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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Further Information About The Purpose Of This Blog

The reason I set up my blog was mostly for the purpose as stated on the heading (mission statement) of my blog; ie, to be informative etc,  "keep" to the point,  not get side-tracked,  nor publish anything conflicting to these purposes, trying not to confuse the readers.

Please bear in mind that the main aim of this blog is NOT to be conversationary (although I am happy to get into edifying conversation) but to equip and inform and edify. However, if anyone has something to share which helps improve the information and is complementary (and complimentary) of the Mission Statement, I am happy to publish it.

 When I publish slightly edited versions I do not change what the person has said, I may tone down the wording a bit so that it sounds less emotive and friendlier but I do not change the essense of what they are saying. At least I do not mean to. If you feel I have misrepresented your point, please write again explaining how I have done so. I will then edit the original comment immediately to ensure it says what you want it to say, but using the appropriate guidelines.

The reason I want to be careful is because I have bad experiences of other blogsites or forums (Christian or secular)where it becomes very abusive and sidetracked.

I am trying to keep focussed and not get side-tracked into irrelevant issues, otherwise this blog will become like all others. I set it up because I believe (as led by God) there is a need for something different. If it becomes like all others, I may as well stop. So I am trying to prevent it becoming like all the others. I desire to bless the readers and retain the focus!

Hope you can understand what I am saying and what I am trying to do.

God bless.


Tony Cox said...

I have posted this before on another blog and received no responses, so, forgive me if you have already seen this.

I have recently undergone a career change (in the last 5 months)and now find myself surrounded by many vendors on a daily basis who are from many parts of the world - mostly Israelis, but also Turkish, Indian, and Algerian. I have come to know these people and genuinely care for them, as I now consider them my friends. I am writing this because I have a burning desire for them to know Christ and spoke to them on the subject a few times - they are very receptive to conversation itself, but, due to thier cultural upbringing they do not seem swayed at all in wanting to know Christ. I do care for these people and wonder if there is anything I can possibly do to help them. Do you have any experience with this?

I cannot help but think there must be a reason that with the times we live in, that all of a sudden 8 out of every 10 people I work with daily are not believers in Christ. Maybe I am wrong - I don't know. Any advice?

John Chingford said...

Hi Tony,

No I have not seen this before.

It seems that there are possibly any number of religious groups here.
I would guess that the Algerian and Turkish are muslim or could be catholic. The Indian could be sikh or Hindu or .... and the Israeli's .... well Israelis are a very mixed group - could be anything.

Therefore, it might be difficult to cover everything here.

There are some great Christian websites which help provide tools for witnessing our faith to other religious groups. I myself am not an expert on muslims, hindus etc but do have quite a bit of experience with Jewish people - so I could help there.

Always remember that with every single person, they are more likely to listen to you if you show them love and respect. Most people need to know they can trust you.

Once you have got their confidence, you can introduce your faith into the conversation in a natural way without it seeming you are "pushing religion down their throats".

A good way of getting people to respond is by asking them about their faith and why/how it is importantant to them.

I believe a good question to ask is "do you know whether God will accept you into heaven?" or "why would God accept you into heaven?"

The only way into Heaven is through Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. It is only born-again believers who can have certainty of going into Heaven because Jesus DID it. HE did the works so that we don't need to (because we can NEVER do enough ggood works to get us there).

What is consistent with all other religions is the UNcertainty of heaven.

Another good question to ask is "do you know if your sins will be forgiven".

At the end of the questions (if you have their attention) you can state the certainty and assurance you have and why.

If you want to learn more about those religions and their flaws there are some good websites. The ones I follow like Reachout Trust and Moriel are very good for information.

Does this help?

Unknown said...

Jesus said go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. Our job is to preach the good news whether people believe or not.

It is not our job to convict people of sin or convince their hearts to receive Jesus. Jesus said the Holy Spirit will convict the world concerning righteousness, sin and of judgement.

Paul says we are ambassadors for Christ as if Christ is appealing through us "be reconciled to God".

As long as you are sharing your faith your duty has been discharged whether they believe or not. The best thing you can do is cry out to God (in prayer) for them that the Holy Spirit would convict and convince.

However, that does not mean we give up after the first few attempts of trying. Paul said that he sought to convince men. But we must understand that whatever "convincing" we do we cannot open their eyes without the Holy Spirit.

Paul said that (for example the Jewish people) some have veils over their minds so that they cannot believe.

Actually a person cannot believe until GOD removes the veil.

Brother do not be disheartened. We all experience this and it is frustrating but "in due time we will reap if we do not lose heart"

Unknown said...

Regarding the 8 out of 10. This shows you live in USA. Probably the only country in the world where there was more than 50% of church goers and mostly evangelicals.

For a long time in UK the experience is that believers constitute less than 5% of the country.

There has been a downward trend in all the Western countries since WW2. Really we have to accept that the mission field is right outside our doors where most are unbelievers.

Tony Cox said...


Yes it helps greatly.

I must tell you - I feel so blessed to have been led to this site and the words of encouragement you have given me.

I cannot even describe in words the feeling I get when I read your responses - I feel the Lord is truly using you to make a difference in my life. Thank you.

Tony Cox said...


Please forgive me if I am overdoing the questions here, but, you are the only one I have to ask right now.

Yesterday I was discussing Jesus with a Turkish friend of mine and although he respected Jesus, he posed the following questions to me:

Is God Forever?
My response: Yes

Does God die?
My response: No

He then said: Then how can Jesus be God?

I had an answer for him - but I totally blew it. How would you have answered him?

This will really help equip me going forward.

Unknown said...

Please see my latest post. I found it on the reachout trust website under "world religions". This will give you a good idea how to share your faith in general but specifically with muslims. Actually it is very similar to sharing faith with Jewish people.

Unknown said...

It is difficult to answer that question without getting drawn into discussing the Trinity.

Fact is that the Man Jesus died on the cross, but the divinity did not die. Jesus said "it is finished". He then said "into your hands I commit my Spirit".

It is a complete mystery what happened on the cross, but what is clear when we compare all the scriptures together is that "the Word became flesh", The Son Of God took on human form. When He died the divinity left the body and the body died.

So that means that "God" did not die, it was the body (the sin stained body - because of OUR sins)that died.

But to show that Jesus had dealt with sin and death once for all, He needed to re-enter that body on the 3rd day and amazingly He retains that body (although now glorified) for all eternity.

You could also return their question. Is there anything that God CANNOT do?