blog but have not had any time to attend to it for over a year. I decided to write my very last article as one that should be on the forefront of the blog until I had sufficient time to write new articles. I felt that my last article needed to stand out whenever anyone accessed my blog.

There are a plethora of blog sites that expose false teachings but very few who do it with a heart of tenderness. My last article will hopefully remind these sites of how to uphold the name of Jesus in a fragrant way.

As my situation of a year ago meant that I would not be able to attend the blog for some considerable time, it meant that I would not be able to monitor incoming comments and certainly no time to reply. I therefore decided to leave all the comments in "awaiting moderation" until my circumstances changed.

I had some time today, so decided to publish the easier comments - ones that do not need a response.

For my other readers, I just want to apologise that I have not published your comments nor emailed you and that I will not be able to do so until 2015 at the earliest.

There is a great amount of various material on this blog. In the meanwhile, maybe you will take a look at all the articles which go back to 2010. By the time you finish it will probably be 2015 and I should be back on line again.

Unknown said...

In replying to Cuthbert I noticed an earlier comment I made on this article re Jacob Prasch and Moriel. See comment on 5:55 pm, March 08, 2010.

I have since withdrawn that link and my endorsement of Moriel. For my reasons, please see the article on this url: