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Saturday, 18 February 2012

A Warning Against Some Dangerous Internet Prophetic Fellowships

This Article Has Been Temporarily (maybe Permanently) Put "on ice".

I have received a lot of advice. Some good/some bad. The result is that I have decided to remove all the previous contents and replace it with some general information, whilst  I spend a season in prayer seeking how the Lord wants me to proceed.

For now I will just give a general loving/compassionate warning.

For those of you who are seeking on line interactive fellowship you really do need to be careful because they are not all what they seem. Always bear in mind that whatever you write in comments will always be stored on search engines for the whole World to see, so do not divulge too much personal information or open your hearts too much because some will trample your pearls into the ground and even humiliate you in public, twisting everything you say, and even saying downright lies about you based upon their own opinions about you and not on what is actually true.

Also be careful when corresponding by email and do not open your heart to anybody until you absolutely know you can trust them because some are in the habit of  misreporting/exaggerating the contents of emails and some even  copy/paste the contents of the email on their blogs. Incidentally even copied emails can be doctored. 

This author will never divulge private email conversations or (email addresses) and certainly not publish their names, unless the other person has given me permission to publish any of these things. If someone makes a public comment and asks me to NOT publish it, then I always honour that request.

Anyway, this is particularly a warning for my co Christian blog writers. For those of you who choose to display their blog links on other sites. You need to be careful what you say on these sites because others could totally twist what you have said  (even through deleting some of your comments) and then they tell the whole world that you said something you didn't say or do. Their end purpose is to try and blacklist your blog and therefore render your blog ineffective.

Take care everyone


Unknown said...

Just to let all my automatic contacts know that I have removed all the previous contents of this article (for now) replacing it with explanations why and a general word of warning

Anonymous said...

You don’t say any names but this might apply? What I am seeing a lot of with online fellowship is part of Spiritual Formation. Going by sensing something or other, with feelings about this or that rather than keeping to Bible teaching. Its like what they feel or think has got to be from God so what they say is like a word of knowledge from God and woe betide anyone who won’t agree. Not genuine of course, the Holy Spirit isn’t fickle, saying one thing in the Bible and something different to individuals. Yes they read the Bible but put their own slant on it. Its like Gods love that is so marvellous, but not to forget that God’s love includes discipline even capital punishment then there is the sin unto death nobody likes talking about. He tells us what to beware of and to tell it out to warn us all otherwise we get the slipper at some point. When God corrects us with a strong hand on our seat of learning, He does it out of the same love He blesses us with. Actually God’s discipline is a blessing we might not want or like but we really need to have.

I have seen to look out for context, that’s a sure way to know what the super spiritual fakes are spouting. Lots of verses taken right out of their God given context. Nothing wrong with Bible verses but they are given to make a point that God wasn’t talking about. Like The Message does, changing the real purpose of a passage of scripture like Rick Warren does to sell his false ideas.

The falling away and lectio devina.

Joels army is on the march you might know about it and I find it frightening.
Joels army, is a pathetic but dangerous deception diametrically opposed to the teaching of Jesus Christ. Rick Joyner is serious stuff ‘bad cop’ for the militant apostate church while Rick Warren is the ‘softly, softly catchee monkey ‘good cop’ for the loved up pacifist apostate church. Together, both movements are of the Roman spirit of Janus.

Hope this helps out a bit?

Unknown said...

Thanks Anon

What you have said is spot on regarding the groups you mention. However, my article was not referring to the prophecy groups you had in mind. But thanks for exposing such groups.

Thanks also for the you tube video on Joels Army. It is a 2 hour video but extremely poignant and reveals very clearly the way that the Latter Rain aka New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) are behind this very dangerous Joels Army movement.

I recommend that all my readers (who are not aware of Joels Army) watch this video as it is an excellent presentation of what they are all about - very demonic imho.

Kato said...

John, thanks for keeping on posting words of warning articles. We Christians are called to be the light in the darkness and the salt of the earth. People, even our fellow so called "christians" may hate us or dispise us for what we do, but as long as we know that Christ and His Word alone is what we're lifting up and not religious organizations, denominations, or man made teachings, then no one can judge us only but the Lord alone.