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Monday, 25 June 2012

Chuck Missler. His Vatican, Ecumenical Associations and Other Apostasies Exposed

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Edited 30 Jun 2012 (see edited section at the bottom of this article)

I cannot do better than simply to show this following link which says it all!

I also wrote (a number of times) to those who still endorse Chuck Missler  (like Moriel Ministries) but never at any time received any replies. That is actually odd, because I used to receive replies to my emails from them.

This is what I wrote:
"I gather from the Moriel Ministries site that you are still very much in support of Chuck Missler and those associated with Koinonia House. Is this true?

Please take a look at this very worrying report which gives categorical evidence/proof that Chuck Missler and his organisation have gone WAY into apostasy.

Here is part of the report:
"Specifically, convincing is Chuck Missler's military and political clout he has and the tremendous influence he has in these fields.

Please check out these links:
(CM's CV (aka resume) exposing his military influence)
(CM's Political influence)
(CM's global influence through BIG BROTHER satellites)

Many of you may be aware of CM's fascination and obsession with UFO's, quantum leaps and much other extra biblical teachings? Well, recently CM has spoken at the Red River Conference on some very worrying subjects on:
The Macrocosm , The Microcosm, The Metacosm , Transhumanism: The Age of the Hybrids (sounds like the manifest sons of God teaching and Joels Army).

A recent supporter of CM from Rapture Ready wrote a review on CM's messages. He is now ALSO warning against CM - very worrying. It can be found on:
(which reveals how extremely disturbing Chuck's obsession with the extra biblical, extra terrestrial stuff which sounds very occultic).
Note: discovered on 9th Oct 2014 that that link is now broken. I found another link which is still accessible which covers the same details:

There is much much more regarding Chuck Missler and on Calvary Chapel and Chuck Smith (who now calls Catholics as "Christians") where Calvary chapel has now gone to bed with ecumenism"
I would be very keen to receive your feedback."

A contact of mine, however, has received some form of reply (I will not give their name) but here is an interesting excerpt:

"with regard to Jacob this is another long story with much dispute with the LM that has now been resolved he has even turned against the LCJE fully, after much conflict,  he has now done a petition in this Jacob has signed, but it was not without a struggle.

A lot has been going on in the background,  other messianic groups have signed this  (Please see edited 30 Jun 2012 comment below)

I have e-mailed Jacob in respect to Chuck Missler and have received his response (concerning KH compromise and contract with God TV's prophecy program) Missler is showing his dissobediance to the Bible in my view K House is a buisness nothing more than that.

I have e-mailed David Lister concerning Calvary Chapel in this Jacob does not want to talk to me concerning the issues on Sexual Molestation of Children by CC leaders, as one of many examples."

The above excerpt is interesting but not completely clear as to whether we can trust Moriel.  Also taking into consideration the linked report on Chuck Missler and on Roger Oakland's strange association with Chuck, I have now (for the time being) removed my links to Moriel and to Roger Oakland's  UTT sites, until they can be shown to be trusted again. I have also removed my link to Arnold Fruchtenbaum's Ariel site because they are still signed up with the ecumenical Lausanne Movement (LM). Although Arnold has some excellent insight into the scriptures it is difficult to trust 100% any teaching from someone who is ecumenical in their outlook. Besides,  I do find problems with some of Arnold's teachings, for example some causes for concern  on his Israelology teachings.

Incidentally, I have now added my name to the above petition. See Edited below. I am now trying to remove my name. Read my reasons.

Edited 30 Jun 2012

My email to ipetitions.
"Is there some way my entries can be removed? I will give my reasons:
Although I totally agree that Lausanne Movement is ecumenical and to be rejected by all true believers and that ALL true messianic fellowships should withdraw from LCJE, it is NOT possible for LCJE itself to come out of LM because the name itself means it belongs to LM. As Jesus said "satan cannot divide himself". As someone pointed out, to sign the petition asking LCJE to not be ecumenical is nonsense and could be construed as actually being mildly supportive of LCJE. Actually LCJE needs to be totally disbanded or all the fellowships opposed to ecumenism should leave it. It cannot be modified because its very root is ecumenical.

Therefore, for these reasons I do not want to confuse all my readers by linking my name to the petition".


Colin said...

Very, very dark days indeed. I fear when these ministries take the broad and ecumenical Rome ward journey to compromise that there is no road back.

Some people hold up the likes of Fruchtenbaum and Prasch, dare I say it, to almost 'god like' status. I personally have learned much from teachers, such as just mentioned.

However when they don't address issues of concern, you do view everything they say with a different light. We must as ever, not lose sight of the fact that Satan 'knows' the Scriptures very well.

As I mentioned elsewhere the 'MINISTRY' becomes the idol, God takes a back seat! Strange when you consider that the Lord said you cannot serve two masters; Matthew 6.24, yet many ministries base their success on how much cash they rake in!

I have a feeling that you may be removing some more links in the days ahead...

Anonymous said...


In all the research I have done on Chuck Missler, the whole SWANsat thing is a real mystery.

I and others have spent many hours scouring the internet looking for just one document or anything outside of SWANsat's own official documentation and have found NOTHING.

No contractors winning bids to build satellites, no launch information, NO NOTHING.

The ONLY documentation is SWANsat documentation that says "CONFIDENTIAL" on it.

What company would post documents that say "CONFIDENTIAL"?

I and others believe SWANsat is a bogus "shell company" to cover for something else (money,relationships,etc).

Like Father Justo Lacunza-Balda is a "SWANsat adviser" to Chuck Missler.

Blinded people immediately think it's just a "business relationship".

If anyone can find just one thing outside of SWANsat documentation that can be verified, I would like to see that.

William Saunders
Ephesians 5:11 Blog

Unknown said...

Hi William

Just did a quick check myself and found this site

which discusses SWANsat. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

That isn't what I was talking about.

What I was referring to was other companies mentioning SWANsat (i.e. the companies that are awarded the various contracts to build the the actual satellites or launch the satellites).

There is absolutely NOTHING.

I do have a Sep/Oct 2011 interview of Missler interviewing Welty where Welty states that he was expecting a $125K SWANsat payment that he was going to use to have the corrupted Roman Catholic manuscript ISV "Bible" typeset to be printed.

That's another thing, in the SWANsat documentation I have, one of the "payouts" from the initial "start-up" money mentions the ISV Bible.

Unknown said...

Someone asked me (on another article) who LCJE are. Here was my reply:

It stands for "Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism".

It is an organisation bringing together all the Jewish Messianic fellowships who have signed on to Billy Graham's Lausanne (ecumenical) Movement (LM). The organisation gives its allegiance to the LM, therefore putting all these Jewish fellowships under the LM.

The LM is an initiative to bring about unity of all protestant churches back under the umbrella of Rome. If you check out its objectives you will see that Catholic influence is immense. Particularly interesting is the following report which seeks to elevate Rome (eg

What that report seems to be either unaware or deliberately ignore is Rome's instructions to its generals like the Jesuit priests to infiltrate protestant churches spreading the false message that the RC has changed. They are instructed to tell the people what they want to hear becoming friends and even pretending to be protestants, but the objective is NOT to change the RC but to change protestants back to Rome in whatever means are necessary.

For evidence of this please check out the Jesuit oath and

It appears that LM is a stepping stone to bring about the Vatican II ecumenical mandate (of the 1960's) regarding the counter reformation, into fruition.